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What Life Stole From Her-Episode21


what life stole from her-Episode21

©Joy Ajuma Moses

 Amarchi kidnapped

(Ladi's pov) 

 I was so annoyed when I saw Mr Parker driver driving Amarachi, I knew he only gave her a ride because she's loved by majority in the company.

 I walk angrily to him "who asked you to give her a ride you fool" I scolded
"ma'am I'm only doing my work as a driver " he said and bowed before leaving.

 Amarachi smiled at me before cat walking to her office, I was confused by the words "ma'am I'm only doing my work as a driver " dose it mean he was assigned to bring her to work or what?  No that will not happen while I'm still alive, although she doesn't have car among all the staffs but that doesn't guarantee her to have access to Mr Parker's favorite car.

 I walk to Mr Parker's office but while I was about to pass Amarachi she stopped me that I'm not permitted to go to his office.

"of course he ordered me not to allow anybody in" she said after I quarreled her
"do you think I'm anybody? Do you know who I am to him" I retorted
"if you're not anybody then you're anything he asked me not to allow anything to his office " she said

 I became upset then I started shouting at her while she reciprocate then Mr Parker came in, I told him everything and he said Amarachi was right that he doesn't need anyone in his office at that moment. I felt disappointed and left.

 Mr Parker is now being nice to Amarachi unlike before he doesn't talk to any worker aside me, I rested my head on my table, is like my effort to make mr Parker to love me might end up in vain but that should be over my alive body. I can't stand to see mare Amarachi stealing Mr Parker away from me.

 I tried hard to let go of the thought but I couldn't, Mr Parker is a very good man and I don't want to miss an opportunity of just a date with him.

 He made me popular by making me his secretary, whenever I'm going out journalist will be disturbing my life saying they want to know more about our enterprise, some people even think I'm having an affair with Mr Parker.

 Just at twinkling of an eye the so called Amarachi came here by mistake and not just that she's taking the heart of my man.

 I'll not allow that to work, I'll fight for Parker with my last breath, to make things good, I'll propose to him since it's difficult for him to propose.

>Few weeks later<

 I went to Mr Parker's office one morning to take some documents when he complemented that I look beautiful.

"he loves you but he's scared to tell you while not talk to him so that you guys can move on, this is a great opportunity " I thought within me.

 In sure of that, that Mr Parker loves me but he doesn't want to admit, if I'll yell him he'll know how strong I am.

 "sir I want to talk to you about something" I summoned to say although my heart was beat faster
"alright cutie feel free to talk to me"he assured me.

 I sat on the chair that was facing him "I..l...I really... Like you " I managed to say.  He look me for long "I like you too " he said looking at me.

 We were sitting quietly for long but I still wanted to say more than I like you, "I love you and I need you " I stuttered

 He peered into my eyes as if he couldn't see me, he walk to me and held my hands "miss Ladi you're a very good lady I must say but I'm sorry, I'm sorry for making you to fall for me when I'm inlove with another already " he said

 My heart skipped, who could that be? A white lady or black like me? No I can't lose him to anyone, I pulled my hands to his face and rub it softly but he took my hands off "I'm sorry and I'm sorry " he kept on pleading but it's nothing to me, no plead worth letting him go, I just want to have him forever.

"I love you and I can't let go off your feelings from my head" I said and try to rub his face again but he pushed me from him.

 It made me to see myself as a fool, I have to do something. I walk and hug him tight, "I love you and I'll never leave you " I said amidst tears then the door opened it was Amarachi, she left immediately while Mr Parker freed himself from my hold and went after her calling her.

 Dose that mean she's the girl or what, then I'm done with her today. This will be her end. I walked out of his office to see he was still after her.

(Parker's pov) 

 This can't be happening to me, is it a plan work or what, I don't want to hurt Amarachi in any ways and I don't have feelings for ladi.

 No I have to run after her and if I don't interrupt get her Ladi will have to explain why she had done what she did cause I can't afford to lose a lady I got through prayer

(Amarachi's pov) 

 What I've been avoiding all days of my life has befallen me, I've been scared of heart breaks but mine is heart smashed not just break cause my heart has been grounded.

 I ran out of Mr Parker's office,  I picked my bag from my office and ran away although Parker was calling my name but I refused to answer cause I ain't no fool, I saw Ladi hugging him.

 After the promise he made to me just a week ago he's deriving, what the hell was he calling me for?  I did not even turn to check, one of the security guards tried to hold me but I hit him hard.

 I run hard out of the company and stopped a taxi, I told the taxi man to just go wherever he's going, I turned to look through the back glass to check, I saw Parker's hand on his waist watching the taxi. Then I let go the tears to flow, I cried like a baby. I never knew I'll fall inlove and now I'm already dying inlove.

 I was wrong for trusting him that much, "oga drive fast abeg " I said to the driver who was rather driving normal, I picked my phone to call Ramatu, her voice was so nice so I didn't want to hurt her feelings I told her I just called to hear from her.

 Immediately I payed the taxi driver, someone covered my eyes, before I knew what was going on my face was tied lightly while I was carried into a car.

"please don't harm me, please I'm owing no-one " I pleaded with the guys but one of them with deep masculine voice asked me to keep quiet.

 The car drove for almost an hour until it stopped, I was carried out of the car just the way they took me in, to a house I suspected everywhere to be dark.

 I prayed gently in my heart that they should not hurt me.

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To be continued


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