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The Ghost Girl - Episode twenty one
I told him we need to be patient or he’ll do something more worst to innocent people. He agreed with me but promised to reveal everything when he find a good evidence.
I went to Jenny’s performance because I had promised to help her on that day. I stood by the entrance looking among the crowd because people were too much. I looked around for her but couldn’t find her.
      JENNY POV.
After waiting some minutes, Stella never showed up. I now became scared and nervous. My mum was sitting at the first row looking at me. She was smiling nodding her head saying it’s OK. We were the second to the last group to perform. When it got to our turn, we were called out on stage. I looked around again and couldn’t find her. “Stella where are you?” I thought to myself. The sound was turned on and still she didn’t show up. We were about performing when she showed up from a corner. Immediately I saw her, I smiled to myself feeling happy. She walked slowly to me smiling. When she got to my front, I closed my eyes and that’s all I could remember.

I moved into her body and possessed her. The dance began and we started dancing. As we were dancing my memory flashed back to how Stephen and I met.
After my performance, Debbie introduced him to me as her friend when she was in school. We exchanged greetings and I fell in love with him at first sight because then he was so cool and nice. He looks harmless by his personality and appearance. Later when we met again, we exchanged contacts and start getting closer. That was how it happens. As I was remembering those memories, I was not focusing on the dance anymore. I could see people reactions. I took a deep breath and tried to meet up with others. I was able to do my best but one side of me was not happy.
After we finished the performance, the judges have us the second place. The girls were so happy but I was not. Jenny’s mum was happy also. “Good job dear. You really impressed me” She hugged me smiling. “If this could continue, I know you would be able to do better than this” she said. “Don’t worry. I promise to do better from now on.” I said smiling. “Jenny, I hope I kept my promise to you now.” I thought to myself.
When she told me she’s going to Jenny’s performance, after some minutes of staying at home, I left to the place to see her performance. After the performance, I saw a woman hugging her. I think that’s Jenny’s mum. I smiled looking at them from where I stood. When she saw me, she told the woman something and came towards me. I waited for her to get to me while she also smiles walking towards me. I looked behind her and noticed someone was following her.
The person put on black outfit all through.
And had a black face cap on which was covering his face. He walked behind her looking around at people. I guess he’s up to something. Stella didn’t notice this. She kept smiling looking at me. The guy dipped his hand into the inner of his jacket and brought out something. I was not able to see it clearly because the place was a bit dark and crowdy. He moved closer to her and it was then I know he’s trying to do something bad.
I saw a sharp object and when he was about hurting her,I shouted her name but it was too late ”Stella watch out!” I said rushing towards her. Because we were a bit far from each other, before I could get to him, he had stabbed her with the object he was holding. As he tried to turn and flee, I got there and held his hand. He jacked off his hand from me and disappeared into the thin air.
But I was able to remove the wrist watch he was putting on. People had gathered around the scene wondering what just happened. Stella went down slowly closing her eyes.
I quickly moved to her side and she fainted in my arms. “Stella wake up please! Stella!” I shouted her name shaking her body.
I touched her side and saw blood on my hand.

To be continued....

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