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The Black Powers - Episode26


the black powers - Episode26

Theme: Me Na Me Na Who I be


Notice:Story owned and written by mikelrado. No part of this story should be shared used or reproduced without permission from the author!


Did I tell u guys that Benny called me by my name when she made her last statement? Hell yeah she did and I was dead shocked. Una dey yinmu bah? Why won’t I be shocked, she as never call me by my name, all she do call me is love, dear, honey, sweaty and all but where all of those name run comot go for her mouth. Una Don forget the statement bah, I go remind una “we need to locate and remove the tracker that is left on your body before we leave here mikelrado” that was her statement. “that’s a nice idea” I managed to reply.

They brought out a metal like object that have plenty wires with a clip each at the edge of each wire. Each clip was fixed on my 10 fingers(just like the ones wey them dey fix for person hand for hospital), then another tick wire connected the main machine to a laptop that was placed on our car bonnet. In about two minutes of searching the red light indicator showing in the screen of the laptop located two different trackers on my body, and the funny thing is that both trackers were injected into my two laps.

They had to cut my laps and remove the trackers. Removing the trackers from my laps was very very painful, despite the fact that am still not fit yet. But have gat no option, I need to endure the pain as I add two more injuries to my injury list. The tracker was removed successfully by the doctor that was treating me before.

The girls searched the two jeeps when we were done and they packed all their guns and ammo as we all move Out at once. Another shocker followed when the girls drove out two Toyota cars from the forest, these girls are really pro just like Benny said, nobody would have noticed nor suspected it that there are cars in that bush, these girls them sabi die!. We all move out of the battle ground at once with me and Benny driving in front of the girls.

Benny; so where to now love?
WTF!!! did I just hear her call me love? But where the love been travel go before? She deny me the love in front of those girls and she’s now giving it to me privately, abeg take ya love back o, shebi you been dey act like boss ni( hope you are not thinking I said that out though, for where? How I go talk that kind thing, that is my mind having a short discussion with me…. Lol)

Me; I think we should just go and log into an hotel in offa, offa shouldn’t be more than a 50mins drive from here

Benny; OK

She brought out her phone and call the girls behind us and she told them to go back to their base that their job is done. We just continue the journey like that, I no talk she no talk. A lot was going through my mind, my number one target now is getting fit 100% and I need to see my mum too, yes have confirmed it that she’s alive but I still need to see her, I just hope our journey to ilorin will be a bit faster.

Benny Was The first to break the silence, I no even hear watin she talk sef, I only hear something like murmuring from her. Me wey be say at that moment na that timaya song fit me, that song Wey e sing say “my body my body na him dey here, my mind my mind no dey here” una Don remember that song bah….. Lolz. So as I no hear watin she talk now I just bone, then she said again.

Benny; am sorry with the way I acted to 4th of earlier, I just don’t want to look weak in front of the girls. You know am their leader and they are all looking up to me.

My mind said to me again “ehn ehn so na him come make u dey raise shoulder to me bar? If u be them boss u be my boss? If no be issue wey I get, ur team fit stand my team?” which yeye team u dey talk? Another side of my mind said to me, those ones wey wan ruin you and your mum? Na them you dey call team? After raising shoulder, make she raised ass and p---y join sef, watin Benny Don do for you those stupid people u call team no fit do am for u till thy kingdom come.

Me; no problem dear, I perfectly understand you dear.

Shut up! No dey lie, you understand her na him you still dey complain five me? Thunder fire that your mouth wey you take lie so ( my mind said to me).
Benny; there is someone I will like you to meet, or should I say someone wants to meet you.
That statement shock me no be small, abi she wan carry me go show her papa? No! She said the person wan come meet me, her papa no fit come meet me now? But who could it be? My mind said

Me; who is that person? Is it someone I know?

Benny; yeah, it seems you know the person, but not too well, but am sure you owe the person

Me; hmmmm……

Benny; don’t worry, you will meet the person tomorrow

Hmm…… Who could that be?


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