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Tope's Heart Tale - Part 8


Tope's Heart Tale - Part 8

©Amah's Heart

Real life story

I needed to buy something for my baby one day in a town close to ours, they said I can't take my baby boy with me that I should go alone.

I went alone and bought what I needed to buy on time so I could get back early.

I got home and I was accused of not going where I went because I came back too early.

They said I had gone to meet the man at a hotel that I had sent him those things before and he bought it down, so I went over to the hotel to see him and pick it up.

And before then, I had not even been in contact with the Evangelist.

No matter what I say they don't believe me.

My boyfriend and his Mom went as far as telling my Mom about what happened between me and the Evangelist and how he took my virginity.

they told my Mom about the whole past issue that was supposed to be a secret between me and my guy.

My mum was so angry that she called the Evangelist's l wife and also the man to ask if it was true.
The man admitted that it was true and started begging but my mum won't have that.

My Mom was very angry that a whole Evangelist who was well respected could stoop so low to do such.

The man kept pleading to be forgiven But after sometimes my mum just had to let it all go because she wouldn't want the issue to go round town.

My boyfriend and his Mom find fault in everything I do at any given time. They even said I don't know how to breastfeed. The baby cloth I wash is not always clean. I don't come to shop....

Everything I do was filled with complains and If i don't they will still complain.

Each and every passing day, they'll always find a fault in whatever I do.

They stopped giving me food finally.

I have to open up to my mom and It was my mum that will always bring food for me if she comes around. I could not tell my brothers because they will mock me.

My mum blamed me for opening up to my guy about that kind of a huge matter.

She said even if I was scared of her, why didn't I open up to any of my brothers. She was very disappointed in me.

My mum said she thought it was my boyfriend that disvirgined me not knowing I've being disvirgined a long time ago.

I was treated like a criminal because of my past sins.
I blames myself for opening up at all to my boyfriend.

It was something that has happened long before I met him. Why will he judge me with my past. Many people blamed me for doing such.

I hated him for that and I I wanted to leave at all cost but I was helpless because my parents had their own issues.

I continued to endure until I was ready to go back to school for my HND.

My parents wanted me to go back and do my HND since I'm done with my OND.

When I opened up to my supposed mother-in-law and his son about going back to school they said I can't go to school with their child which is my baby

My Mom even offered to baby sit for me, she said she will follow me to school because she was retired and will help me with the baby whenever I have class to attend until my little son is properly weaned.

My supposed mother-in-law and her son did not agree. They bluntly refused.

They later gave me an option to be going from their house everyday to school.

My mum said that was too risky to be going on the express to and fro everyday.

She said she didn't pray for any bad thing to happen but one has to be careful.

I had to choose between going back to school and staying back to take of my child.

They insisted that i can't go back to school with the baby that I have to leave him behind.

But I can't stay back, I've been frustrated several times. They have made my life miserable and I'm tired, at same time I did not want to leave my baby with them.
They continue to frustrate my life.
I have to make a decision, although it was tough and painful to me but that was the only option that came to mind.

I agreed I was going to leave my little boy behind with them and go back to school so that I can do something meaningful for myself.
I will come to check him every weekend.

I made that painful decision of leaving my child behind but I don't if it was the right thing to do or not.

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