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The Love That Stood Like A Rock - Episode 1



The Love That Stood Like A Rock - Episode 1


 (Mrs. Suzzy's POV)

Mrs. Suzzy could be seen knitting at their sitting room, which stood dormant with only two chairs in the room. The room was not furnished as the only work of art in the room was two wooden chairs a stool and a table.

I sat down on one of the chairs and was busy knitting away an almost made cardigan, when Gang-Lim walked in.

"Omma (mum) I'm set for school." He announced to me.

"Hope you have eating your food on the table?" I said not raising my head from my work.

"Yes Omma (mum). How do I look? Common you know I got to look good today, it's my first day in school." He said when he sensed that my mind was not with him.

I raised my head and smiled apologetically and stared at him and smiled in satisfaction.

"Looking handsome as always. You take after your father, both in handsomeness and intelligence."
I said sadly.

"It's okay mom, dad would be happy wherever he is at having his own replica and at my success." He said and pecked me on the cheek, while I smiled sadly.
"Bye my son may the goddess of success be with you."

He rolled his eyes as his handsomeness was made evident. Gosh!! He so much takes after his father.

I smiled as I knew why he rolled his eyes, he despises Hinduism and whenever it is made reference of as he noted it all as bullshit.
But ironically I'm an ardent believer of the Hindu belief, because that was the an Indian and was raised in the way of the high spiritualism of the Indians culture. She respected the full rite of an Indian woman not minding that she was in a different country.

"Mum, I got to be going, I have to meet up with the school bus , since I don't have a bike yet."

"OK, but learn to stay away from trouble, because you are too strong headed and rascally." I said.

"I will mom. I cross my heart." He muttered and pecked me on the cheek a second time.

I watched as he hurried out of our little cottage while clutching unto his backpack in the process as he headed to catch-up with the bus.
Im a guy of twenty-one years, a handsome dude, who stood tall, slim, has a petite face, which looks ruby and a jet black hair that fell across my face, which makes me look super hot and overly handsome, with a perfect and crystaline set of perfect teeth.
I and my mother just arrived Korea, because I insisted on having my college education here here in Korea. I'm a troublesome guy, jovial, crazy and a bit loud as I do normally get myself into trouble. I'm equally a very good dancer and a good singer, as I have a dream of being a popular musician in the nearest future . I equally have a black belt in karate as I practice martial art more out of free will. One more thing I'm a guy who can get whatever I want not minding im not from the influential part of things but I have my ways.

I stood handsome as I wore a white polo and a black shirt over it which I left open and a black fitting pants , with a white trainers sneakers   and a black bandanna that I wore around my head to hold unto my hair that do fall across my face.

I jumped into the school  bus and located an empty seat  in the bus  and sat down because almost all the seats were occupied.

I sat down and a guy sitting close to me smiled at me and I smiled back.

I sat on the window side as I looked across the window as I saw vehicles and bikes speed past as the breeze raised my hairs a bit. I smiled naughtily, I have really missed Korea and it's environs, it has been five years now and everywhere still looked the same.

Today was my first day in Yeon Music and Modelling Academy. It is a popular school and I had dreamt of attending the school all through my life as it has been my lifetime goal. My mother had refused saying that India was more safer for us than Korea as it is not yet safe for us, after what occurred five years ago but I persisted and she later yielded and here I am om Korea and happily no one is yet to recognize me, as I have changed a lot over the years.

I was jolted out of my thoughts, when I heard a noise of struggling in the bus and I turned to see five guys harassing some of the girls who gathered around discussing.

I watched intently as one of the girls stood up and yelled out in anger  as they kept on disturbing the girls. She stood up and glared at the boys and said.

"You boys should leave us the ladies alone and be om your own, you rascals."

"We rascals?" One of the bullies asked.

"Yes, you boys should mind your business and stop poke nosing."

She said in an audacious manner, while the girls supported her, though quietly, without voicing out their words, because those guys were big time bullies.

"How dare you?"

The guy who looked like their leader said and pulled at her hair, she yelled in pains and shrieked out, another guy from behind made to spank her from behind but I held him from behind as his hands hanged in mid air as I stopped him from futher assault. One thing I hate in my life is bullying especially on someone who is so helpless against you.

"It's ok, you know?"
I said walking into the middle in a comical manner.

"Didn't your mother teach you to respect the female folks?"

I said smiling with the full aim of making them angry as I spoke out in my Indian intonation, which was very funny.

"Hey, bumpkin what's your business here?" The leader asked.

I smiled provocatively and wrapped my arm around the girl who they were bullying earliers shoulder in a funny way as I pouted my mouth and that drew laughter from all angle in the bus  as everyone's attention was drawed to us.

This made the guy who asked me the question to be reddened.

"You see this girls are weak and you shouldn't be hard on them, if you like any of them you let them know or I would help you out, than manhandling them badly."

He dropped another bomb and the faces of the guys reddened, while the girls chuckled.

"I can see you are tired of leaving." There leader said as he was really angry.

"How can I be tired of leaving when I'm only two decades old? Rather I would say you are the one tired of leaving because you look exactly like like my long dead Grandpa ."

I said again as it drawed laughter from the bus,even the driver chuckled on the wheel.

What happened the next moment was too fast for my eyes to follow as he hit me angrily on the face and I fell hardly to the floor of the bus .
The bullies laughed while the girls gasped sadly.

"" Aww!! That hurts."

I said as I and touched my face as I stood up.

" But what I said, was true, you look exactly like my dead Grandpa  who died in his............. "

I couldn't finish when, he attacked me with a jab a second time and I smiled wickedly, that was just the second opportunity I was looking for.

I dodged the blow and rammed a punch at his solar plexus which weakened me, immediately,as he fell in a heap.

"Do not let him go."

He yelled from the ground and they prepared for a fight.

"Do you wanna play game?"

 I said to the boys and they made to attack me immediately and I said.


I gave my backpack to one of the girls, which she gladly collected from me. I signalled them to attack and they rushed for me.

I dodged a kick from one of them and gave a front kick at one of them as I danced  around, funny enough i was fighting and dancing at the same time as every of my dance move was to dodge a punch a kick. I gave them a good beating as for each guy I would hit to the ground, i would say in my Indian mode of singing
 "Learn how to respect the girls."

Which would draw ceaseless laughter as everyone gathered to watch the fight. While the driver kept yelling for nothing to spoil on the bus but everyone ignored him..

I kept on displaying my wonderful reflexes as I danced around funnily while beating them. I kicked the final guy to the ground and placed my foot on his chest, while he stared helplessly on the ground.

The girls were so happy,  that they were hugging and tugging at me, which I enjoyed very well as I smiled naughtily, shaking my body to any touch that was do sensitive. They gathered around me, begging me to snap pictures with them in their phones, somewhere saying.

wow!! Such a cute and strong guy aww!!

 Handsome and such a funny guy.

 Are you in a relationship?

I only smiled as I enjoyed every bit of their accolades as some were still hugging me from behind, tickling me and all sorts of naughty plays as my body moved in rhythm to their touches.

They all gathered and posed as I took a picture with them all. In all this one of the girls stood aside staring at me, like she has never seen a cute guy before.

I later went back to my seat, the guy next to me smiled and said.

"You really hit them hard."

He said and I smiled.

"They deserve it."

I said and one thing led to the other were started discussing.

I turned around and found the beautiful damsel still staring at me.
I turned away and suddenly remembered something.

"Awww!! I disobeyed Omma (mom), I never stayed out of trouble."

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