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Tope's Heart Tale - Part 4


Tope's Heart Tale - Part 4

©Amah's Heart

Real life story

But eventually I wasn't pregnant.
I felt so relieved and from then I decided to put an end to the act
I told him with a straight face for him to see that this time I was calling it quit and meant it.

after telling him that I don't want to continue such a dirty lifestyle with him again. He refused and did not agree for me to stop.

I explained it to him that what if eventually I become pregnant, we will both be doomed because I will not expose myself and let him go Scot free because of his glassy reputation.

This man said I shouldn't worry about getting pregnant because that can be avoided.

He later bought me drugs to prevent me from getting pregnant, but I didn't buy the idea.

I refused to accept the drugs, I was even very angry that he will shamelessly go to a pharmacy to buy a pregnancy preventive drugs for me.

I threw it at him, insulted him.
I decided to go home instead.

When the wife was not home, or traveled I will go back to my house and stay until she comes back.

She will call to inform me that she was back then I will go over to their house.

I refused to stay home alone with the man, I was determined to discontinue the whole act with him.

Instead of staying idle, I decided to go and learn tailoring until I'm ready to proceed to the high institution.

After few months of learning I met a guy.

He was nice to me and because I really wanted to be free from the Evangelist I agreed to date the guy the moment he asked me out.

When the Evangelist heard that I was in a relationship with a guy, he became very angry and asked me to call off the relationship but I refused and told him that he can't decide my life for me.

He was very angry with me and went to report me to my Mom and brothers.

My Mom scolded me for being disrespectful and arrogant to a man of God.

She said I should listen to what ever he asked me to do because he was a man with a respectable personality.

I nodded to what my Mom said and left.

When I returned back to the Evangelist house, I became very rude to him for having the gut to go and report me to my Mom.
I threatened to tell everyone what he did with me.

He saw that I was no more the same person he has power over and that was how he decided to let me be.

I packed and moved back to my own house finally.

I continued my relationship with the guy from my work place.
we started sleeping together but after the first time we slept together, he discovered that I was not a virgin.

He asked me who disvirgined me, I lied to him that I was raped because I couldn't tell him the real truth.

my boyfriend knows who the Evangelist is and understand he was a man with good reputation.
After telling him lies on how I lost my virginity he loved me still and assured me that he will always be there for for me.

we went on with our relationship until I later got an admission into polytechnic.

I love my boyfriend so much and was very loyal to him.

I can't even give my number out to any guy or even pay attention to them because my boyfriend occupies my mind at all time both when I'm home or at school.

I was so much in love with him that his educational background did not matter to me because he was only SSCE holder and a tailor.
He was a good tailor and has customers. I took him as my world.

His mum and siblings knew me and I used to come from school to his house to spend weekends at his place without my mum knowing or even going home at all.

This continued for another year until I got pregnant in my second year.

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