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What Life Stole From Her-Episode23


what life stole from her-Episode23

©Joy Ajuma Moses

 A new place for Ramatu

Ramatu's pov) 

 I look perfect on my uniform, uniform yeah. Mr Parker insisted that I write WAEC so he paid for my WAEC.

  The school proprietress was standing addressing how things will go for the exam. "for those of you that have not paid for logistic find how you will get it now " she said

 I'm one of the students,  ever since I've been going to school I've never heard of the word logistic in exam, I waved my hand at her, she permitted me to speak and all the students turned to me.

"ma, what is logistic and why is it compulsory for us to pay today? " I asked, student murmured among themselves while others where surprised  about my question.

"young lady, logistic is  the help of the school for your success over the exam" she said,  I know she's being diplomatic cause what she said is absolute fact of malpractice.

"I don't need the help of the school I can write the exam by myself " I blurted out,  everybody turned to looked at me

"young lady we don't force students to pay but it's just a help especially for external students but since you insist that you'll pay then it's fine but you will write your exam alone " she warned again and I shook my head..  I don't see reason why I'll study hard and I'll still participate in malpractice.

(Amarachi's pov) 

 "thanks for your understanding " Mr Parker said to me while we were together alone in his house, I smiled at him.

 He is supposed to be mad at me for over reacting, it's really bad, all thanks to Ramatu she has started her exams already.

 I miss her so much cause she spent most of her time reading, I trust her so much, I pray she pass her exam.  She wrote JAMB with awaiting results and I believe she'll impress me.


 Amarachi got married to Parker, Amarachi, Ramatu and Mara packed to Mr Parker's mansion.

 Amarachi suggested that Ramatu should go to city and live with her sister who was schooling there so that she'll also start schooling there.

 Ramatu was so happy that she'll go back to city, Amarachi promised to take care of Mara like her own daughter.

 Ramatu set to go to city once again, she was so excited. She knew that one-day she'll go and see her uncle and cousins even though they hate her so much.

 She gladly arranged her luggage, Amarachi sister's name is Chioma, she is to wait for Ramatu at the park.

 Mr Parker gave Ramatu huge amounts of money,  he really likes her and wouldn't afford to miss her.

 Ramatu who's thought was on Mara and Amarachi left them intears.

(Ramatu's pov) 

I like my new life,  I love my baby,  I love Amarachi and Mr Parker but now I have to leave them cause of my own future and for my own good, Mr Parker promised to make me his general secretary when I'm through with my studies.

 I arrived at the park and called the lady, I described where I was to her and she appeared almost immediately.

 I could see the resemblance in her face that she's really Amarachi's sister, she had refused to attend the wedding because of exam, I wonder what kind of exam is that.

"sweetheart you are welcome to Abuja where you have to shine your eyes, no do like Ajebo for here o" she said, I smiled.
"I've lived here before,  I was born and brought up here" I said
"shebi you see as you dey speak like oyinbo, here na kpako place but where you were brought up is a very rich place " she said and carried my bag

 Amarachi's sister is a very naughty and rugged lady I must say, her body were designed with tattoos, her lips are as black as that of a smoker, she chew gum like prostitutes,  her artificial hair like that of queen Jezebel and her nails were fixed with long artificial nails. Don't mind me but that was the way she look exactly.

 Her clothes expose her body, I doubt if she's a student or responsible lady cause  I could see earrings on her nose.

 I ignored her dressing and followed her to her house, at her house I discovered she's better. The two ladies she called her friends were worst.

One of her friend was seriously drawing pipe, then I realized Chioma is also a smoker, "girl feel free o, she package self" one of her friend said to me, her legs seems to be to left legs. I wondered how Chioma managed to get those friend.

 They all live in a room, I wonder how three ladies live in a room plus me making four,  it will be hell cause no privacy.

 I sunk to the wide bed on the floor, the ladies began to laugh at me, I wonder what was funny about me that made them to laugh.

"miss Chioma I'm hungry " I said, they all busted into uncontrollable laugh, I've never been a comedian before.
"Biko my name is not Chioma, call me Natty or Natasha please don't disgrace me" Chioma said
"you what is your name? " one of the lady asked me
"my name is Ramatu " I answered politely
"God forbid Ramatu is not your name  better look for a name like Whitney, Elena, Amanda or Desdemona " Chioma said.
"I'm sorry my name is Ramatu and I'm proud of the name" I said
"cause your mother bought clothes from Ramat that's why she added U to the Ramat.  Baby Natty better speak to her before we come back cause she'll go to work with us tonight " One of the lady said,  the two ladies stood to leave but one of them stopped.

"Ramat my name is Betty " she introduced herself,  we shook hands before she left, when they left that was when I was free "I thought you're schooling here I don't know you're also working " I said to Chioma Natty, she ignored me for a while before speaking to me.

"my dear forget about school, life is shining of eyes. Most of the people with first-class you see only bribe lecturers and that's what we do, all the days of my life I've been working " she said

"working?  But aunty Amarachi usually send huge amounts to you every month " I said

 She hissed "I'm a lady, money will never be enough for me" she said, I was surprised

"so what do you do for a living? " I asked
"I use what I have to get what I want"
"trade by batter in this generation? " I asked sacarstically
"don't worry I'll secure one for you today " she said.

 I was a bit upset why start working all of a sudden?  But I lighten up knowing it will be good to start work. I can't wait for time.

.Dave's pov) 

We have an operation today and I don't feel like going, I have a very strong feelings that the operation might not be successful and I can't stand the shame.

 It will be a shame to my mother and uncle, I've always wanted to make my mum proud that was what prompt me to join the gangs.

 I can't watch my mother dying dew to poor feeding and lack of adequate resources,  my uncle has told me several times when I was at the village that I should do something like a man,  then I was a Fashion designer.

 My uncle made life miserable for us until I was challenged,  I saved enough and left for city, I started as a break layer until I met a guy who introduced me to the gang, after some month I made battered money and traveled to see my mother. That was when my uncle became happy, he said he's proud of me although he doesn't know my occupation.

 That was how I joined the gang, although I've never killed anybody, I've saved life several times due to fear.

To be continued


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