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What Life Stole From Her-Episode22


what life stole from her-Episode22

©Joy Ajuma Moses


RAmatu's pov) 

 Immediately I finished speaking to Amarachi I got a call from Mr Parker,  his voice was weak and not as friendly like before. "please I need your help cause it seems you are the only one that can help me,  you know I said I'll surprise Amarachi at office today by proposing to her right? " he asked
"yeah "

 He told me few days ago that I should choose the best place that he'll propose to Amarachi so I suggested he propose at office because of Ladi,  he told me to keep it as secret and I did cause I want Amarachi to be happy.

"she left office today cause she's angry with me, what should I do? " he asked
"what went wrong cause I know Amarachi doesn't get angry easily " I said
"I was at office when miss ladi came, she said she loves me and I had to tell her I was inlove with another  but she tried to hug me, at the process of hugging Amarachi entered the office " he said

 I felt bad, I know it either a little confusion or set up by nobody than miss Ladi but I can't afford to see her crying, "do you know her where about now? " I asked and he said know.
"can't you trace her through her phone number? " I asked
"yeah I can do that "
"send guys to kidnap her wherever she is but they should treat her with care" I said
"Ramatu what are you up to and say it fast cause we are running out of time " he said

  I knew they'll be able to get her so long as its taxi, taxi men don't drive fast and they'll have to stop to pick passengers.

"don't worry Mr Parker  I trust you and I want you to trust me. Organize a small dinner party and make sure Ladi is there, while Amarachi is being kidnapped her face should be covered until she is taken to the party ground, the place should be dark until her face is being untied. Immediately her face is untie then the light should be turn on while you kneel down and propose I'll give her a go ahead sign" I said

"are you sure of what you're saying, she might get angry and leave the scene " he said
"don't worry I give you hundred percent assurance " I said

 I was so happy, I started preparing for the party even though the place is still bright.

(Mr Parker)

 I handled everything to Eddie my friend, I trust him so much that he'd be able to do that, for the party it was not a problem I'd lodge the hall of the best hotel on town, I just hope the plans work else I've loosed.

 How will she even believe me when she saw everything with her eyes,  o called off the work for the day, I told all my workers to go back home and freshened up, I told them all to come to the hotel by 20:00 warning that if they fail to do then they'll lose their job.

 I went home tired, I couldn't eat, I was thinking of how the proposal will go with the hurt.

 My greatest fear is to hurt the person I love, I hate it just the way I don't want anyone to hurt me so I don't want to be hurt by anyone.

 I got a call immediately, I checked the caller ID it was Eddie, I didn't hesitate to to pick "hey whats up" I said
"cool I got her"  he said
 I could here her pleading from the background "please don't hurt her" I said and he laughed
"sure, you know I'm not a one, I'm just trying to help" he said
I know what he meant by he's not one, I know if he says he's not a kidnapper she's gonna hear him.

 I felt bad, this is not how I've planned it.

(Ladi's pov)

I'm totally confused about Mr Parker,  he was angry when Amarachi left his office but few minutes later he dismissed us and called for a party, what is he up to and what is the party for?

 I need to call him, I picked up my phone to call him, "hello Mr Parker " I said, he likes it when we call him by his name instead of boss.

"pretty damsel I'm good and you " he said, I blushed oh no he's in a good mood. "hope you're not upset about what transpired between the both of us earlier " I said
"no not at all, it's normal. You expressed yourself and I have to do mine that is why I'm organizing a party " he said

"wow so the party is actually for me? " I asked
"hmmmmm yeah kind of you and special" he said
I laughed out loud knowing he's organizing a party for me without me knowing until I called, I hung the call.

 I'm going to put on my best to make sure I look perfect.

 At 19:40 I  was dressed already, I drove to the venue,  the place was gorgeously decorated,  we were asked to enter a very dark room. I wondered why the celebration should be in the dark when other places are beautiful and well decorated.

(Mr Parker's pov) 

 I want the surprise to be also for everyone, I invited some of my white friends that we partner together. I called my mum and younger sister to tell them about my step, they accepted to it.

 Apart from my workers the rest of the visitors knows about it and they were all ready to see the beautiful girl my heart pounds for, I kept on calling Eddie.

  Ramatu came to me and tapped me "she hasn't bathed or dress yet and you all are looking beautiful on your outfit, don't you think it will be bad?" I asked
 Yeah I'm right but she was the one who brought the idea so she'll know what to do.

"don't worry I'll help you " she was whispered a very nice idea on my ears.

(Amarachi's pov) 

 One of the guys untied my face, they were three before but it seems the other one left, a lady came.

"now you are to do whatever she ask you to do cause we want to take you for an operation and if you fail to do it, we will deal with you mercilessly" one of the guys said and I nodded my head out of fear.

 I wouldn't have left the office out of anger, now look at what my anger has caused. The thought of Ramatu and baby  Mara was what o cared, I know they'll be worried.

 The lady showed me the bathroom, she asked me to take my bathe there and I didn't hesitate. After bathing she brought a beautiful blue gown and asked me to put it on.

 I was scared cause they are taking me for operation I don't know anything about, I put on the clothes and it looks perfect on me but the fact is that my mind is not on the dress, what if the operation works and Mr Parker gets to know he'll take me as the bad egg.

 She told me to sit beside a full standing mirror, within thirty minutes I have started seeing myself as an angel, I look perfect with the make up.

 The one of the guys came and tied my face lightly again, I felt bad.

 I was cried in a bridal style to the car I guess cause soon I hard the sound of the car,  my fears came back.

I was carried again thesame way until I was dropped down, fears aroused in me and I began to plead again, my faceless untied but the room was dark and quiet.

 I was about to cry when I saw the place was suddenly bright, people were well dressed standing and I saw a large writing on the wall that reads "Amarachi please will you marry me" I saw Ramatu holding baby Mara and she was smiling shaking her head.

 Mr Parker was one kneel on the floor like ready position of relay race, on the other side was bio-well enterprise workers including miss Ladi who I suspected must have come there by mistake.

"Please sweetheart forgive me over what happened earlier, I just want you to know there's nothing between that lady and I, you're the one I love and my heart beats for you " he paused.

 Tears drop down my eyes uncontrollably,  does it mean I over reacted,  although he was talking but I was lost in my own thoughts I was caught with his question "will you marry me? " sure things.

 I love him and I can't say no to his proposal "yes" I said and stretch forth my hands, he gently placed the ring on my fourth finger,  he stood up and hugged me so tight while the crowd clap for us.

 I glanced towards Ladi 's direction,  she wasn't clapping. I saw facial expression on her face,  I watched how Ramatu was overwhelmed with joy, I pressed one of my eyes gently at her, she'll have to explain everything cause I'm seeing her hands in it.

 I don't care about what I saw, proposing to me publicly at the presence of the person I'd accuse him of shows I'm more special.

 He let go of the hug and gave me the second kiss of my life this time it was so intense and I could feel is from his heart,  I breathe fast and stopped the kiss gently,  "I'm sorry for misinterpreting and taking fast action " I whispered to him.
"don't mention you're too unique to be hurt" he whispered, cameras were on us, I was a bit shy cause I've never been honored in such a way.

(Ladi's pov) 

 No this can't be truth, I was fool for coming over when I had no idea about what Parker was up to,  I burn on rage while kiss.

 Without doubt they are cute couples, o admired then,  Mr Parker tried for not calling my name but I can't withstand that shame.

 First thing tomorrow morning I'll submit my resignation letter cause I'll not know how to face Parker and Amarachi.

 I'll not just submit my later, I'll go back to my hometown kaduna to start afresh beside I've got enough,  my statue will be nothing cause of the latest news in town.

 While I was about to leave one of the journalist came to me for interview, I accepted to answer but I got angry at their question "ma'am what will you talk about your boss getting married to his personal assistant (PA)  miss Amarachi Eze,  I ignored them and left.

(Ramatu's pov) 

 People flock around Amarachi, I struggled hard to get to her place. Mr Parker havens a high five "you're my legend crazy baby " he said and I laughed.

 Amarachi poked my nose "you'll explain what you did " she managed to say and I laughed the more,  she collected Mara and hug her tightly "you're my blessing " she said to the baby who smiled at her.

 I was happy seeing Amarachi happy,  we hVe suffered alot and I think our time for happiness have come.

To be continued


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