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The Black Powers - Episode30


the black powers - Episode30

Theme: Me Na Me Na Who I be


Notice:Story owned and written by mikelrado. No part of this story should be shared used or reproduced without permission from the author!


They shut me up when I reported the issue to our capon and they threaten to eliminate me if I should try anything funny that that was my payback for attacking the lawyer. It was since then that have been wanting out of the confratanity.

I was just so surprised after hearing bayo’s story, the black powers is indeed a cruel canfraftanity. They are not what they claim to be.

Me: hmmm…… Bayo, your story is so touching that is it’s actually true.

Bayo: your own story is much more touching boss. You are a living God, and I so wanna serve you till my last breath.

Me: your vengeance will be taken on my terms and it will be second to my own mission. Hope you are ok with that???

Bayo: am ready to accept and obey any condition you give me boss. Your wish is my command
Me: just like that???

Bayo: am ready to take an oath with you boss, just for you to be sure of my loyalty to you

Me: we shall see to that
Bayo: but boss, there is one major problem am having

Me: and what is that?

Bayo: I wish to support you with everything, but the issue is that I don’t have much money, cause I know this mission will require a lot of money.

Me: *****smile**** don’t worry bro, ll bills are in me

Bayo: wow! There’s nothing stopping us be that. So where do we start???

Me: just lay low for now, will tell you what to do soon.

I was so happy to finally have someone with me on this journey, yes, Benny is with me but bayo will be of great support For me. But I still need to be very careful with him, though he looks serious but I still need to figure out if he’s truly with me on this. And again, I must figure out a way to balance my mission with his so as to make him 100% loyal to me. But one thing is certain, nothing will come before the safety and well-being of my mum.

Just when I was about concluding on what to do then I remembered my P.A I never seek his advice on this issue yet.

Me: how far oga Ade, how you see the matter on ground
My pa: you dey mad, shebi I just dey look you since as you dey take decision on your own, mad man.

Me: hmmm…. Your shakara don dey too much these days sef, oya now no vex
My pa: anyways, I dey with you on this one, the guy is for real.

Me: ****facing bayo***** so what do you want now, whee do you want to start???

Bayo: your wish is my command boss, anywhere you go I go, anywhere you want me to be I will be.

Me; what about your house and your properties???

Bayo: I have no home, no family and no property
Me: how much you get for your account presently???
Bayo: just 25k

Me: so how do you wanna be surviving when you are not earning??? Cause I will only be financing our mission

Bayo: am considering finding a small job in a place that will be very close to you

Me: and do you think it will be safe for you to be working out there???? Cause am sure they will know that you are with me sooner or later.

Bayo: hmmmm
Me: how about I start paying you monthly salary???

Bayo was shocked to hear this
Bayo: boss, am not here to cast my burden on you

Me: don’t worry bayo, I won’t do it if I can’t afford it, I will be paying you 25k monthly for now, which can increase later depending on how loyal you are to me. Hope the 25k is not too small???

Bayo: 25k is more than enough boss

Me: ok, so where are your clothes???

Bayo: they are in akure, I will go get them and meet you here
Me: you cant go back to akure anymore, it is too dangerous, they might be waiting for you already. I will give you some money now, so you will go get for yourself few clothes and you will be going to ilorin, you will go and wait for me there….

Bayo: thanks boss, but I don’t know anywhere in ilorin

Me: don’t worry, I will give you the address of the place you will go and wait for me. and again, you will need to change your identity, from now on your name is stone.

Bayo: that’s cool boss.

I gave bayo 60k and I also gave him segun’s address in ilorin that he should go and wait for me there. How was that? I asked Benny immediately bayo left

Benny: that’s very good. That was what I was expecting you to do. You even exceeded my expectations sef. But how are you gonna cope with paying him salary???

Me: I can foot his bills, even for the next 60 years.

Benny: that’s awesome, never knew you are a millionaire.
About an hour later, Benny left for OKUKU, she said she wanna go see her girls. So I took that opportunity to call my bank manager

Me:*******just as he picked the call*****. Good evening sir, this is mikelrado

Manager: oh, Mr mikelrado, have been trying to reach you for the past 3 days now but your line is always switched off

Me: am sorry sir, I lost my phone
Manager: sorry about that, we have an issue, and I want to inform you of it that is why I have been trying to call you

Me: hope all is well sir?

Manager: I received a call from our headquarters in Lagos that we should freez your account

Me: what??? But why?

Manager: that I cannot tell
Me: hmmm….. I understand, how much is my current balance now???

Manager: 6.6 billion naira

Me: ok, I have a deal for you sir, I need you to help me move the money out of that account, you can just leave one million naira there and then freez the account. And I don’t want traces

Manager: am sorry but that might not be possible, cause the account has been frozen already

Me: you can do it, am very sure you can. How about you keep 1 billion naira out of the money??? I just need you to move the money out, no traces, I want a clean job



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