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The Love That Stood Like A Rock - Episode 5



The Love That Stood Like A Rock - Episode 5



"Appa (Father) you are back?"
I asked my father as I was trudging down slowly from the staircase.
"Ne (yes) my princess , I'm back and as usual work is too hectic and tiring."
He said.
"Aww!! Appa it's a pity."
I said sitting down beside him.
"Yea dear, I wanna go inside and have some rest."
"Ahh!! Dad it's not fair, you didn't even bother asking me about school , you are too busy to care about your own daughter."
I said pouting my lips  and sulking, forming an angry face.
His face suddenly changed from that of tiredness to compassion.
" I'm sorry my princess, you know that I care for you above all things, since your mother passed away, you have always been my joy and everything I do is to make you happy and secured, so don't say that, it hurts me. I'm sorry how was school today?"
I smiled and sat on his laps not minding he was already tired out from work.
" Ahh!! Do you want to kill me? You are too heavy for daddy."
He yelled, I only chuckled and pointed to a picture of him carrying me on his laps when I was little.
" Dad I'm I no longer your little baby? You should still be carrying me as before."
"Jin your father is now an old man to be carrying a big lady like you, you are no longer a kid not anymore, you should go get yourself a boyfriend, who would help you with that, dad is now too old  for that."
I smiled happily as I got up from him and I could see him breath a sigh of relief and stretched himself.

I have really gotten the point that I needed, because I know he would invariably refer to a boyfriend whenever I'm tiring him out.
" You need to go have a watch on your weight. You are just too heavy, God my bones nearly suffered a fracture."
He lamented and I bursted out laughing  as I tried sitting on him again and he nearly shouted in horror and I left him alone.
"Dad I got something to tell you." I said still laughing.
"What's that? I hope you that is not one of your pranks to wear me out."
I frowned and he knew I was really serious now.
"What's that?"
He asked.
"Dad I found my Mr. Perfect today, I love him dad and since you have been disturbing me to bring my boyfriend to you, I think I have one now, but I have a problem dad."
"What is that and I would help you out, as far as you are ready to start up a relationship with someone."
I walked up to him and whispered to his ears and his eyes widened in shock.
"Come on dad."
I said and he nodded in agreement but I could tell that it was not from his heart ♥, and I smiled happily.
Thats my dad.


I hopped into my power bike, as I made my way to school, whistling a popular music to myself as I felt the breeze whiz past me and I was really enjoying the tingling effect, it was having on my ear.
I drove to the school and parked up. I smiled in appreciation after checking myself out, and I made my way in.

I saw Younh-Bae sitting alone with a Bluetooth headphone  slung over his ear 👂 as he nodded to the music he was hearing.
        A realization suddenly hit me, Younh-Bae have never told me about about his girlfriend though we just met yesterday, but I know he would have told me, if he had one.
I will ask him later.
    I approached him and touched him gently, he turned to me and smiled wryly, he removed the headphone  and clugged it to his neck.
"Hi man, how are you doing?"
"Just great, I got something to show you."
I said and dragged him outside.

Wow!! This is beautiful, I love the bike, what a nice baby you got."
He said touching some part of the bike."

We were still talking when Lee-Deok-Choon walked past us and I smiled, while Younh-Bae turned to me equally smiling, probably about what happened yesterday.

"Watch me."
I said as I drawed my guitar  and hopped into my bike and rode towards her, while Young-Bae sighed in frustration.

"HI pretty, what's the problem and why do you look sad this beautiful morning?"
I said sweetly, while she just muttered something under her breath which I grasped as.
"You again."
She ignored me and continued walking.
"Do you care for a ride?" I said still going after her.
She paused and stared at me for some seconds and walked away.
I shrugged and still continued going after her with my bike.
I could see she was tiring out and getting frustrated with my continuous disturbance.
I smiled now is the best time to get her, her pride is a bit low now and she could do anything to have you away from her back.


I was looking for Hong Kim to tell her more about the all nights girls party that, we would be having in my house, when the guy that approached me yesterday, started pestering me again.
He followed me around, with his bike asking me frustrating  questions that really tired me out.
I kept on ignoring him, but I can't take it anymore, let him say what he wants to say and fuck off.


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