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The Love That Stood Like A Rock - Episode 2



The Love That Stood Like A Rock - Episode 2


I walked out of the school bus  as my mind was occupied. The guy who fought off those bullies, is quite a handsome dude. It has really been a long time, I felt like this for anyone as I watched him and how he beat up those guys, while dancing like a model, made me remember, the incident that occurred five years ago in a street where I saw a boy of my age dancing  so skillfully on the street, with his hands fumbling his guitar  wildly, i was so drawn and intoxicated with the young boy that I had to order my driver to stop and I joined him in the dancing, that day was the happiest day of my life, because I really thought I found love, my feelings for him grew that day as I saw him dance so innocently. But everything came to an abrupt and painful ending, when my father arrived from the blues and had him beating up and accused him of stealing a guitar from me which in reality rightfully belongs to him.

I shouted out wildly that it was a lie, but no one listened to me, I was forcefully bundled into car  as I watched the innocent boy beating up and he was in tears  and still yet stubbornly resisted the guards, not minding that he was not their match..

AAfter that faithful day, I never knew of his whereabouts, and from my investigation, it was rumored, he traveled out of their place, because of the stigma of people acknowledging them as criminals.

I vowed not to love another man except him. I was the reason for all his troubles, I know that it might seem more of pity, but there is more to it than just pity. All I pray is for him to come back and for me to set my sight on him again. I have been on my own since then, as many rich, popular, handsome and influential business men and models had flooded around me like a fly but I ignored them all.

I don't know if our little dance and play really meant anything to him, but it meant a lot to me. I have been searching for him, for the past five years now but to no avail, just because of one crazy street dance, but I love him.

 Every two days, I always go to the street we're I met him to spend quality time reminiscing about him and praying he comes back.

The same way I felt that very day is how I felt now after seeing what transpired in the bus . His handsomeness, actions, moves, smiles, and naughtiness really connotes with that guy, I met in the street, that I never knew his name. Isn't that madness? A one day stand left you faithful to an invisible guy for five years.

I got down from the school bus rattling and speaking with my new found friend, who I later knew as Young-Bae. We chatted as I got to know a few things about the school.

"The school is more for the rich than the poor."

He said and I chuckled.

"And which category do you belong?"
. I asked smirking and he turned looking at me in a funny way.

"Actually I'm from the reach side of the mentioned, i do normally come to school with my car , but today is a whole different because, some of us in the bus has a trip to embark on, it is more of an excursion on the modeling world." Young-Bae explained to me.
" Ohhh!! So that is it?" I said.
" So what about you." He asked.
" Actually we came from different worlds, im from the poor side but guess what?" I said.

" What's that?" He asked in expectation.

" I don't care, if I'm poor, what the rich can do, I can do even more better. I can get whatever I want without any limitations."

I said proudly and started dancing around, sliding through two talking people, bumping into people and saying sorry  and smiling ☺ in the most happy way, while Young-Bae stood smiling at me, soon my dancing  drew the people as they gathered around watching me and cheering me.

You can trust Indian brought ups on that. I danced quite skillfully, twisting, swaggering, sliding and dancing in the most crazy, but beautiful dancing steps I could muster.
       One thing about me is that I love drawing attention to myself a lot and I think I have what it takes to make that happen. I'm a crazy guy and quite easy going but surprisingly instead of my crazy lifestyle to rebuff the girls from me, it instead draws them to me.
I continued my dancing, that has already drawn more than half of the students outside, as I used the words I CAN NEVER BE LIMITED to start up a song, that sent the whole school  swirling.
I watched as the new friend, I made in the bus danced around, this guy is really crazy. He started dancing from a small chat that we picked up. But I must confess that he is a superb dancer  and a beautiful singer, as it equally rhymes with his pop-star wears and moves.

But that is enough he has drawn enough crowd and it is disorganising the school, i thought.

I went to the middle of the crowd he was dancing and dragged him out. I could hear sounds of
Ohhh!! And other disappointing sounds from the students as I drawed him out.
"Dude you are one crazy guy." I said ad I held unto him, while he trailed behind and the crowd of students were still watching the both of us.

"Yea, I'm one crazy dude, that you can never have a friend like."

Gang-Lim said and immediately wanted to start another another singing and dancing session, with that word CRAZY that I used on him and I forcefully closed his mouth, with my palm, and he bit me on the palm, I jerked my hand away from his mouth immediately and that drawed laughter from the crowd observing  us.
He rolled his eyes  and smirked and said.
"I wish, I bit out blood."

That angered me a bit, but I succeeded in drawing him to the building.
     I must confess Im beginning to like the guy. I'm a crazy guy myself, but my madness is like kindness when compared to him.
The more of the reason I like him is because, he seems adventurous and can take risks, break protocols and thread on the Netherlands to get what he wants.
           I would try him out." I smiled cunningly still pulling him.
God how people do behave alike.
I muttered as I watched him dancing in the school.
I don't just know what I got for guys that are good in dancing.
His steps are timed moving in a rhythmic flow and at the appropriate time, like the god of music . Wow!! I think om already falling for this guy. No!! I shouted in my mind. I belong to the guy that I met in the street.
But gherkin words came weakly as my thoughts and adoration for this new guy grew madly.
        (GANG-LIM'S POV)
This guy is such a joy breaker. How can he stop me from entertaining ghost people, my mind raced as he kept on dragging me. I always feel like a celebrity, whenever people gather around me, to watch me do something. It makes me perform my best.
I loved that bite I gave him, that serves him right. I chuckled.

Young-Bae was still pulling me, when I saw two ladies passing as they discussed in careless abandonment.

Aigoo!! (Gosh!!) the girl is so beautiful. I thought out as I suddenly forcefully stopped on my tracks as I kept on staring at the girl blindly with my mouth agape.
          The girl is an epitome of beauty, she is tall slim has an aquailine nose  and gosh!! She is beyond description as her beauty stood unparalled  in the multi universe.
Young-Bae paused and trailed my eyes to the girl and chuckled.
"Dude for the sake of your life and to enjoy your stay here, stay clear off that girl."
Young-Bae said but I ignored what he said and asked him.

"Who is she?"

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