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What Life Stole From Her-Episode20


what life stole from her-Episode20

©Joy Ajuma Moses

 I Love you

(Amarachi's pov continues) 

She kept on cheering me up with confidence and assurance that nothing will harm me.

 "okay no problem " I agreed and went to the bathroom to clean up, I applied makeup and put on the red fitted gown. I admired me.

"oh my my you look yummy " Ramatu complement
 I laughed out loud "no I can't be yummy I'm not food" I teased her,  she gave a frown look "I mean you're too beautiful" she said

"common I was just joking I know what you meant by yummy but I'm not food" I said and caressed her cheeks, she laughed "what about taking a photo? " she asked.

 She's good at taking photos, I nodded in affirmation. She was still taking photograph of me when, while we were busy taking photos we hard sound of car horn, "don't  worry I know he's the one" Ramatu said, she was about to leave but I pulled her back.

"how do you know he's the one? " I questioned
"cause it's no other person than your boss and I'm sure that's the sound of his car" she said

 I laughed at her why will she think that my boss will ever come looking for me, "you're joking my boss doesn't know here" I said
"just watch and see how your Mr Parker can do crazy thing for love" she said before leaving.

 Ramatu is to hyperactive and I wonder if she's right, I refused to go and check until she came in with him, I was so surprised she's right.

"Mr Parker you're welcome to our paradise " she said opening her arms wide.
"you're welcome sir" I managed to say out of shy
"miss Amarachi I'll be glad if you will address me as Mr Parker tonight and not boss" he said and I jerk off, that means he likes the way Ramatu called him, I watched how she ordered him to sit on the couch, she offered him water to my greatest surprise he collected the water and drank it, I was watching the scene with kin interest.

 "now Mr Parker can you tell us how you were able to know here? " she asked, I wanted to give her a sign to be quiet but it seems he likes her.

"Ramatu is a caring crazy girl, I like her for that, I told one of my boys to trace Amarachi and he did a perfect job" he said,  Ramatu turned to me and gave a funny look.

 The cry of Mara cut everybody's attention, "oh she doesn't want to miss any of the conversation can I see her? " Mr Parker asked Ramatu
"sure yeah " she said and ran to bring the baby.

 I watched how he placed the baby on his chest and she calmed, "I told you, she doesn't want to be lonely. I'm sure she'll be crazier than you " he said and we all laughed.

 Soon he turned to me and asked if I was ready, I shook my head. He gave Ramatu and Mara some money before leaving with me, Ramatu pressed one of her eyes and gave me a thumbs up before we left.

"you're kind of quiet for my liking, your sister is more socialized than you " Mr Parker said to me while he was driving, I did not answer him.
"I'm sorry to upset you, where would you like us to go, a party or a cool place? " he asked
"a cool place " I answered and he smiled
"that means I'll take you to my house " I agreed with him.

 We arrived at his house and everywhere was so amazing, everything seems to be glass, he opened the door for me to come out of the car. It makes me wonder if I was dreaming or it's real cause it seems to be unusual.

"please take my hands and come me with me, I swear to you I mean no harm. I just want to tell you something I can't believe myself " he said stretching his hands.

 I wonder what was moved so I followed him in, he has many workers in his house. I wonder how many people are leaving in the mansion but to my surprise he lives there alone with his workers.

"you're welcome do have your sit " he said,
 A lady appeared immediately and asked for what I want, I know already she's a maid. I ordered for soft drink.

 I was at the living room watching movie for about thirty minutes before he showed up "I'm sorry for keeping you, I'll tell one of my boys to drop you home " he said

 We sat quietly until he broke the silence "Amarachi I'm not good at beating around the bush. I'll narrate everything and maybe you'll be the one to act like a man " he said and I almost boasted into laughter but I controlled myself.
"no young lady laughing is allowed, you can laugh off your ass but I'm gonna tell you nothing but the truth " he said

"I need a woman in my life, a woman that will be like an assistant, a woman I'll call my wife. I knelt down beside my bed and prayed my first prayer that my wife should be the first to come to work among my female staffs, to my greatest surprise you happened to be the first. I tried to tell you that day but I was too straight forward and you thought I was flattering you " he said looking at me with seriousness.

 I'll tolerate anything but not blur words, what is he expecting me to say? I was quiet and I avoided looking at him, I only steal a glimpse.

"ever since then I took my time to grow to love you, I love you and I cherish you " he said

 Yeah now he is talking but is he serious, of course he is and I have to say something but nothing is coming forth.

 He moved to were I was sitting, he placed his hand on my shoulder and shifted the hair covering half part of my face.

 I felt cold ran down my spine while his lip was closed to mine, I can't imagine having my first kiss with Mr Parker.  I closed my eyes as his soft lips was already close to mine and he slipped his tongue into my mouth I reciprocated but I'm not as fast as he is then the thought of Ladi's words echoed in my head "now listen by this time next year I'll be Mrs Parker so start looking for a job cause as for this place you have loosed it already " what she told me that same day I came to work early then I stopped the kiss.

 Does that means he broke up with her?  No I can't be the one interfering their relationship. I felt like saying Mr Parker I hate, you disgust me. You're in a relationship with ladi but my mouth was tied, I needed more kiss, I want to feel him more.

"I'm so sorry for doing that without your permission please forgive me, I know you also love me" he pleaded, I wish he knew what was running through my mind.

  "promise me you are gonna love me for who I am and not for what I have, I promise you that I'm gonna declare to the world that I love Amarachi unconditionally " he said then I chill

 If he's going to tell the world that he loves me then Ladi is not excluded, she'll know about us so I don't have to be worried.

"I promise you that no matter what it takes I'll love you forever " I said

 He pulled me for hug,  he kissed my forehead and caressed my hair in petting form.

 One of his boys drove me home as he had promised. I narrated everything to Ramatu she was so happy for me. "I knew it already, baby Mara is really your blessing. So how was the kiss like? " she teased

 I laughed out loud "please try it with your new boyfriend, I mean the one you want to do shakara for " I teased back

"aunty Amarachi I can't wait to have my first kiss " she said
"common think about school, your Mr right is on his way " I tease and she laughed

 We slept very early with happy minds like happy family, Mara did not disturb.  I woke up early and do all the usual work, I cleaned up and dressed for work.

 While I was about to leave A Car stopped "ma'am Mr Parker assigned me to be taking you to work everyday " the driver said and bowed.

 I was surprised but I entered, when I dropped down from the car Ladi. She walked fast to us "who asked you to give her a ride you fool" she scolded the driver.

To be continued


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