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The Bodyguard Season 2 Last Episode


The Bodyguard Season 2 Ep19

© Tisa Phiri


Travelling back was so exciting with the fact I was going to see my wife and kids again. The thrill of driving a smooth and fast car also added to the excitement. My hand was still paining but I had insisted they removed the bandage.

I looked at the turn to mom’s farm but I couldn’t turn to go visit. I had to see my family. I had been out for 2 weeks and I really missed home , so I decided to call her instead.

“Hey mom , am just passing your place but I couldn’t come to see you like I promised. I will make it up to you though. Soon I will bring Paula and the kids for a weekend” I told her..

“It’s okey Ackim am just glad you are okay , safe journey and regards to your wife” she answered..

At exactly 15 minutes passed 18 I drove to the gate of our new home. I smilled to myself. She had decided to shift before I came and the time she called to tell me I was a bit surprised.

“But why the rush love?” I asked her…

I “just wanted you to find us in our new home , sparing you the trouble of moving” she added with a laugh.

“I wanted to surprise you babe , but I then realised you will not know where to find us so I decided to spill the beans” she added..

“Mmmmmmh just prepare yourself for me love , you know how much I have missed you these past weeks..” I said with a chuckle.

I was lost imagining being with Paula when I saw the gate open and a wide smiling Shila standing by the entrance.

“Hey brother ! ” she called out excited as I moved the car inside..

“Hey kiddo !” I responded my hand outside as the other one held on to the steeering.

“You look old” I teased knowing so well how she hated looking old.

“Seriously ?” She complained making a face. I couldn’t help laugh..

Then I saw her walk towards me at that very moment. She wore red heels that showed off her beautiful long legs , her bum short so captivating. I had to swallow hard. She looked dangerously beautiful , I was lost admiring her that I couldn’t even move from the car my hands still on the steering.

“Wow!” I exclaimed coming back to the present when she stood outside smiling making my stomach move , a combination of desire and excitment..

Babe you look amazing.” I managed to say pulling the keys out of the iginition.

Come here now !” She shouted her smile still wide I could see her tears of joy.

I jumped out and headed direct for her , hugging and kissing her forgetting we were in full view of the workers and my sister.

“I missed you my love ” l whispered holding and squizing her so tight. I could feel her heart beat fast..

“I missed you so much too babe, welcome back home” she smiled her hands wrapped around my neck as I held her waist making sure I didn’t let her loose from my grip .I kissed her again…

“Hey! Guys come on , we also want to be recognised” my sister winned making us break the hold.

I looked at her.

” You spoiled brat, come here” . I laughed giving her a hug and kissing her on the forehead.

“Welcome back Father to the twins” she teased withdrawing , “and I want my share” she added..

“You can’t just get a posh car for yourself from Lusaka” she said making a face..

“Where are my boys ?” I asked looking at Paula who stood next to me as I pulled her close and walked her to the door..

“Inside, they are waiting for daddy” she giggled…

“Hey! Boys what is going on here !” I shouted rushing to them. They both smiled their gums wide open and I lifted them one after the other excited and throwing them up and down as they giggled.

“I missed you. Look at you, looking so big in this two weeks I was away , hope you didn’t trouble mommy” I teased them as I sat down with them on the couch.

“Come here my love.” l smiled at Paula. She sat next to me and I kissed her hand ,

“tell me how everyone is. I really missed you guys.”

“We are okey, It feels like you were gone for a year and this house was becoming so unbearable without your presence.” She shrugged sadly.

“Oh am sorry, am actually going back tomorrow” I teased her.

“What ? Don’t tell me you are… ”

“Am joking love” I cut her short.

“Don’t do that Ackim!” she screamed hiting me on the shoulder.

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“Ouchhh!” I screamed. She hit on the unhealed sore and I couldn’t resist the unexpected pain.

“What is it my love? Are you okey? ” She asked touching my shoulder gently.

“Am fine love, its just a minor gun injury I will be fine.”

” What? You didn’t tell me you were shot” She asked worried.

“I didn’t want you to have that face my love don’t worry it’s nothing serious I was already treated it’s just the small part healing” I explained but she still looked at me worriedly.

We had some moments of chatting with Shila as we had our dinner.

“Mmmmmm this food is exceptional” I said seriously.

“Who prepared these nice traditional dishes my love?” I asked Paula. She looked at me and smiled..

“I did babe…why? ”

“Mmmmm I know my wife is a poor cook, this I doubt was done by you my love” I teased her as I grabbed Paul’s hand which was going for the glass of water. I had him on my laps as we sat and my sister held Kim.

“Mmmmm just know I did it for you then” she said with a laugh.. “I know” I teased again taking another bite of the nicely prepared fried fish.

I couldn’t get to sit in one place after the meal. I played with the boys but of course not leaving Paula’s side.

My phone rung and I walked to the living room to answer to avoid the noise from the kids.

“Let me answer this call love” l told Paula and she nodded as she lifted the boys to their room.

I looked at the nice additions she had added to the house , the environment looked perfect and for my welcome she had placed fresh rose flowers the entire house.

I saw one on the dinning table . another bouquet on the side table in the TV room. I smiled to myself as I slid the phone to answer the call.

“Congratulations soldier!” I heard Paula’s father answer from the other side

“Well done my son , you have made me proud” he added..

“Thank you Sir” I responded ..

“I am here in Lusaka , was just getting a briefing on what happened I just want to say , you really deserve the best and I wish you a long and happy life with your family. It’s sad you have decided to quit , the government will really miss your services. You are a rare breed of a soldier Ackim.”

“Thank you again” I responded with a smile . My eyes fixed on the picture of me with the kids in the park. She had made it big and placed it up high on the wall.

After cutting the call I walked to the back yard and looked outside. I felt an inner serenity , being home was like a healing moment. I had everything a man could wish for in life.

My bank account was loaded for sure with the reward cash I was given , plus I also had to wait for the facilitation of my benefits. I knew I was okay. I could live for a good number of years minus working and my family will be safe financially.

Retiring as a general also had its own benefits. All the incentives and entitlements such as provision of security, payments of my allowances would still stand.

I smiled to myself at the thought of the general title , as it was I was the youngest general in the country. I had acquired so much as a soldier even when my years in service were not as many. I guess my suffering in Congo and everything I had gone through payed off after all. I had never thought of such a turnout but what can I say ? God has his own plans for every human being. My own was a rough path, short and painful but worthy going through.

“Hey !” I heard Paula call from my behind. She hugged me from the back before I could turn to look at her.

“Running away ? Or thinking about going back? ” she asked her face in my back. She had removed her heels and was now at her original height an inch shorter than me , but for a woman that was a tall height description.

“Well” I started turning to look at her without leaving her grip.

“Just admiring what you have done to this house in days my love , and contemplating on how blessed I am right now” I added rubbing my finger on her nose.

“Yeah am the most blessed one, to have a man like you Ackim.” She said almost in a whisper her closeness making it hard for me to concetrate.

“Really , tell me what kind of man you feel you have ?” I mocked with a laugh.

“It’s hard to put in words but I can easily say it with my body.” She responded her eyes closed as I leaned my head on hers. I could feel her heart beat , reaching out to me.

“Shall we go to the bedroom before you drive me nuts here” I whispered in her ears and she let a laugh. Lifting her, I took us to the bedroom and when I pushed the door open I stood frozen.

“Well love, I had no idea what you have done here , thank you so much” I kissed her puting her down.

” This is wonderful I love it.”

“You deserve more than this my bodyguard.” she smiled pulling me towards the bed.

“By the way that car is perfect” she added unzipping my trousers.

” It suits you perfectly.”

“Thanx but not now I want to enjoy my wife and I can’t have you talking about cars.” I told her pushing her down and taking control. I made sure I compensated for the lost weeks without being with her and she made every moment worthwhile.

In her and for her I belonged and I knew I would never lack as a man. She was wild ,gentle at the same time and her body connected to mine making me want to never detach from her.

“I missed you babe” she whispered breathing heavily as l held her tight playing with her hair.

“I missed you more and thoughts of you gave me courage to endure everything l went through, now I won’t ever leave. Atleast not for any life threatening job anyway” I added..

“Really? You promise?”

“Yeah I promise” I smiled looking at her.

We spent almost the whole night talking and making out until we both fall down exhausted.

A week later her father, my mother and brothers and a few friends came to our house for a party to celebrate our new home.

I sat on the chair in the back yard where the party was, Watching as people talked and laughed. I turned to my right and saw my mother and father in-law play with the twins. I smiled at how they both loved the boys .

My brothers and two of my cousins were busy drinking beers and braiiing.

My sister had invited her friends and they sat chatting and laughing too , I couldn’t figure out what about.

I looked at the far right and saw Paula talking and welcoming some guests. Friends and employees from the mines.

I couldn’t help smile, everything and everyone looked happy and I felt proud.

” Thank God” I whispered to myself. The loud music playing from the wide open living room and some large speakers placed on the verandah.

“Hey sonny!” Mom stood next to me ,

“you my son are blessed and one lucky man. Just look at how God has lifted you.”

“I know mom, I can’t stop wondering why God loves me so much.”

“Yeah committ to him and live to honour him Ackim , it’s all he wants from you. This you have here, your family ,a lovely wife, two beautiful boys and every member of this family here. You have money and peace. What else would you look for?” She asked holding my shoulder.

“Nothing mother, nothing you are all my worthy and am happy.” I told her holding back her hand.

“Babe! Come over here it’s Time for a toast” Paula called me out. She wore a long white deess with a small line of black outlining her breast , she looked great as always.

“Go on sonny, your woman calls for you go have your moment” mom said with a wide smile.

“Yes mom” I responded and walked away. Just to come back and hug her.

” Thank you mama , you are the best.” I said and walked to my wife.

Paula held a glass of wine and everyone gathered around with their glasses.

“Let us toast to the man of this house. Our hero, my lovely husband, the father to our twins, the braviest soldier I know and above all the man of my heart. To you babe! May you live long and have all that your heart desires. May you find peace in this our home. I love you ! To Ackim ! ” She shouted as everyone shouted back..

“to Ackim !”

“Thanx love.” I said smiled at her.

“I have no words, I Love you!” I shouted and everyone clapped their hands with smiles.

3 years later we had another child, a girl this time around and we named her , Serena (Peace).

Am happy now and I long for more days to live and enjoy my blessings.

With love to you our boys Paul and Kim and our little princess Serena.

From mom and dad

………..THE END ………..

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