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The Love That Stood Like A Rock - Episode 11



The Love That Stood Like A Rock - Episode 11




I raised my two hands a bit above my head to avoid stories that touches the heart.

He signaled one of his boys to go collect the money.

I was really bitter in my heart, because I never knew, he had an ulterior motive. I swore in my heart to get the money come what may.

One of them came closer and was almost at the verge of picking up the money, when i swung into action and luckily the money picker was directly facing me.
He bent down and that was a perfect calculation for me and a bug time mistake for the young man.

I followed his movement and ducked in the same succession with him in a speed of light and rammed a headbutt to him and I could feel the guy loose momentum due to the impact of the headbutt but I, steadied him with my hands in the same flow of speed and picked up the money .

I forcefully spunned the in front of me to act as a shield between me and the gun wielding, Wang-Choi,wrapping my hands on his neck.

"I'm a perfect game player, you really overestimated your self and that was your doom and here is the result of your senseless pride."
I said tucking the money bundle to my pocket.

My words really got him infuriated that, he pulled the trigger in anger and off it went.
As luck may have it, the bullet lunged deeply into the arm of the guy I was holdings arm, making him to scream so loudly in an unfathomable pain.

I myself was really shocked as I never expected him to pull the trigger, because I thought it was all a game to make me afraid.

Wang-Choi opened his mouth in shock as he never knew when he pulled the trigger, but that was all in vain because he was already, irrevocably committed.

His fellow guys all turned their attention to Wang-Choi, who was busy looking at the gun  he used.

The guy was still groaning as blood was sipping out in torrents, but I didn't let go off him as I still held him firmly to avoid stories that touches the heart.

In the next two minutes, reporters and the police filled the whole school premises, and like a flash we all picked up a race, some jumped in to their car , while I drove out with my bike in a blinding speed to avoid being linked with any of the matter.

Atleast I still have the money and lee-deok's love.
I said whispering to myself.


Oh my goodness!!! What have I gotten myself into? Cursed be the day I met that ass hole called Gang-Lim.

The police are now on my trail, due to the fact, I shot that careless fool, who can't just complete a simple task of picking up something.

Im in a deep mess now. I have to go tell my dad to help fix the mess.

Well I will leave Lee-deok and the  guy alone for the meantime.
It really pains me that I lost in my own game, due to my carelessness and over confidence.
On my whole life with never knew that Lee-deok could fall for a man so simply.
That really got me thinking.

Let it just be that I lost in this game, but I promise not to lose in another, I promise.
I lay my case.


Gang-Lim and Lee-deok had been moving along so sweetly over the past two months and things were very smooth as both parents of the got to know each other the more and they approved of the relationship, especially Gang-Lim's mother who loved Lee-deok so much that, she doesn't just play with the name Lee-deok.

There love life had blossomed over the months as they could be seen on the barbeach, party places or seen on the bike touring on the road like couples as they salvaged their love life.

Yong-Bar had continued being the perfect friend so far so good.

       Not until one day


I and Lee-deok had planned on going for a ride through the road with my bike, as it has almost been two weeks since we went touring on the streets.

We hopped into the bike ready to go as, i wore a helmet and equally gave her a spare helmet for protection.

I turned to her and smiled, saying.
"Are you ready? Do you wanna have it smooth or rough?"
I said jokingly.
"I'm ready sweetie, I need it rough, she said wrapping her hands around my stomach region.
" Like seriously?"
" Yap" she said.

I throttled the bike and sped off in a high speed, I was moving past cars in a blinding speed, negotiating bends and twirling and matching the break when necessary.

She laughed out a loud as I rode speedily and I could swear my stomach was filled with joy and inner satisfaction as she laughed were I thought she might be afraid,i saw he was really enjoying the ride.

She pulled off her helmet and bent low kissing me on the neck and that really caught me as my whole blood nearly gushed into my sword-word, but I kept a straight head to avoid a road accident or so I thought.
"Sweetie you are tormenting me please stop."
I said and she laughed out happily.


They both were so lost in the riverie of their own world and love to notice a helicopter spinning above them midair as a hefty man in an all black attire stood poised with a sniper rifle at the forefront of the of the helicopter.

The helicopter stood sentry mid air, while the man in black who complimented it with a black spectacles , took the sniper rifles pointer pass two love birds head down to the Tyre of the bike, after a period of well sorted out target , he shot out the bullet. Kindly hi omeano on+233544142683 to be added to his story room to enjoy more episodes from there.
The slug hit the front Tyre of the bike and spunned the bike violently, throwing the bike off balance, coupled with the fact that they were in a high speed.

Making Gang-Lim's to lose control of the bike and the bike threw Lee-deok out of the bike and due to the fact that Gang-Lim was at the front of the bike trying to steady it, his leg got stuck to the bike and couldn't let go as the bike was still rotating on the ground and moving at an uncontrollable speed.
Gang-Lim shouted as the bike was still rolling him on the ground violently and equally transporting him at a terrible speed.

All he heard in reply was a help shout from Lee-deok and turned to see Lee-deok being carried into the helicopter  by the hefty man.
There were other three men like the man in the chopper.
He watched helplessly as the helicopter  levitate in the air and off it went.
Gang-Lim could only watch helplessly.


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