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The Love That Stood Like A Rock - Episode 13



The Love That Stood Like A Rock - Episode 13



I and Young-Bae drove through the the heaven on earth called chairman Chun villa.
The place was really exotic, but I was not there for site seeing but for an emergency, for duty calls.
I throttled the bike driving in a very high speed like a maniac, with Young-Bae on the carrier.
Immediately I reached the gate of the villa, I was surprised that the gate stood ajar, which means, that they were long expecting us.
I rode in without any care in the world. Immediately we we drove in guards numbering in their fifties stood in a line, in preparation for a combat.
They were all in a black suit and spectacles looking quite tough.
     Then what Wang-Choi told me flashed in my mind, about the Chairman Chun, wanting me to fight my way into the building.
Well, I came prepared and so is Young-Bae, even I alone is enough to beat those fifty men  not to talk of when an equally strong and powerful aid like Young-Bae is available.
I had learnt the hard way when, I tried starting a mock fight with Young-Bae, back at his place to ascertain his strength  and to know, if he had What it takes to come with me. But I was dumbfounded because, our martial art skill was completely on par, without anyone beating each other.
He had later confided in me that his father was one time a martial art instructor, so he had learnt martial art, right from childhood.
  Well, we had a chance because, I knew the guards were all muscles and no brain, so they would be easily handles.
       Young-Bae jumped off the bike  while I continued riding towards guards.
     The guards attacked me and the fight clashed out.
I made a fast drive with my bike towards a guard, nearing him, I matched the brake pads in a full slam, pulling the front part of the bike in the process and released the clutch and the front tyre rammed into the guards face sending him staggering, while I zoomed past him.

Young-Bae had already swung into action, fighting like a demon possessed person. Breaking bones and knocking out the guards in the most grotesque way.
He drove a hook punch  at a guard  and that caught the guard in the chin drawing blood in the process, using the injured guard as a pivot, he jumped high into the air and landed a two legged dropkick at two approaching guards.
He made a forward roll on the same succession and made a feeble leap in the air, rendering a world asundering superman punch  at a guard. I could swear that the punch knocked the guard cold , as he summersaulted involuntarily in the air and landed motionless on the ground.
          I was still lost watching the scene of Young-Bae displaying his martial stunts, that I didn't know when, i received a brain reformatting punch at my face that I nearly reeled off the bike, but I jumped off the moving bike and the guards numbering in their fifteen surrounded me.

Well, I never waited for them to attack me as I reciprocated the favor time around.
I made a tornado kick at one of them launching him out of the circle of men. I launched a double sweep kicks at a guard, who fell helpless to the ground. I rolled away immediately as the incoming guards attacked me with multiple triple kicks.
    I dodged, rolled, kicked, and punched, that I  a matter of minutes all the guards were on the ground.
I met my stop at the last guard, who I finished up, when I charged at him and arrowed  myself in the air striking him down with a side spear.

       (jIN-CHUN'S POV)

I was at the site out of my house, watching the fight that was going on.
Lee-Deok had excitedly ran out of the to join me in the balcony and had been jumping up and down in happiness and ecstasy, since she sighted Lee-Deok and Young-Bae.
    I never knew Young-Bae was really this strong  as I watched him make mince meat of the guards.
I have always known him as a quiet boy, who had no time for girls.
      After Gang-Lim, I would say he is the guy  I would like to date if my tussle with Gang-Lim doesn't work out.
I just have this nagging feeling that I can never get GANG-LIM'S attention and love.


Wow!! Wow!!
A voice resounded and I turned to aww an advanced man dressed in a military attire.
He looked ruby and very handsome and energetic for his age.
He looked familiar to me and in a flash I recognized him.
"This same show of strength displayal was the same thing Jim's mother, saw in me that made her fall in love with me. Young man you are really a lion and I deem you overly fit for my daughter, including this badass friend of yours."
He said his eyes gleaming in admiration for Young-Bae.
I could tell that at that instant that his eyes were more on Young-Bae, who showed more ruthlessness during the fight.
But i saw him stare out helplessly as her daughter already made a choice of me a long time ago and he could not stand in her way.

All this things he were saying were baldersh to me, this same picture of a man, who accused him publicly on the street of theft,exposing he and his mother to public ridicule, they left their only room homeless and in lack of shelter appeared in his minds eyes.
"So you were the man? So you were the man who made I ans my mother so miserable and pained?"
I said in anger as I suddenly attacked him.


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