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The Love That Stood Like A Rock - Episode6



The Love That Stood Like A Rock - Episode6




"Crazy fool." I muttered under my breath as I watched him make for the proud bitch.

I folded my hands  as I watched him roaming around her like a hawk, and I could sew frustration embroidered in her and seeing her resign made me laugh and smile at the same time.
"Wow!! I think this guy is getting somewhere and I drew closer to watch the" Clash of titans".


"Dear I'm tiring you out, but it's just to show you a figment of what you make me pass through, why don't you give love and feeling a try? I promise not to disappoint you." I said.

She looked at me contemplatively and suddenly shouted.
"You all are the same."
And turned walking of and I drawled my guitar , playing away my sorrows with the guitar. I left my bikes handle and climbed down. I played the guitar around her singing  the most emotional way, I have ever found myself do in my life.

 No matter what you have been through.
You still got a chance to prove the world wrong.
 Some have suffered worse, and they still stand to their feet.
And why would yours be different?
With our love come together.
We can conquer the world.

I would always stand by your side.
Why won't you throw the past behind?
And let's show the world what we got.
You are the dream of every man.
So make that right.

I followed up the song with my flawless control of the guitar  and the swirling of my feet, why I closed my eyes as I savored thr the memories of my song.
I didn't even know when a tears cascaded through my eyes, when I remembered all I have been through but covered it up with my jovial nature.
I thought she might have walked away as I never bothered her again, but I placed my solace on the song as I closed my eyes.

I opened my eyes to see the crowd gathered watching us.
Yes, she was still there and she was smiling at me as her eyes persistently locked on mine.
She smiled ome last time and walked away.
I sighed happily. One point scored, at least I had a huge effect on her today.
Everything is not to be rushed, I would allow things to follow its due process.
I would give her time to assimilate all of the content of my speech.
I ignored the crowd and hopped on my bike and drove away, still playing the guitar as I left my bike's handle, driving on it acrobatically.

Young-Bae approached me and patted my back, with a smile and whispered to me.
"Keep on trying, I got your back."
He muttered.
"Atleast I proved you wrong to an extent."
I said and he nodded.
"Lets see."
That was all he said and we both went to sit down on a paved way in the school road.

Man I got a question to ask you."
I told Young-Bae.
" What's that?"
He said showing some interest.
" Do you have a girlfriend?" I asked him.
" Oh!! Actually not............"
We were interrupted, when a group of boys approached us and we turned to know what's up.
Young-Bae looked forward and smiled. I think he knows who they are.
"Hey man!! You know why we are here?" One of the guys asked as they all were eyeing me dangerously.
I looked at their wonderful displayal of stupidity and I remembered something.
Oh Lala!! (Oh my God!!)
"So you were the guys I kicked their ass in the bus? Are you guys here for payback or what?"
I asked sitting down more comfortably.
"We got no time for your rubbish, we are just here to warn you to stay clear off that girl, she belongs to someone and that is the infallible Wang-Choi and any attempt on going for her again you will have yourself to blame.
Young-Bae suddenly started laughing  out loud  like a mad hyena. That I even wondered what was wrong?
"And what's that for and what's funny here?"
One of them asked him.

"You guys are really funny and please would you do us a favor of getting the fuck out of here? You Motherfuckers!!". He said and I couldn't help but chuckle.
One of them yelled and rushed for Young-Bae, but what followed up was a piercing cry that attracted passersby as Young-Bae got hold of his hands and twisted it and a snap was heard, as I was very sure that hand was fractured before Young-Bae let go off him with an evil grin .
"Who next has the nerve to come forward?" Young-Bae asked.
They looked from me to Young-Bae and said.
"We shall see, expect us soon."
And they scurried away with their wounded mate.
Surprisingly all through this I sat aloof as if nothing happened.

We both looked at each other and suddenly burst edge in to a hilarious laugh that that made those watching us all this while turn to give us a serious look.
We turned and gave each other a high five.


God my face is burning with jealousy and anger.
So he already has a crush on mt rival.
Though we are friends, but not that too close with her and I can see he is really warming his way in to her heart .
That smile that he gave her. That smile has so many meanings In it.
Dad got to hurry up or it would become too late for me to win him over.
God I'm feeling so jealous that I feel like dying, that bitch.
"Argghh!!! I screamed in anger.


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