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The Love That Stood Like A Rock - Episode4



The Love That Stood Like A Rock - Episode4



I went home, very enervated from the tour, we went outside the school .

That reminds me I had something to discuss with my dad.
I smiled, my dad had always wanted me to get into a relationship, with a guy and I have always been giving him excuses.
I now have someone I love right now and I'm gonna tell my dad about him and trust my dad, he is gonna do anything to make me happy.

But gosh!! me, why I'm I so gullible? Exactly a guy I got to know today I'm falling for again and he doesn't even know I exist.

But I always have my ways and I know what my dad can do, even if it entails on having him kidnapped to get his attention my dad would do that.
        Ooops!! It's almost 6pm 🕕 in the evening and my dad would be back anytime soon, I got to go prepare to meet him. I lazily got up from my bed and went to have a shower.
When I was through, I walked towards the mirror stand and let go off my towel, I smiled as I watched my naked self on the self on the mirror reflection.
     No wonder guys kill themselves to catch my attention. I muttered as I watched my flawless and well shaped body.

I settled up and applied lotion to my skin and got dressed up.

I wore a crop top and a bump short and walked out of my room and headed for the sitting room, because I was sure, he would be sitted in the sitting room resting after the days job, that's his normal routine and that's the best moment to ask him for a favor, because, he would be too tired to want to go into an argument with you, so he would just simply give in.
I walked down the stairs and true to my observations, he was in the sitting room resting.


I was In my room surfing through my Instagram page, as I smiled at the progress, I was making. I now almost have over five thousand followers on Instagram. I smiled happily at the increment in followers.
      I was still going through some things, when a message popped up into my phone and I minimized to go through the message and found out it was from Wang-Choi. I sighed in frustration and suddenly dropped my phone  on the bed.
       That guy really has been on my neck, for a long time now, gosh!! I hate him with passion.
           How can I go into a relationship with a guy that broke my friends heart  and now he has turned his attention to me. A pure and disgusting cassanova to the core.
        Then I remembered the guy who approached me today and introduced himself as Gang-Lim in the cafeteria today.
The guy is really cute and has this air of self confidence in him, which I liked, but he seems a kind of confused  and equally looks humorous, that I nearly laughed out in the cafeteria, if not that I meaned up and walked out of the cafeteria. He is really crazy . I thought in my mind.
Its not that I do not want to be in a relationship, but what happened to Hong-Kim still rings a bell .

Wang-Choi treated her like a slave and made her go through hell and several heart ♥ ache and heart break. One thing was that Hong-Kim had this problem of continuous shortage of blood due to high over flow of blood during menstruation and it always make her weak and prone to break down as she doesn't need stress and the littlest stress she would receive would send her fainting or collapsing. She fainted from time to time due to too much thinking on how to make her relationship with Gang-Lim work out, during that period the hospital was her second home

Now after breaking up with her, he now turns his attention to me Hong Kim's best friends. How can I accept such a beast?  Hong-Kim would just die of heart break.

But surprisingly, Hong-Kim hadn't still learnt as she still jumps from one cute guy to another and painfully, they always end up breaking her heart and she would end up crying for days for every of her break up.
Her heart is too fragile and weak.
She forgives easily, breaks down easily and can equally cry and smile, be happy and get frustrated easily.
She is a sweetheart and I wonder why guys still end up breaking her heart, she is not just lucky with relationships.

Even if im to go into a relationship, I'm gonna be picky and very careful.
"Mom, today was awesome." I said immediately, I got home.
"What happened in school son?" His mother asked.
"Omma (Mum) the school was a wow!! The school was nice and guess what Omma?"
"What's that?"
She asked.
"Just guess mom." I persisted.
"OK you fought in school today, I'm I right?" She said laughing .

U opened my eyes 👀 in shock as I thought I was busted, but when I saw her, I calmed down, she was only joking.
But what if she had known that her guess was correct?
     I rolled my eyes and frowned.
" oh!! Omma that's not fair, how can you guess such?"

"Because I know what you can at times."
"Come on mom that's not it."
I said Changing the topic.
"I saw a beautiful girl today and mom, I so much love and adore her."
I said smiling broadly.
"Hmm!! This is the first time I've heard you talk about a girl, the girl must really be very beautiful and alluring to attract your attention. U would really like to see her I'm person."
My mom said and I smiled.
"You will see her mom, precisely one of this days."
She smiled and happily touched my cheeks and I blushed red.

That reminds me, your uncle, already brought you the bike you requested for. It is packed outside the cottage, I'm surprised you didn't see it while coming in."
Ahhhhhhh!! I screamed happily and rushed outside to see the power bike packed outside with a helmet placed on it. It was all black and I smiled.
My uncle really knows the color I love, I love them black.
I hopped into the bike and wore the helmet. I drove round the vicinity, with the power bike. I so much love bikes, I prefer it to riding cars and one more thing, it has a GPS location.
Im gonna make my plans for tomorrow on how to go about LEE-DEOK-CHOON is mine.
I muttered seriously as I rode through the well tarred roads of Korea.


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