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Tope's Heart Tale - Part 6


Tope's Heart Tale - Part 6

©Amah's Heart

Real life story

He continued talking about how he changed his mind and want the relationship to continue because a baby involved.

I remain speechless not knowing how to tell him that there was no more baby.

I ended up lying again to him that I had a miscarriage.

My guy flared up, he was very angry.

He went on calling me a liar that I aborted the baby.

He said I did an abortion and termed it as miscarriage because I'm capable of anything evil.
I did not reply him.

He later left in anger. I called him and try to explain things to him.
I told him he broke up with me after i told him about my past and who disvirgined me and he knew I was pregnant then but he chose to punish me and left me when I needed him most.

He was calm and gradually we started again.

Our relationship continued and I began to visit him from school.

It was going on cold and fine until I got pregnant for the second time.
His love for me wasn't as it used to be.

Sometimes he will throw cold attitude at me.

I love him dearly, so I stayed and continue with the whole thing.
I did not even think of abortion this time, because I was afraid to do it for the second time.

My mum got to know about the pregnancy after I was 4 months gone.

Meanwhile, my mum and brothers have warned me severally about my choice of a boyfriend because he doesn't have more than an SSCE and just an ordinary tailor.

It became a very big issue when my parents heard about me being pregnant and they suggested I abort it.

I was already four months gone, my Dad who has seperated from my mum long time ago was very angry and asked me to get rid of it, even my brothers supported.

I refused.

I stood on my ground and told them "NO. I won't because I did not want to do it the second time and I couldn't bring myself to tell them I did it once before.

My guy and his mother suggested that they will go and see my parents just to officially let them know that the pregnancy was his and he will also want to marry me afterward.

My guy's mother and her friend with my guy went to see my father at his own place but he still did not agree on the union.

My Dad bluntly refused to accept them or consider the fact that I was pregnant.

I wasn't there with them when they went to see my Dad but I was later told that my dad called him an ordinary tailor to his mothers face.

My Dad told them clearly that he wants his daughter to marry an educated person, either a lawyer or a doctor.

My Dad went futher to say that I can't be educated, went through high institution and then settle for less, with an ordinary tailor.
My eldest brother wasn't left out as they supported my Dad.

The baby in me was growing bigger and I had no choice but to let it grow.

After sometime my boyfriend changed towards me totally.

he doesn't want to see me, he doesn't want me to come to his house. He wouldn't call or pick my calls. He will only reply to text messages that pertain to my ante natal care and send someone to give me money.

I told his mother about her son's ill attitude towards me.

she called us both to ask what really is wrong and my guy said that he was angry because of what my family said about him and how my people, including my mum wanted me to abort his child.

He said they called him an ordinary tailor and wanted their "over educated daughter" to marry her kind and not someone like him.

After his angry rant, his mother began to laugh and later said to him "what do u expect when you impregnated someone daughter"?
He concluded he needed time to get over everything that he will call me when he is ready.

I left their house and as days turned into week my boyfriend did not call like he said he will.

It took him time to finally call.
And before everything went sour, there were two girls that came to do their internship at his shop from a technical school.

He called me one day to inform me. he asked me if he should take them or not and I said he should go ahead and take them since I know that will help his business.
In my mind I was helping my to be husband to become successful.
I later discovered that something was going on between my guy and one of the girls.

She will cook for him and buy him clothes.

She even went as far as rearranging his room from how it used to be.

One weekend, I came from school and met them together.

I asked him why he was hurting me and doesn't care to know how I feel with him and his apprentice cuddled up in his room.

He insulted life out of me and even called me a whore in the presence of the girl.

I cried my eyes out, I wanted to die.

I was hurt beyond repair and I decided to take my own life.
I went to soaked garri with hypo and drank it not minding what will happen.

He saw what I was about to do but said nothing and did not show care.

He was there still chatting and laughing with the girl when I started rolling on the floor while going through the effect of the hypo that I took.

He didn't stand up to help even when I screamed and the pain was becoming unbearable.

I was pregnant but my guy didn't care.

he thought I was just being dramatic as I rolled on the floor in severe pain screaming for help.

It was until I started vomiting and he perceived the smell of the hypo that was when he stood up to help.

he rushed and gave me palm oil to drink first so that it will neutralize the poison.

I vomitted everything in me and I became weak.

We got to the hospital and the hypo poison was flushed out of my system.

They said I was lucky and the child I carried was equally lucky because even my baby wasn't affected a bit.

I wanted to die for real but I ended up not dying.

We got back home and he told me to pack everything that pertain to me in that house and leave.

He doesn't want to ever see me near his house again.

I didn't plead this time.

I did not beg him like I used to do before. I packed my things and moved back to my house.

I later wrote my OND final exam.
So I was home not doing anything.
But his mother makes sure he gives me money for upkeep every week.

I stayed back and left him alone with his apprentice.

I was at least glad that the hypo poison did not kill me or my unborn child.

I realized he doesn't worth it. He will not even mourn me if I die, maybe he will feel relieved of my burden.

I decided to stay with my mom until my due date comes.

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