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The Love That Stood Like A Rock - Episode 12



The Love That Stood Like A Rock - Episode 12


I had picked picked myself up after that incident and manned up, this is not the time to shed tears  like a woman, but trace the roots of the problem.

My prime suspect now was, Wang-Choi and I had to go confront him and it had to be immediately before things goes further south and becomes too late.

I approached Young-Bae and explained everything to him and equally asked for his help. He was really angry and unpleasantly surprised, that he promised to aid me in my search for those who abducted Lee-Deok.

We settled for Wang-Choi as our first man to be interrogated and we made for his house.

Immediately we arrived his house Wang-Choi came out smiling.

"Welcome, welcome!! To whom do I owe this surprise visit to?"

He asked smiling. And I could swear that mockery was coated in that smile of his.

I didn't reply him but kept mute, with my hands folded to my chest, while Young-Bae did the talking, because I knew I might lose my cool and do something drastic, if I continue seeing that smiling  stupid face of his at any point in time.

"Wang-Choi where is Lee-Deok? Do not tell us you do not know, where she is because every accusation points  at you."

Young-Bae said very seriously.

"Well what proof do you have? And what if I say I know nothing about this?"

He said grinning .

"We are not here for the proof but for the fact."

I voiced out angrily, as green veins bulged out from my forehead.

"Its enough Gang-Lim, to you Wang-Choi, we are not saying you are the one but if you have any knowledge or lead to this please do well to tell us."

Young-Bae said sincerely as he decided to thread the path of gentleness and that really melted Wang-Choi.

" Well I think i know something."

He said and my face twitched up in hope and excitement.

" OK let me begin with this. Gang-Lim could you remember some of the events that occurred on your first day in school in the school bus ?"

He asked and I nodded.

" You were engaged in a fight right?"

And I nodded in agreement.

"That was where this whole abduction plan was birthed, that very day in the bus, your fight in that very day in the bus won a place in the heart of overlord to all gangsters daughter by name Jin-Chun and she swore to make you hers and seeing Lee-Deok as her stumbling block to get your attention, she decided to have her kidnapped and instead make her the bait that would lure you to their den, because they know you would do anything to have her back.

"Who is this Jin-Chun?"

I asked Young-Bae..

"She was one of those girls you saved from the hands of Wang-Chois ass kickers."

Young-Bae said and my mind had a rewind as a picture of that overly beautiful girl, who was staring at me intently at the bus appeared.

Wang-Choi was all the while chuckling and said nothing.

" One more thing."

He said.

" Chairman Chun, Jin-Chun's father really wants to have the ability and prowess of his son-in-law to be, so you are gonna fight your way into the castle ."

He said laughing and shaking his head in pity.

I have heard enough, I hopped into my bike, with Young-Bae, we were about to leave when, Wang-Choi turned to us and said.

" I wish you guys good luck. I wish I could right my wrongs to someone who in reality loved me but I fucked her up."

He said and we turned in surprise to see he was really serious and emotional.

"Good right your wrongs man, its not too late."

I said and drive off with speed in preparation to head for the villa of the popular chairman Chun to go save my love.


The helicopter  landed at a very huge mansion, that was more like  a presidential villa, the place was very huge and massive, with a swimming pool  at the far end of the spacious environment.

I must really say I like the place but the urgency of my and the reason of my being here made all this wonders of the world look like more of  a rubbish to me.
"What I'm I doing here?"

Was what I kept asking myself

They led me to one of the buildings in the house and I was brought to a room ans the guard  told me that this would be my room for the meantime and I was really wowed,!! Because the room was approximately four times the size of my room and very fanciful and well furnished as it looked all girly. It was painted in an all pink and everything in the room was all pink.

I was still checking out the room, when the last person I expected to see walked in and it was Jin-Chun.

I turned looking at her and she was all smiles.

"So you were the one behind all this."

I asked not believing it and she only chuckled.

"Of course yes."

She said.

"What did I do wrong?"

"All you did wrong was going after my man Gang-Lim. I trust he would be here soon. You might wear my clothes, shoes, make use of any of my things, but we can't share Gang-Lim."

She said and I made after her in anger, trying to fight her, but the guards held me back, pleading for me to take it easy.

" Gang-Lim would come here to save me, watchout!!"

I shouted and slumped to the bed exhausted.

" Lets see. "

That was a she said and walked off rolling her little butts.


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