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The Black Powers - Episode31


the black powers - Episode31

Theme: Me Na Me Na Who I be


Notice:Story owned and written by mikelrado. No part of this story should be shared used or reproduced without permission from the author!


Manager: hmmm….. I might lose my job for these you know

Me: and I’m sure you can build on that 1 billion naira in such a way that You won’t even have a feeling that you lost your job at all you should lose it.

Manager: hmm….. We can’t move it into another account straight up, so I will suggest you convert it’s into Bitcoin that will only be accessible to you alone.

Me: and what if I need money instantly?

Manager: you can do anything with Bitcoin too instantly, but if at all it must be real money then you can contact me. I will lend you the money and you can pay back later.

Me: that’s what am talking about, thanks sir

Manager: you are welcome Mr mikelrado. Just drop me your wallet details and I will do all in the next 4 hours

Me: ok, I will forward it to you now.

The issue of money is sorted, I said to myself just as I ended the call, the next thing for me now is to be fully fit, only then will I be able to swing into action. I later contacted segun via call to notify him of who is coming and that he should help me take good care of him till am back in ilorin.

Three weeks gone, and I can now walk freely, thanks to the ever beautiful doctor of the white angels that was treating me. Still in Offa and in our hotel room, I was playing pes with Benny, we have plan to return to ilorin the following day

Benny: Benny: so how do we go about it now since we are going back to ilorin tomorrow. Because up till now, we have not hear or see any action from the black powers

Me: “the black powers” I said pausing the game and looking her straight in the eye. Am sure they are waiting for me to make a move first, it’s not like they have forgotten about me. and again, about my plans, dear make I no lie give you, I never get anything for mind yet o, but am sure when I get to ilorin I will know what to do.

Benny; ok o, so what about money? Because am sure you need money on this journey

Me: my dear, money can’t be my problem. Have done lot and lots of operations and secret missions for the black powers and they all come with huge money.

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Benny: oh ok, so like how much are you having presently???

Me: about 20 million naira

Benny: ****shocked**** how the hell did you get such amount of money

Me: chill dear, the cheapest secret mission I ever did 100k and have done countless of secret missions.

Benny: never knew you are a millionaire. But you don’t look flashy at all

Me: *****smile**** dear, I like living a coded life, that’s how have been surviving.

Benny: can’t believe it that you are way richer than me, am having just 5 million naira in my account presently. But wait o, won’t they freez your account? You know the black powers are everywhere.

Me: have gat that taken care of dear

Benny: wow! That’s cool.
The following day we left for ilorin. Wow! It feel so good to be back home After a very long time. Even my course mates were surprised to see me back. They were just asking silly questions like, where you dey all these days??? You go exile ni??? We been dey think say you dom die sef….. I just answered the few I can answer and just overlooked the rest

I couldn’t stay in my former hostel again for security reasons, so I told stone to be living there while I securea new apartment. My mom was so happy to see me again after is very long time and the little action film that happened in the forest of osun state with me, my mom, venom and his boys. I told her she will be staying at the safe house for the main time till we figure out how to fly her out of the country.

Even my team coach was so happy to see me buck. Hey! Number 1 we have much missed you in the team…. Was the first thing he said when he saw me. I continued my normal life and everything looks normal. Beeny was back in her own hostel but she do come to my hostel during the weekend to do some cooking and clean up for me. Exam was fast approaching and I don’t even have anything to read, so I decided I will have to sort lecturers out even though most of my exams are CBT (computer based)

I quickly use this my relaxed moments to plan my moves. I decided I was gonna rent a flat apartment in 4 different locations in ilorin which I later did with the help of segun. In just 3 days I was able to secure a flat each at zango, irewolede, kankatu and ganmo area all in ilorin.


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