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The Love That Stood Like A Rock - Episode 14



The Love That Stood Like A Rock - Episode 14



I made for him, with the whole venom, I could muster, before even anyone could react I was already at his forefront with a left jab coming his way, with an intersection of an Uppercut, with my right hand.
What occurred the next moment moment shocked the hell outta me, as he dodged all my attacks in a clean swipe and left a well moulded fist hanging on the bridge of my nose, which signified that he could have punched  but he withheld.

Not allowing that to deter me, I knocked off his hands and leveled a supersonic punch at him, but he folded his fist in a scissors like manner and deflected the punch, while I stumbled back to regain my posture.

While all this was going, I had understood onething. He was fighting back in self defense and wasn't even attacking me.
What if he really meant business to attack me, can I stand a second with him in  a direct clash? Yet he is an old man.

I ran in a calculated speed and toppled up in the air landing with a flying kick, which he waved away with the back of his hands and watched me tumble forward.

Shit!! My anger was now gently making way into desperation. Can't I just kandy one fucking punch at this old wizard in retaliation for all the pains, he had caused me?.

I made to attack him a second time but Young-Bae Young-Bae held me firmly.
"What is wrong with you? Have you gone nuts? Behave yourself man."
He said shaking me vigorously.

Well since, he had decided not to mind his business, no problem.
I thought in my mind, determined to atleast deliver a punch to someone's face and Young-Bae was quite the nearest person and he had to bear my transfer of aggression.

I wrestled myself free from his vice like grip and landed a heavy punch to his face and he fell to the ground, holding his face.

I turned to Jin's father looking at him with tears in my eyes.
"What is it son? Why attacking me? What did you say I did to you and your mother?"

He suddenly paused and looked at me intently, but I could see that he was a bit confused, as I could see that he was not that sure with his words.

"Can you remember four years back? That street boy you had beating and accused of stealing your daughter's guitar ?"
I asked breathing heavily, as I broke down crying, for the first time in my whole miserable Twenty years of age.

He flashed his mouth open in shock and Jin rushed over to me and hugged me as she her self broke down in tears .
Chairman Chun sat down on the ground in frustration and I could see that only a thin layer of cotton prevented him from crying like a baby  as I could see regrets, remorse, pain and above all a show that he was really sorry.

Like a flash all my pains, anger, animosity and hatred disappeared as I could see that revenge was not really what I wanted, but for him to have a show of remorse for his wicked actions.

It then dawned on me that Jin was that pretty girl, that I danced with on the street, that tragic day and I couldn't help but feel sorry for her.
I'd I had known her earlier, before I knew Lee-Deok, it would have worked out wholly but my heart belongs to another.

Chairman Chun walked up to me and squatted at my front and kissed the back of my hands and heaved in self resignation and satisfaction.

"I have actually wronged an innocent boy twice. At both times trying to deny him of the attention of the two women, he had come to terms with. I had always been praying  to help me right my wrongs against you. But instead of righting them, I made things worse.
Just tell me one thing you need from me and I would gladly do it for you. Even if it means giving up my wealth for you and going to live as a monk in a monastery, I will gladly do that to atone for my sins against you and your mother. "

While all of this was going on. Lee-Deok and Young-bae were staring bewildered at the drama unfolding in their presence.

Jin-Chun let go off me and stared at me in the eyes and pecked me on the lips . I didn't do anything to stop her.

" I have looked around for you in all ways necessary but couldn't find you as you seem lost.
I kept myself for you. Though not minding if that our street escapade meant anything to you.
I promised myself to wait till I can see you, but the irony of it was that I never knew that the guy that saved us in the bus was the gut I was looking all around Korea for,though I felt the connection.
I made a vow to let you be if I found that you were in a relationship and I can see you are really in love. I'm so sorry."
She said lastly looking at Lee-Deok.

Lee-Deok rushed forward and hugged her tightly. As she comforted her.

All this while, I just stood crying silently as I saw that I was not the only one in pain on what happened four years ago.
I had rejection and lack. While Chairman Chun had regrets and pain. While Jin-Chun had loneliness and lack of care from the one she loved and I would say hers is the worst, because live is a very mad feeling.

I looked at them both and smiled.
"I forgive you sir."
I muttered.

I beckoned on Jin and she came forward and I enveloped her in a hug, while she continued crying.
"It is okay. You will find someone you love. Why don't you try out my friend Young-bae, I think he has something for you."

I said and she looked at me in surprise and I could swear I saw her eyes shining and I was surprised.


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