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The Bodyguard Season 2 Ep15


The Bodyguard Season 2 Ep15

© Tisa Phiri


Oh my God.. what kind of people was I hanging out with I complained after hearing the recordings Ackim played for me.. He had told me the whole story about JAy and Serah and how he got them to go back to Australia..

I can’t believe those two could want to go that far..I mourned holding my forehead.. I felt betrayed.. Sarah was almost like my sister.. I told her about everything about my life , every single detail even about Ackim.. I trusted her..

Don’t worry love.. Am so sure by now they must be at the airport he told me holding my hands.. I told you and am telling you now.. I will never let anyone harm you , for me your life and that of our boys will always come first he added with a smile..

I know babe , you are always looking out for me and I love you .. I just pray and hope nothing of such will come to happen to us again..

Well now I gues, have to arrange for our honeymoon I said smiling and turning to look at him as we sat on the couch..

Do we really need to? Ackim asked with a rather sad face..

Don’t tell me we will posponed our honey moon indefinitely I complained..

Come here love , he said pulling me to put my head on his chest.. He stroked my hair and for some few minutes he stayed quite.. I could feel his strong heart beat.. I leaned on him and patiently waited for him to say something.. Him being close to me was something I always looked forward to.. I felt guity with how much I was possessed being with him , it was like he was carrying this big part of me and like my very breath depended on his.. It felt more than home just being with my wonderful husband..

I smiled to myself at the thought , wondering how posible it was that l would love someone so much.. I had at some point thought love was just a myth in some movie stories and was never real and tangible but from the time I fell in love with Ackim , I really came to understand what real love was.. Am a blessed woman I thought to myself as the beat of his heart continued getting to my ear drum connecting with my own self..

My love, he started almost in a whisper.. I have something else to tell you , he said with a sigh.. I turned to look at his face , he was serious almost sad ..

What is it Babe? I asked worry in my voice.. I don’t like it when you sound like that my love please tell me it’s not bad news, I quickly added…

He pulled me back so I put my head on his chest and I knew it wasn’t good.. He didn’t want to look into my eyes..

I felt my eyes bulging with tears.. No God please , I whispered within myself.. Let it not be sad news again , Please..

Paula, he begun , taking his time to finish calling my name.. Am sorry but I have to go away for a week , he said in a low tone…

What ? A week , what is that now ? Babe please come on , we have not had time to settle down after the wedding you can’t go away for a week again.. I said almost with tears.. I sniffed trying so hard not to cry..

Where are you going? I finally asked ,hoping deep within myself he changed his mind…

Um , I have to go to Lusaka then maybe later on go to some other place , there’s an operation we need to carry out required by the force..

The force babe ? I answered sitting up again… What kind of job is that one ? Where will you go for the whole week like you are full time operational ?

I know it’s hard love , but please understand . lt’s part of my Job and I can’t just refuse.. I was supposed to be gone today but I had to put a stop to Jay and Serah..

Am afraid it’s complicated , our lives might be in danger as well he added sadly..

Oh and you tell me that like it’s nothing Ackim . I snapped now crying.. You promised nothing bad will come out of this your work now you tell me this like you are not even sure you are coming back.. I cried..

He raised his hand and wiped my tears , don’t do this to me my love.. You know I can’t stand seeing your tears. Be strong and let’s pray God saves my life..

No don’t tell me about that now , just tell me you won’t go and leave me all worried here with our babies Ackim.. I answered. Looking at the large TV in front of us.. The picture flame on top high displying us in our wedding attires as Ackim stood behind me.. My smile was so wide and I felt sad I couldn’t smile like that at that moment.. It had been problem after another and all caused by some people rather than us.. I really hoped the world would give us a break and let us just get to enjoy the love we had for each other , how cruel I wondered for those people that have no such issues .. Love wasn’t present in their lives , I heard of couples wishing to have that we had with Ackim , a connection and passion that went beyond words but ours was the challange of having obstacles from outside.. We had our money, our kids and indeed great love but no freedom to enjoy them freeely..

Paula.. Am sorry we have to endure this one more obstacle , I heard him say holding my shoulder as my eyes kept on the picture frame..

There are mecenaries sent from outside this country by some unmentioned diplomats. These guys want to go for the head of state before the elections , we received Intel they landed in the country a few days ago.. We have some reason to believe they are launching an attack at the state house , so now it’s our duty to make sure that doesn’t happen he explained as I turned to look at him..

It’s bad that these people have advanced technology and for us here , we have less resources to fight such highly trained mecenaries , so it’s quite risky to go against them.. No wonder they selected the best trained from all the military forces so that we prevent the demise from happening..

Oh my God , I whispered holding my mouth , mecenaries ? No please tell me such things are not going on in this country.. Those people l hear are deadly and don’t play around ? I asked him , my eyes popped out..

I know it sounds awkward love but it’s happening here in our country.. Please promise you won’t repeat what I have told you to anyone , no one should know about this or the country will go in chaos if people where to know what is really happening with their President and the government..

I won’t say a thing babe but I still insist you won’t go , I pleaded holding his hands..

I have to my love he said rubbing my chicks with his gentle touch , the only thing I can do is try and sign out for good when this is all over so that l won’t have to leave again..

Come back Ackim please , no matter how tough and hard it will be promise you will come back to us here..

He sighed sadly his chest raising and dropping again showing his muscles in his muscle t shirt..

Let’s forget about that trip now my love , come on let me enjoy being with you before I travel tonight , he said hugging me from my back leaning his chin on my shoulders..

He said it without answering to my request for him to promise me about his coming back.. I felt a big lamp on my throat and I swolled hard..

He turned my head to look at me ,pushing aside some little strands of hair from my face.. Give me that beautiful smile , he said.. I want you to know that no matter what happens to me , always know that I love you with my life , he said and that I would do anything for you..

Stop telling me that Ackim , all I want is to hear you will come back no matter what , I said standing up as I felt tears coming down my face.. To make matters worse you are going this evening , it’s not fair I cried..

I walked to the bedroom and threw myself in the bed putting down my face..

I heard the door open and close back again.. He came besides me quitely..

My love, look at me he said touching my back softly , please he added when I stayed put ..

I turned my face wet. .

Don’t make this any harder than it is my woman l beg you , listen if you get like this.. You will make my work harder.. I will not have my whole mind fighting because I will have to worry about you and that will reduce my chances of surviving , he said patting my lips..

Please let me have that good smile and blessings so that l can go with a clear mind , he added with a forced smile..

Come on , show me that wild part of you and give me more reminders of this love so I stay sane for both of us out there..

He was right , there was less I could do but wish he had God’s protection.. I needed God more than I had ever done for him and us.. I wasn’t strong enough but he helped me to cope with the pain I was feeling..

After having some intimate time I whispered.. I love you babe , always remember that.. Your sons need a father and am not ready to let you go yet..Just go save the president and our country and come back in one piece , l said as I saw him off outside.. There was a black Jeep parked outside the gate waiting for him..

Take care and remember what we have discussed he said , kissing me.. I nodded quitely and he kissed the twins I was pushing on the plaim each on the forehead..

Holding his small pack he climbed the jeep with tinted Windows and threw me a kiss before rolling the window up..

I sighed wipping the tear almost falling and pushed the twins back to the house….. It was going to be the longest week of my life..

To be continued


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