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What Life Stole From Her-Episode24


what life stole from her-Episode24

©Joy Ajuma Moses

The robbery

 That was how I joined the gang although I've never killed anybody I've saved life several times  due to fear.

(Ramatu's pov) 

 I ignored the ladies for all I care was that I'll start schooling and I prefer to stay in campus than to live with those worthless humans.

 I was doing ablution when one of them came,  she shouted at me "so you're Hausa? " she asked but I refused to answer cause I was fed up with them already,  the ladies have made life a living hell for me.

 When she discovered that I'll not answer her she left me peacefully,  after my prayers Chioma decided to speak with me one on one,  I know what she want to say, it's her rubbish advice about money and I hate it.

"you know I've been doing you welcome party all this while, left for my friends you'd have started work the very day you came but with my plead they speared you. They have insisted you work with us today " she said, I wanted to speak but I was speechless.

"there's nothing bad working with you besides I'm tired of staying at home at night alone so I'm ready to work " I find my speech.

"are you sure you're ready for work? " she asked amidst happiness, I shook my head.  I want them to know that I'm also strong.
"alright I'll get you working clothes cause you have to look smart and attractive " she said.

I shook my head, she left and came back an hour later with clothes. All the clothes she brought looks like inner wears rather than clothes to me.

"I can't put on this clothes " I said
"please this is not village I'll dress you myself. " she said
I wonder what kind of work she does.

At night she dressed me, I was so uncomfortable,  I adjusted the skirt several times.  I'm not the type that put on skirt, I rather put on trouser than skirt.

 We left to an hotel, we did not enter inside the hotel,  we stood outside. The breeze made me feel cold.

 "don't allow them to over rub you and don't allow anybody to release inside you or should I give you female condoms? " her friend asked, now I understood their kind of work.

"you mean you guys are prostitutes Allah ya kiyaye, I'll never do that. I rebuke you " I said, they all turned to look me.
"yeah I'm serious, I'm going back home " I said and stopped a taxi.

 When I got home I let go my tears freely,  not everybody are good. Imagine how good Amarachi and her sister is a wolf in sheep clothing, I was still crying when the ladies came in that night and throw my belongings outside,  despite my pleading they insisted and said I'm a proud girl.

 I opened my bag to take my phone so that I'll call Amarachi but I couldn't find my phone and the money with me will not be enough for me to go back.

 I walk through the street with my bag crying,  I finally settled in front of a house with the intention of sleeping there, I said during the day I'll look for petty business to save money so that I'll travel back since city has been bad luck to me.

 I set my wrapper on the floor and added some of my clothes on it, I put on my cardigan and my trouser cause of the cold.  I closed my eyes to sleep when a loud manly voice woke me up.

(Dave's pov) 

 "we need a female in this operation cause I know the security man will be convinced " my boss said,  we all bowed.

"where do you think we will find a female  and why do you need a female in this operation? " I asked

"now watch the map of the house,  look at the gate. The security guard will not open the door if we knock cause he'll see us before we enter and you know we can't break the door " he said

 I shook my head, he's right "but what can a female do in this case? " I asked again

"we will hide why she knock, she'll have to cover herself and cry like an orphan to   talk to the security guard and once he opens the door for her we will attack him by pointing gun at him. " he said

"but let's try our luck let me act like a lady" Sam said
we agreed to it immediately cause Sam behaves like woman, if one is not close to him they might think he's a gay.

 We set for the operation to chief Marshall's house,  two street before his street we saw a lady layed on the floor.

"you see miracles we are looking for a lady and God has provided " my boss said, I was surprised he called God he's a very heartless man but he knows God but how could God provide a lady for robbery operation?

"she's not an ordinary lady boss, she's a mad woman " Sam said.
"I don't think so let's go and see first " boss said and we all went to check the lady.

 We went to the lady and he tapped her, she jumped up immediately. The place is bright and I could see her without being told I know I was seeing Ramatu the pregnant lady, she must have been put to bed but I'm confused why she was at the city and sleeping in street.

"boss please she'll not do that,  find another lady cause she's my........ "
"your what? " my boss cut me in
"I hate being distracted by anyone when I've made up my mind" he said

 Before I knew what was going on he showed her gun and told her the part to play warning that if she fails to do it he'll shoot her.

"I'm ready to die already cause I don't know what I'm doing in this world so you can kill me cause I'll never subject to that, I can't be a robber overnight " she said, I was touched.

 My boss pointed the gun at her, I stood in her front to stop him "shooting in street will attract the attention of street security and before you'll know it we are in trouble already" I said and he dropped his gun.

"no please allow him to shoot me why are you being kind to me? " she asked,  I was on mask so she didn't recognize me and I know she might have forgotten my voice.

 My boss got angry with me, he left with the two guys and told me "we shall see" that I've stepped on the tail of a lion and I must dance to the tone.

(Ramatu's pov) 

 I turned to my so called messiah, yeah I called him so called cause he is one of them,  he's a robber. "look at what you've caused for yourself " I said to him.
"Ramatu forget about them how did you get in here and how did you end up sleeping in the streets? " he asked,  he knows my name, no wonder his voice sounded familiar.

"so Mr knows me, well I'm the one to ask you how did you end up as a robber when there are countless job" I retorted

"it's a very long story " he said
"same here mine is even longer than yours " I added
"okay can you come with me? " he asked
"Allah forbid,  me come with robber? " I asked
"please dear forget about that this place is dangerous for you " he said
"just like I've told your colleagues I'm ready to die so don't worry about me" I said.

 He knelt down and pleaded with me to go with him but I insisted, he gave me money that I should lodge if I'm scared of him but I refused to collect his bloody money.

 After several futile persuasion  he decided to go,  I watched him while he was leaving then the thought of what will happen next stroke me, I don't know what will happen next,  the devil you know is better than the demon you don't know,  I'm sure he's a good guy but I don't know him.

"hey I'll go with you " I shouted, I thought he'll ignore but he came back to hug me, I pushed him away from me,  he is unclean.
"I'm sorry for hugging you without your permission, I just want you to know that I mean no harm " he said and I lighten up,  I just remembered who always say that to me.

"oh my are you Dave?" I asked
"please don't ask, when we get to my house we will get to know ourselves " he said,  no this can't be true. I prayed gently that it should not be Dave cause I know if he is the one I'll hate him.

 We got to his house,  he was still on mask. "can you remove the mask so that I'll see you? " I asked
"don't worry make yourself comfortable I'll do that when you finish your dinner and take your bathe" He said

 The guy is kind of silly, he refused to remove the mask,  is it Hassan?  But I so my know the voice of Hassan,  it can't be him.

To be continued


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