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The Black Powers - Episode32


the black powers - Episode32

Theme: Me Na Me Na Who I be


Notice:Story owned and written by mikelrado. No part of this story should be shared used or reproduced without permission from the author!


Me: ***now this is getting serious**** something coming for me???

Doc: we need to see tonight and please let it be our little secret

Me: wow, where are you now?

Doc: am in ilorin, at Offa garage

Me: ****I checked the time and it was few mins before 9pm**** can you come to ganmo? By the transformer in that their roadside market.

Doc: ok good

Me: when you get there, call me I will come pick you

Doc: ok

Instantly, I took a bike to ganmo, I was still at pipeline junction when she called me again. I had to tell her to give me 5 minutes that I will be there soon. I dropped at about 400 meter to her location, then I put a call through to her and she picked at once

Me: where are you now

Doc: am beside the transformer now

Me: ok, who is that with you?

Doc: am here standing all alone

Me: don’t think you are smart, I can see your backups

Doc: ***laughs out loud***
mikelrado please stop all that, am here all alone and am risking a lot being here

Me: risk as how?

Doc: come out please so we can talk, but first I need to get out of here, it’s risky for me being out here

Me: ok, walk straight down back as if you are going back to Offa garage, you will see me standing in front of one aboki that is selling indomie.

Doc: ok am on my way
Instead of me standing by the aboki, I walk towards her creating about 50m space between me and the aboki guy. Then I enter one bet9ja shop there waiting for her to walk past me. And in about 3mins I saw her walk pass She’s wearing a black jeans that is slightly crazy like at the lower level and a white to with a small black bag. D--n! Her back view is so hot, the bombom is not that much but still enticing cause of its amazing cabbage like shape. I came out if the bet9ja shop and was following at her back without her noticing me. She stopped at the aboki shop and was looking for me, then I saw her bring out her phone, I guess she was gonna call me and yes my phone started vibrating in my pocket

Me: ****standing right behind her*** trying to call me???

Doc: ***shocked*** you scared me a bit you know. She said holding her chest

Me: sorry about that
Doc: no problem, so can we go to your house or an hotel now? It’s not safe for me standing out here with you

Me: hmm….. What do you mean not safe, what’s really going on?
Doc: we will talk when we are outta here
Me: ok let’s go to my house then
Doc: is your house really safe??? Won’t Benny come visiting???
Me: don’t worry, you are safe
Doc: but you are living at tanke and Benny is living at tanke too, so going to your house is not safe, let’s go to an hotel please
Me: don’t worry, we are not going to tanke, I have an apartment here in ganmo
Doc: ok good

I then use that opportunity to check out her front, those boobs are just too much, her boyfriend is really enjoying o. The sight of her asset sent a strong signal to my mamba and it rose instantly, her back side is d--n hot, not too small not too big. Her boobs is the killer, Standing firm on her chest. I just hope I won’t do something silly tonight, well Benny once told me I can f*** her though with no string attached.

When we got to my apartment, I opened the door for her as she walk in majestically. Chai! The ass again!!! I quickly sent a text to stone ” come and secure the perimeter at G” that was my message to stone. I put my phone back into my pocket as I brought out an alcoholic wine and a gin for her from my fridge. I placed a cup infront of her as I help her mixed the drinks into her cup, but to my surprise, she drank all at one shot. Wow! I hope you are string enough for that” I said as I settle down on the chair beside her with my drink in hand.

Me: so why do you want to see me? What do you say it’s coming for me???



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