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Tope's Heart Tale - Part 7


Tope's Heart Tale - Part 7

©Amah's Heart

Real life story

My due date came in the midnight, I called his mother and she informed him.

They sent a taxi to come and pick me to get me to the hospital in another town because I registered my ante natal in a teaching hospital.

We were to pick him up at a particular junction close to his own house.

We picked him and continued on our way to the hospital.

The labour pain was excruciating. It went on and on from 12am till I gave birth on d second day at 2:30pm.

I prayed for death during childbirth because I thought there's nothing more to life. But as God will have it, I didn't die still.

Until I came out of the ward, I didn't know it was just my mum that waited behind.

My mum told me my boyfriend left since 5am and his mother showed up briefly in the morning and she also left claiming that they have a party to attend.

They both came back in the evening to see the baby and also brought food.

They left after sometime leaving my mum to stay with me.

My mum slept under a shed in the rain on a spread of carton.

I cried when I came out of the ward seeing her lying down on a carton which she spread on the Cold ground outside because there was no accomodations where she can stay.

I cried because I know that I brought this trouble upon her.

Meanwhile she has retired from her job then and things were not as they used to be because the money wasn't fort coming anymore.

I wasn't discharged until the fourth day, but all through the period I was there, my boyfriend and his Mom never came back to check on me.

They sent a car when I got discharged that took us home. My mum left me in their care that she has tried and she needed to get a proper rest.

That night I got to his house, he didn't sleep at home. It was just Myself and his mother.

I was taken good care of, I wasn't even allowed to do anything aside eating, sleeping and breastfeeding the baby until after 41days.

All through those times, my boyfriend never spoke to me nor does he eat in the house.

On a particular day, that year happens to be my 20th birthday. I marked my 20th birthday silently with myself and my little son because my boyfriend doesn't even know if I exist or not.

One day, I went to the hospital for checkup, and on my way back I went to his mums shop to let her know that I was back only for her to ask me if anything happened between myself and my boyfriend and I told her nothing happened.

She followed me home because her shop was not far from the house.

I was told that it has been decided by my boyfriend that he can no longer sleep outside the house because of me, so I have to excuse him in that room and take another room upstairs.

So I started staying in a seperate room with my child.

it got to a point the mother said she can't continue feeding me that I should ask my guy for food and any other thing I need.

My guy took responsibility of me and my baby for a month and stopped.

If I ask him money to make food or buy something, he would tell me to get the hell out of his sight.

He does as he pleases and hate a mare sight of me.

I don't know what he told his mother and the woman decided to call me one day.

She asked me to sit down and when I was seated she began to ask me about my virginity which was meant to be a secret between me and my boyfriend because he promised me back then to keep my secrets safe.

I was shock when his mother started questioning me over my virginity and who disvirgined me.

She said she knows is not her son that disvirgined me because her son told her.

I didn't reply her questions or say anything.

I know her son must have told her everything and there was no need of trying to defend myself.

The woman suddenly began to abuse me, calling me all sort of names Just like her son usually do.

she said her son told her how I lose my virginity to a Evangelist.

She said I was posses with evil spirit and I was a prostitute from my tender age.

I could not say anything, I was just crying.

She decided right then and there that her son can never marry someone like me.

That I was spoilt, corrupt and fill with lies.

That her son revealed all my secrets to her and there is no way her son will get married to me and I deserve whatever he was doing to me.

She said I can not pin her son down with pregnancy or with a baby that it will never work. That I was only 20 to 21 years and there was nothing good left in my life or body because right from my teenager i was selling off myself to men after the Evangelist took his first Share out of me.

All I did was to cry as she pour more insult, curses on my head.

After she was done I quietly stood and walk back to my room and continue the cry as I looked at my child who can not understand my pain.

I can't go back to my Mom because things are not easy with her.

I had no choice than to continue staying in my boyfriend house as him and his mother kept on ganging up against.

They both made life unbearable for me with each passing day.

But I endured because I had nowhere else to go.

I regretted for ever opening up my past to my boyfriend.

Maybe everything happening to me was a punishment from God for my past sins.

I wish I can find an escape out of my boyfriend's house.

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