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The Love That Stood Like A Rock - Episode 10



The Love That Stood Like A Rock - Episode 10



I turned to them as I couldn't help but laugh out wickedly in my heart.

"Hey!! Im I not talking to you?
Their leader yelled in anger.
Then as we were still talking, Young-Bae made a dramatic appearance and after getting wind of what happened, he wanted to go teach them a lesson but I held him back and whispered into his ear.
"This is my moment man, I got to show Lee-deok that I can always protect her and you know that can boost some ego."
I whispered gently and winked at him, he couldn't help but smile out and looked at me grinning.

I walked up to their leader and gave him a thick knock on the head that his baseball cap fell off his head and he yelled out in pain.
They made to fight me after seeing what I did to there ring leader, but I only looked at them but smiled.

"I made a deal with your boss, that none of you would come in my way during the cause of my transactions with him. Do you know the full meaning of our agreement? It means that for two  fucking days all you can do is bark but you can't bite."
I said looking at them with a smile.
" Hey!! You looking at me, that way."
I said walking towards a sun tanned guy and slapped him heavily on the face .
" Will you guys do me a favor of fucking off or do you want the treat to continue, as I raised my hands as if to punch  one of them and they grumpily, left cursing out aloud.
Lee-deok still stood there staring at the whole incident and I could swear, that I have an explanation to make for all that transpired here.

Young-Bae only smiled and walked away to God knows where, leaving me to bear my cross alone.

I turned to Lee-deok and smiled at her, but she only stood staring blankly.


I arrived at the spot, I agreed with Wang-Choi and they were already waiting for me.
I said and only Wang-Choi replied me, while his ass lickers grumbled what I couldn't just hear,but anywhere I don't just care.

"So how is the deal with you? How legit is it?"
Wang-Choi asked without much ado.
I replied and folded my hands.
"I need a proof."
"What sort of proof do you need?"
I asked.
"You have her number right?"
He asked and I nodded.
"OK, then call her, start up any useless talk about you guys missing each other and end it with going to the point of me hearing more about your intimacy."
I smiled and picked up my phone and after showing him the number, which he crosschecked with his own phone  and dialed the number, which she picked just immediately I called.
" Hi dear."
I said.
" MY darling Lim, how are you doing?"
She replied.
" Actually my princess I can't hear you properly, can you please amplify your voice a bit?"
I asked her even though, I was hearing her properly, but just to make sure Wang-Choi's hears her voice very loud and clear.
" Oh!! OK dear, where are you now? I'm really missing you like mad."
She shouted so excitedly that I couldn't help but turn to Wang-Choi and saw his eyes already turning blood shot with jealousy and it a kind of gave me an undiluted and raw source of happiness.

" OK sweetie, I will try coming to your house after school, I really missed that succulent lips  of yours, I'm gonna kiss it till it turns bloody."
I said and she laughed out innocently on the phone  not knowing she was here hurting the hell out of someone else.
" Me too I missed your lips badly, do fast and come over. "
She said.
" I will dear, I love you so much. " I said.
" I love you, so so so much my honey pie."
She said and I couldn't help but smile out loud.
She was talking as if everything was planned everything out. I'm even surprised, that is a big time stroke of luck.
" OK one more thing kiss me goodbye."
I said
" Oh!! I nearly forgot take it muah!!"
She said blowing the kiss through.
"Awwn!! That wasn't enough, please another dear."
"Muah!!  Muah!! ." she did again laughing."
" One more dear."
I said drawing closer and tried placing the phone on Wang-Chois ear for him to hear the last rhythm of the air kiss, but the glare he gave me, made me to respect myself and put my mockery in check.
After the call, I put the phone back to my pocket.
" I have already proved beyond reasonable doubt that we are in a relationship. So where is the money."
I asked.
"There is the money go get it."
He said pointing at where he placed the money  on the grassy ground.
I squatted to pick the money and what I heard next shocked me.
I turned and Wang-Choi was pointing a gun at me and he said.
"One next move towards that money , you would have yourself to blame.


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