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what life stole from her-Episode19

©Joy Ajuma Moses

Amarachi's pov) 

 My bad as shouted wow when he saw me I guess he was surprised that I came early,  baby Mara's cry woke us up very early so I decided to do the chores and bathe the baby unlike before the baby will be sleeping in the morning.

"what is your mission here this early morning, I mean why did you came very early you're the type that comes late. Any news? " he asked

 I smiled "sir I felt bad coming to work late everyday, I was able to make it early and I pray to keep on coming early. " I said and bowed my head

 He laughed "you don't want to tell me the truth, look at the time it's 6:32" he said twisting his wrist watch.

 I smiled again, what is this man taking me for? He thinks I can't come early "my mission is to come to work this morning " I answered jokingly cause he was smiling.

"so you're my wife right? Or you want to be my wife, I  can't marry you cause you're a lazy girl " he said

 I couldn't control my laughter "did I say I'll marry you or do I even behaves like someone that likes you talk more of marring you? point of correction I'm not lazy" I fired back

"I can see the feature of stubbornness in you already and I like it, you are my wife" he said

 I felt irritated why would he flatter me like a baby, I made a sour exclamation "grrrrh!!!! " like someone that belch and he laughed.

"I just want you to know that I'm in love with you and you? " he added

 I grew angry the more, why should he be joking with me like this. I ignored him and rested my head on my table.

(Parker's pov)

 I got to my office and laughed at myself,  it really funny. Amarachi is a cool girl and kind I must say but what about me?

 I don't know how to approach a lady, I don't know how to please a lady with lovely words that will get her tripping and it can't just start all of a sudden.

 I don't even know if she's in a relationship with someone else, should I still pray? No I've prayed my first and last prayer so I don't need to pray again. I need to act up.

 I was lost in thought when Ladi arrived at my office then I realized I can ask for her help.

(Ladi's pov) 

 I arrived at my boss office I found him smiling I was so happy seeing his cute smile. He's a nice guy and he got me tripping for him.

 I greeted him politely and he answered and ordered me to sit, I sat comfortably to know why he asked me to sit.

"miss Ladi I'm in love and o fell inlove today, I don't know what ladies like can you help me out?

 I smiled, who else will Mr Parker love aside me? He's at work everyday and I'm his closest at work. I thought about what he will do to me.

"well sir if you so much love her just engage her" I suggest
"then how will the engagement go without relationship? " he asked.

 Do we really need to start any stupid relationship no no no, I know him already and he knows me marriage things.

"sir you know you're irresistible so you should go ahead and propose. Buy a beautiful gown for her and invite her to your house or to a party" I suggest

 He smiled and asked me to go "sir you mean I should go? " I asked
"yes of course go back to your post " he said and I left hurriedly a bit annoyed. I'll decline his proposal if he misbehave.

 I walk to Amarachi's table "now listen, by this time next year I'll be Mrs Parker so start looking for a job cause as for this place you have loosed it already " I said.

 She was writing and she didn't behaved like she was hearing me, I was so annoyed. Ever since she came with that pregnant witch I hated her but she doesn't mind. Almost everybody in the company likes Amarachi I wonder why they like her.

  • (Ramatu's pov)

I was playing with my baby when I got a call, I check the caller ID it was Fatima. I ignored the call maybe it was a mistake, I got another call from her again and I switched off my phone cause I don't want any body to frustrate me. I got angry and removed my SIM, I broke it.

 I'm enjoying my new life even though it's not perfect I still appreciate it I don't want any salt to my wound. The baby I was shy of I'm now proud of her, I wouldn't have named her Mara cause she's never Mara. Mara means bitterness and I was bittered about the pregnancy and the baby but now she's my happiness.

 I looked at the baby and she smiled at me, when my mum was alive she use to tell me that, when babies smile that means they're seeing angels but when they cry it's due to horrible dreams.

 I smiled back cause I'm happy that she's seeing angels, few minutes later Amarachi came in, I stood up and hug her,  I peck her lightly on her cheek she's the best ever.

 "how was work I'm sure everybody congratulate you for coming early " I teased her
"yeah my boss was surprised, he asked me what was my intention for coming early and he ended up saying he want to marry " she said and we laughed
"I must say your boss is being kind and considerate about what I and Mara are putting you through " I said and she smiled.

"GCE exam registration has started so I suggest you register early and start going to lesson. I'll take permission from my boss so that I'll be closing early to come and take care of Mara cause she might distract your lesson " I was happy, I hugged her tight and thanked her.

 It's been over a year I've not been to school and I lost hope but she's now giving me hopes that will help me. I danced and danced.

 I looked at myself at the standing mirror,  "my gosh I hate my boobs. They're as large as watermelon" I  mumbled while touching it.

 Amarachi laughed out loud "common it will reduce to normal size when you stop breast feeding Mara " she said

"my hips are still as curve as it was and my tiny waste still tiny" I added
"cause you're always beautiful " she said and I blushed.
"why are you talking about your shape? " she asked
"cause I want to have a boyfriend of course " I answered jokingly.
She chuckled "hope it not what I'm thinking? " she drawled
"think well o, it's time for me to do shakara. That reminds me Fati called me today " I changed the topic
 "huh Fati of all people, what did she told you? " Amarachi asked
"trust me I refused to pick the call, I don't want to hear trash" I said
"yeah but you shouldn't have ignored, you'd have listened to her and hear her out"
"do I look like I care? I've moved on they're my past " I said

 She shook her head "yeah and I'm happy that you have become your real self " she said

 I hugged her tightly.


 (Amarachi's pov)

 I was at my office when a lady brought a present to me, "please ma'am don't open it until you get home" she said and bowed.

 The day drag slow as I was inquisitive about the present. I got home and opened it in front of Ramatu,  it was a beautiful red gown that has peach colored ribbon at the breast side then there was also a peach colored heels and a letter.

 I opened the letter to read, "I know you'll be surprised but I'll like to take you out tonight and please don't say no to my request. Don't bother much about my identity I'll come and pick you, just be dressed by 18:00 today "

 I glanced at Ramatu and she laughed, "somebody is tripping for you what will you say about this? " she asked

"I'm confused already "I said
"oh don't be confused just go and get dressed, don't be afraid of the date. I'm happy for you " she said, I marvel for the kind of person she is, I'm talking about unknown present and she's telling me to go and dress.

 She. Kept on cheering me with confidence and assurance that nothing will harm me.

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