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Tope's Heart Tale - Part 5


Tope's Heart Tale - Part 5

©Amah's Heart

Real life story

After telling him that I was pregnant he started making arrangements on how we will get married.

Since a baby was on the way and we are planning to settle down together I did not see the need to continue with secrets.

I love him dearly and I believed he loves me too. I decided to open up to him on how I lost my virginity.

I decided to tell him the truth about my virginity because I trusted him, loved him and care so much about him.

I felt I should be more transparent now that I'm pregnant and will be getting married to him soon.

So I called him on that fateful day n told him half truth about it.

I couldn't get myself to tell him that I fell for the Evangelist and we got entangled, instead I told him that I was raped and threatened by the Evangelist and that it wasn't with my consent.

I thought he will pity me and everything will just go like that, since he knows who disvirgined me but alas my trouble just started.

He just said "OK" and asked me why I didn't tell him from the beginning that it was the Evangelist that took my virginity?
 He asked me why I lied to him before?

I just replied him that I was scared.

He did not act or show any sign of anger.

The following day he told me that he was going out that morning.
I did not know that he went to see the Evangelist.

My boyfriend went over to see the Evangelist and to ask him directly why a respected man like him will rape me and disvirgined me in the process.

I was at home that day and did not go out after my boyfriend Left to where he was going to.

Towards evening I received a call from him, he asked me to take transport and meet him at a certain place
I dressed up and went to meet him but as I got to the place, I saw the Evangelist car parked.

My heart skipped, I walked up to it and there my boyfriend was seated calmly inside with the Evangelist.

He asked me to come in and sit down, I did.

My boyfriend asked me to repeat the story I told him on how the Evangelist raped me and took my virginity.

I was shocked. I didn't expect him to go and meet the man.

I couldn't say anything and my guy began to call me a liar in the Evangelist presence.

the Evangelist told him the whole truth. He told my guy how I was also enjoying it and did not reject him.

He said it was all the works of the devil because he did not even know what he was doing.

The devil came through me just to destroy him and it was after he realized his mistake and how he has fallen short of God's glory he quickly put a stop to it and retraced his steps.

I told my boyfriend that the man was lying. I was the person that refused to continue the act with him and decided to pack and leave his place but my boyfriend did not believe me instead he believed the Evangelist.

I felt betrayed and I left without saying anything.

My guy broke up with me after then.

He said he doesn't want a liar as a wife.

I begged and begged to no avail.
I went back to school and told a friend about the pregnancy that my mum and brothers must not know.

I was still planning on how to tell my family about the pregnancy and my guy's plans to marry me after I put to birth but I haven't told them yet before my boyfriend finally end the relationship.

Since the relationship ended, he said he doesn't want to have anything to do with me or the child that I carried.

He called me names and said I should never call his number again.

I was heart broken and couldn't concentrate on school anymore.
Since my relationship ended and he doesn't want the child, who will care for me.

My Mom and brothers will be so dissappointed
I try calling him and begging him again to atleast accept the pregnancy but he refused and called me more foul names.

I ended up aborting the pregnancy.

Two weeks after I did the abortion, my boyfriend came to meet me in school.

He said he has thought about everything and has forgiven me that we should continue the relationship since I'm pregnant.

That after my last plea and how I was begging to be forgiven for the baby sake, he decided to do that.

And he has forgiven because of the innocent child forming in my womb.

I was speechless and did not know how to tell him that there was no more baby.

How do I even tell him I did an abortion because he refused to accept the child and I was too ashamed to bear the consequences alone.

I couldn't utter a word as he kept speaking.

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