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The Love That Stood Like A Rock - Episode 8



The Love That Stood Like A Rock - Episode 8



I approached him with my guys. They pointed at him and I approached him.
He turned around and glanced at my boys and behaved as if none of us existed.
As he continued with the pebbles he was throwing up into the air.
What insolence!! I thought out in my mind.
The guy is damn cute and hot, even though it pains my heart to accept that fact.
I sat down beside him and clasped my hand on his shoulder.
He looked at me with a questioning look and I gave him a reassuring smile, though it was not from my heart.
"I'm Wang-choi."
I said fixing my eyes on him to know the effect, it would have on him, but he remained emotionless and only stared back at me.
"And you?"
"I'm Gang-Lim."
He replied.
"I'm not here to bandy words with you, I'm here for a trade and if you, can make good your opportunity, you will benefit immensely.
Everyone knows that Lee-deok belongs to me and............"
He made to interrupt me but I held up my hands, signaling for him to wait that I was not through.
" and from my findings you are after her. I don't have a problem with that, but let's make a deal. "
I said cunningly.
" What deal?"
He said raising his eyebrow.
"If you can make her tell you that, she loves you within three days, i would give you the sum of 100,000 won, but if you couldn't, I would have you tortured."
I said.
I could hear him whistle involuntarily.
"100,000 won? That is good."
He said nodding and I could tell immediately that he was the wretched type.
"OK, he nodded smiling.
" Very good, we shall meet here in the next two days."
I said and winked at him before walking away.
" Hey!! What's of your boys, they are a pain in the ass."
He shouted..
" I will call them off, they won't disturb you."
I said not looking at him and he chuckled.
And I regretted the promise I made to him.


I looked our od the window and everywhere was very dark, which signified that it was already night time.
I turned to Gang-Lim who was busy looking around my room, he had jumped in through the window.
"What are you doing here? And who told you my place?"
I said trying all my best to yell at him but what came out was a soft questioning voice.
"I came to see your beautiful face."
I said still looking around the room.
"What? At this time of the night? You have to go now, my parents might be downstairs."
I said trying to make him run off.
"Seriously? I would go see them."
He said and left my room running downstairs to the sitting room.
I ran after him and held him, drawing him back.
'You will see them some other time, not today please and meanwhile I haven't given you a response, so why see my parents?"
"Seriously? Then have my shirt, I would be coming to get it from your house tomorrow."
He said removing his shirt, which he handed over to me.
Revealing a well tonned body, well proportioned and an excellent abs, with a very tight sicks packs, which stood out like a rock.
" OH!!
I gasped as my eyes were lost in his excellent abs, I couldn't remove my eyes from his physique, everything seems so perfect about him.
" Do you like it? Have a feel of it."
He said encouraging me and I shamelessly ran my hands through his tight six packs and abs.
"Aww!! Your touch is so affectionate. It sparks like electricity."
He said moving away like an electrified person.
"Keep the cloth."
He said and ran downstairs and I pursued after him.

We ran downstairs to meet a scene that left me embassies.
My aged parents were busy kissing and cuddling and cuddling themselves in the sofa.
Gang-Lim stopped on his tracks and chuckled, while I rolled my eyes at my parents.
My parents turned sharply towards our direction in the stairs and saw me with the bare chested Gang-Lim.
"Awwn!! I'm sorry Omma and Appa for disturbing your lovely moment. It's just that I came to show Lee-deok my tight six packs."
He said revealing it his packs to the fullest and did like a person who was shy.
He hid away his face, and bowed out comically running  away from our house.
       My parents turned to each other and busted into laughter, while I stood at the stairs with Gang-Lim's shirt  embrassed

My parents embarrassed me before Gang-Lim and Gang-Lim embrassed me before my parents.


I drove through the night as what happened in Lee-deok's house played in my mind and I couldn't help but chuckle.
I never planned for all this, but I'm glad it happened.
And Lee-deok is becoming free with me.
Her parents are still making love at their age. I can't stop laughing .

Then I remembered the bet I placed with Wang-choi and I laughed out.
He really made a mistake, in two days time I will be 100,000 won richer.


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