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Tope's Heart Tale - Part 2


Tope's Heart Tale - Part 2

©Amah's Heart

After about a month of staying with them, the husband starts buying gifts for me on his way back from work because he closes first before his wife.

then me and his wife comes home last from school.

I did not understand why he kept getting me gifts but I was grateful as they comes.

He gives me some of this gifts without his wife's knowledge.
One fateful night, there was no light and we were all in the sitting room lying on d floor.
the man was lying down in between me and his wife.

It was nothing unusual because we act like family.

Suddenly the man started putting his hand inside my cloth. He was touching my growing breast.
I was shocked that I couldn't utter any word.

At first, I thought it was a mistake because he was an Evangelist in the Church but I later realize that he knew what he was doing.
I quickly stood up from there and went into my room to sleep instead.

I couldn't sleep all through the night, I was totally disturbed.
I wondered if This man was in his right mind and senses.

I was just tossing up and down the bed and I was going to have an exam(mock) the following day.
I couldn't even bring myself to read anything.

During the exam day, I could not write anything in the exam hall because I kept flashing back to last night and wondering why such a respected man will do that.
I was a virgin and do not keep close male friends.

With the fear and the way I kept thinking I felt sick to my stomach.
After my exam, I got home that afternoon and did not meet him at home as usual.

I started packing my clothes ready to go back to my house because I couldn't live there any longer.
I was still in shock at the man's act.

I have some money with me, so I proceed with my short journey.
but as I got to the gate, he met me right at the gate and took me back inside.

His wife was not home from work.
He asked me why I was leaving, I opened up and told him that I was no more comfortable living with him.

He started begging me that it was the work of the devil that it won't happen again.

He told me that he didn't even know how he could do such when he has a beautiful and loving woman as a wife.

He broke down in front of me crying while still begging me not to go because of what happened.
He promised never to allow the devil to rule over him again.

I accepted and decided to stay.
He made me promise not to tell anyone about what happened.
He changed for few weeks but as time goes on he came back again.
This man would touch my breast and will always beg that he will not repeat it again.

And then it will happened again and again.

I got used to it and at a point I started wanting for more and I never told anyone about it...

I kept it all a secret because I was too shy or ashamed to say it out.

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