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The Love That Stood Like A Rock - Episode 3



The Love That Stood Like A Rock - Episode 3


       (YOUNG - BAE'S POV)
I can see Gang-lim really likes her.

Lee-Deok-Choon is a very hard girl to get, Woo-Choi, can attest to that.

Wang-Choi is a very handsome, cute, the school richest guy and equally a rude guy. That sends girls screaming just at the mention of his name but when it came to Lee-Deok's own part it became the opposite part as she turned him down over and over again.

Many other guys had tried but she gave no one a listening  ear.
Wang-Choi had persisted on but all seems like pouring water on the back of a duck. His aggressiveness had even shyed away some of the weaker and less influential guys as they do normally get beating by Woo-Choi and his guys.

I once had a crush on her, but had to put my emotions in check to avoid stories that touches the heart . She is Infact the hottest girl in school , seconded by Woo Jin-Chun. And as if on par both of them are snubbish and doesn't give guys any attention. The reason for their character, i don't know and Gang-lim is trying to put himself into the record of those she snubbed, i wish him good luck and hope he comes out in one piece.

"Who is she?" He asked me a second time.

"Do you really want to know her?"

I asked him and he impatiently eyed me.

"Jin-ja (really)" I said again but the seeming loquacious guy didn't reply me and I turned to him and said.

"Her name is Lee-Deok-Choon, she is the daughter of a local manager in a company. She is a not that rich or poor, they are just comfortable, but I would advise you to be very careful with her, because my observation you, you are very stubborn and strong headed."

"So where does she normally stay, when she is like free." He asked me ignoring what I told him earlier.

"You can find her I'm the cafeteria, but I would advise you not to do anything that might disgrace you in front of everyone in the cafeteria." I told him.

"All this protocols about her? Is she a ghost  a beast or a devil or what? Enough of the bullshit."

He said as a frown  crossed his cute face.

"Bullshit right?" I said and smiled, whiling tucking my two hands into my pockets.

      (GANG-LIM' POV)

Young-Bae is just allover me trying to discourage, when I haven't even said I was going for her, it came even to a point I got really pissed of and had to tell him to the face .
For pissing me of im going for her now, he can go to hell for all I care.

I walked towards the cafeteria, and Young-Bae trailed behind me and true to his words I saw Lee-Deok chatting with her friend, that I saw her with previously.

I sat on one of the chairs available for students, with Junior-Bae and ordered just for pizza as I really needed to save up money  till I get a job here.

That reminds me, I would ask Young-Bae, to know if he can help me find a vacancy for any work as a janitor a waiter and a cleaner.

I sat down observing her, the way she talks and smiles at any funny thing spoken made me love her the, I watched her gently wipe off a strand of hair obstructing her view with her finger and you know what? Fuck Young-Bae. I must do anything to have her. I have never felt like this for any girl .

I looked up at Young-Bae and signaled him that I was about to go talk with her, he only shrugged and said nothing as he still maintained that his, i pity you, smiles.

I sat up and went over to their table and smiled at the both of them.

They were looking at me quizzically.

"Can I seat with you ladies ple......ase?"

I said stressing on the word (please)  with my most charming smile ever.

Her friend stared at me as I could see her friend was really admiring me.

Her friend nodded and I sat down, but Lee-Deok behaved as if I never existed as, she suddenly focused on her phone .

The table became quiet suddenly and I was a kind of a bit uncomfortable and nervous.

I could feel Young-Bae staring at me, I'm sure he might be laughing  his ass out now.

Even the urge to start up a discussion was lost as I suddenly became nervous.
Gosh!! This is unlike me, is this really me? I thought as my mind raced on how to start up a conversation.

       (Young-Bae's POV)
I have been looking at Lim and his sheer displayal of stupidity. Even if he wants to go for her can't he just plan out things.

He has gone over to them, I'm hoping to see the magic occur. If not I will mock him to no end, trust me I'm very good in that.
(Gang-Lim's POV)
One of the things, I hate in my life is an awkward silence and an inability to be on control of a situation, because it throws me off balance.

"HI." I said smiling to her friend, who at least gave me audience and she smiled back jovially. She is such a darling or so I thought .

"Hi." I equally said to the busy Lee-Deok and she only waved her hands and her attention returned to the phone  she was going through.

"Actually, I wanna talk with you." I said to Lee-Deok.

"Good on then." She said her whole attention, still on the phone .

"Deok that's not fair, you should at least drop the phone and listen to what he has to say."

Her friend, who I later knew her name as Hong Kim said.

She said and I smiled at her appreciatively, which she replied with a chuckle, which had many meaning in it, which I defined myself as" Do not glory yet"
"OK, right what do you have to say?"

She said dropping the phone after giving her friend, Hong Kim a glare.

I smiled nervously.

"I'm Gang-Lim and from my findings about you, you are Lee-Deok right?"

Which she nodded to.

"I have actually been seeing you for a while and I must say I love every inch of your perfect body, I would love to be your friend and equally a partner to rob a bank." I said smiling coyly as I felt my real self coming back and I continued.

"I would like going some interesting places with you during summer holidays, like; Dubai, Massachusetts, no!! no!! The both are costly, Switzerland and New York would be good, but oops!! It's very far away, what of Hong Kong and......."

All this while I was speaking, she was staring at me as if I had gone nuts.
She picked up her phone and turned to me saying.

" You are the most confused and crazy  person I have ever come across in my life time, your approach sucks, Wang-Choi is far better. Kim you can remain here if you wish, I'm outta here."

She muttered loudly and hastily left, her friend followed her up immediately, she gave me a reassuring smile and hurried upto the already departing lady

The whole students in the cafeteria, were giggling from mouth to mouth and, i could swear I heard Young-Bae laugh  out.

I was still wondering where I went wrong in my discussion with her, when Young-Bae approached me with a smile that spoke volumes.

"Didn't I tell you right from the start, you are just lucky, she never replied you as she normally does, of not from today you would dread this Cafeteria as it would remind you of an unpleasant experience."

"You never told me that she is this insulting and rude."

I said cleaning the sweat that gathered in my forehead.

"That I didn't tell you? What about the bullshit? Does it ring a bell ?" He said, i know he is trying to get back at me and I'm not gonna give him that chance. I manned up immediately and said.

"I don't care, I would keep on trying, I have many ways necessary for me. If words doesn't help out, others might help out, just watch out"

I said smiling.

       (Young-Bae's POV)

Not minding the insult, he received in front of everyone, he still persists on going after her. That's good and great, she is quite an interesting character. Let me watch and see as the drama unfolds.

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