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The Love That Stood Like A Rock - Episode 9



The Love That Stood Like A Rock - Episode 9


The next day In school I was walking down the hallway, when I felt a hand pull me into the restroom.
I swirled round uncontrollably and was about to the ground. When I felt a hand grab me by the waist to prevent me from falling.
I looked up and it Lim (Gang-Lim, that's what I would be calling him henceforth)
In his attempt to prevent me from falling his hair fell across his eyes making him to look extremely cute.
He pulled me up and pinned me to the wall with his Noth hands placed on the wall and his face a bit over mine.
"HI princess."
He said, smiling.
"And why do you have to do that? That's not a gentleman's attitude."
I said.
"Never in the history of my life was I recorded a gentleman, but for your sake I might be one."
"You really embarrassed me yesterday's night."
I said changing the discussion.
"Jinja (really!!) then I'm sorry, but I must confess I love your parents."
He said and I couldn't help but  have my cheek go pink in embrassment after I remembered what happened yesterday's night.
"Oh!! Don't be embarrassed it's a great couples that still show affection to each other at their age should be envied, their love is really a pure and unadulterated one, like how ours would be in no distance time."
He said and I couldn't help but blush.
He looked into my eyes but all I could see from his cute gray eyes were affection and care that I couldn't help but shiver underneath.
I can't just wait for him to propose a second time, I'm falling madly for him.
"Lee-deok please, would you be my girlfriend?"
He said staring at me with his eyes pleading.
"Of course yes."
I muttered out and he jumped up so excitedly and carried me off the ground turning me around the restroom so happily.
After some time, he dropped me and stared at me unbelievably as all I could do was smile  and he engulfed me in a tight hug as his strawberry  cologne filled my nose.
"I promise never to disappoint you, be the brother you never had, a sister you never had, I would have opted to equally mention a best friend for you."
He said and I smiled staring at his lips  as he talked. All I could pray for was for him to kiss me right now, and to be frank this should be my first kiss if it occurs.
He looked at me me and I could feel his lips  drawing closer to mine and I couldn't help it but tilt my head forward as my heart beat rose in crescendo, until our lips interlocked.

The kiss was a blast, as I kissed him as if my life depended on it, I closed my eyes savoring this heavenly feeling. This was the first of its kind for me.
I couldn't let go as we kissed more deeply. Gosh!! His lips are so soft and juicy and to be frank, he kisses like a pro, only him knows how many girls that might have had this privilege.

We were still lost in the world of our own, when we heard the cracking of a voice and we turned and it was Young-Bae, shock was written all over his face, while Lim only smiled, while I looked at him without any shame.
He cleaned his eyes and said.
"Excuse me."
Ans walked away walking back the next minute saying.
"Are you guys for real?"
He asked and I said
"Of course."
And wrapped my hands around Lim's neck and engulfed him in another round of kiss, but a short one to be precise.
When we turned he was no longer on the door , he was already long gone, both I and Lim couldn't help but chuckle.


I can't just believe what I saw in the restroom.
Is it that she have accepted him and they have even shared a kiss .
Are they dating or what?
This Lim is something else, so he succeeded in breaking that girl.
Im happy for them though, but for me I'm not ready for any relationship whatsoever now.
I muttered walking down the hallway.


I can't just believe that she accepted me and we even shared a kiss.
The kiss was something else, as it shook my whole life.
God I'm so happy, I can't just believe that this is happening right now.

Wang-Choi here I come.

I pulled her, as we walked hand in hand talking happily, as she was telling me things about her.
"There is something I wanna tell you."
She said.
"What's that dear?"
I asked softly.
"Do you actually know that you are my first kiss?"
She said and I looked at her a bit surprised.
"Actually for me you are the second, but I would call you the first one, because the girl actually kissed me without my permission."
"But you kiss so well."
She said not believing me.
"Neither do you kiss badly at all."
I said grinning.

We were walking round the school environment, when i heard multiple voices shouting out from behind.
"Hey!! You, were are you going with her?"
I turned and it was Wang-Choi's boys looking at me in disdain with their hands placed in their pockets in uniform."


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