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The Love That Stood Like A Rock - Episode 7



The Love That Stood Like A Rock - Episode 7




I was in a corner of the restroom, where Agnes cornered me and was making out with her.
Agnes is a well known bitch, who tosses herself on every cute guy, she could lay her hands on.
  We were still kissing desperately as waves of emotion busted in torrents, accompanied with waves of listening that surged through my whole being and I became a little rough.
I forcefully pinned her to the wall and fixed my hands on her boobs as I squeezed it so hard that I could feel her whimper underneath, as she moaned into my mouth in painful pleasure.
Im gonna make sure I fuck her hard like the bitch she is.
I was about yanking her crop top of her body, when my guys walked in looking scared and one of them injured.
II straightened up and buttoned up my almost stripped shirt, while Agnes shamelessly gave her hair and other parts of her body a touch.
My guys gave her a bad and deadly look.
I could tell that they hate her so much..
Why wouldn't they hate her? She might have even, flirted with some of them, if not all.
I wouldn't have settled for her, if not that I was badly in need to ease the tension underneath.
I haven't been able to have a bloody woman in flesh and blood for the past four days now, due to my tight schedule.
She smirked and left immediately after trying to pull me into a kiss which I resisted in front of my boys and pushed her away.

I'm really feeling ashamed now, what impression would my boys have of me after seeing me with the school whore.

I could hear one of them hiss in disgust, as she walked past.
"All this Shameless American Yankees, whites and all associated."
One if the guys said.

"Man what are you doing with that bitch? She is no good for you."
One of them said and I eyed him dangerously.
"That's none of your business, and why us he injured.?"
I said pointing to the injured one.
"I thought you wouldn't ask. Man there is this new guy in school that is almost at the verge of getting Lee-Deok-Choon, he is almost on her and from my point of view, it won't be long for him to have her attention, so we confronted him and this was the result. But I'm disappointed in you man, why we were out there fighting your course, you were here making out."
"That's impossible." I yelled ignoring his last speech, one of this days I'm gonna put him in the position he deserves, he has whined his mouth a lot.
"Believe it or not boss, it the truth. His name is Gang-Lim"

"You guys can fuck off I got to think."
I said and sat down, while I watch them leave.
I git my head so hard in frustration, that I felt my head go numb, but not came up, I cooled down and racked my brain for sometimes, until an idea popped up.
"I know it is impossible for her to agree to any guy, so let me make him a bait and know if he might make her succumb."
I walked out and approached Mt guys and called on them.
"Come show me where he is.". They all nodded and trailed behind me, as we marched for where he is.
There I saw him in the school paved road sitting under a shelter alone.

What my daughter told me to help her do is relatively hard, aigoo!! (gosh)
I have decided never to come in the way of the innocent abd helpless, after what happened four years ago.
Where I accused a young boy wrongly of stealing my daughters guitar , which was really false.
I was so blinded with anger at the level my daughter lowered herself and how vulnerable she made herself, if there be any cause for someone to try a kidnap on her.
I regretted my actions thereafter as the full meaning of what I did to that boy rang in my subconscious.
I have really tagged him a bad name and a bad view that would hunt him, if not forever.
 I have tried searching for him secretly without my daughters notice to right my wrongs, but from my secret findings, it was said he traveled out of the country with his mother.
And I'm still waiting for the day, I would set my eyes on him again, I would plead for his forgiveness, even if entails asking him to make a wish of anything I would do for him.
I don't know if he might forgive me so that this guilt would leave me, but I'm ready to give it a try.
And now my daughter is pushing me back to my gangster lifestyle in the past.
"God!! What should I do now? This girl always makes things difficult for me.
And I have already promised her.
I hope I'm doing the right thing, in my attempt to secure her happiness.

    (Lee-Deok-Choon's POV)

 I sat in my room quite lost in my own world as all I could picture in my mind was, Gang-Lims face.
I tried shaking off his mental picture from my mind but it keeps on popping back.
God I'm I really falling for this guy? For real?
As I felt the movement of his eyes, smiles and his winks, his dancing steps and all things about him seem suddenly so perfect to me.
To make matters worse, Hong Kim has a kind of instant liking for him, unlike how she dies towards other guys that were pestering me.
And she gave really been in my neck for me to settle down with him.

Oh!! My God what is all this? Is this how love is? For real?
Then love must be crazy and senseless, because I'm loosing my mind.
I was still on my bed lost in thought, when I felt a gush of wind rush into the room, I turned to see the window ajar and I heard someone whistling a popular tone on the window and I saw him sitting on the window with hands crossed.


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