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The Black Powers - Episode25


the black powers - Episode25

Theme: Me Na Me Na Who I be


Notice:Story owned and written by mikelrado. No part of this story should be shared used or reproduced without permission from the author!


Benny increased our speed a bit making it look as if we’re trying to lose them, as we reach express Benny then face the lane that leads to kwara, she brought out her phone and and initiated a call
Benny; ***on phone*** how una dey? Abeg make una arrange for una base 100% I dey bring some dickheads to deal with there, they are heavily harmed o…….. OK, I trust una, I will be there in few mins.

She ended the call as she now started driving with full speed, the jeeps behind us increase theirs too.

Me; where are you luring them to?

Benny; our university of osun base at okuku

Me; don’t you think that is a bit risky?

Benny; risky as how?

Me; from what you said earlier on, it’s like they are tracking me abi

Benny; I guess so, cause we removed two trackers from your body when the doctor was treating you.

Me; meaning they still have another tracker on me

Benny; yep

Me; even if we successfully get rid of them at your base in okuku, don’t you think it will blow open the cover of the girls there? Cause the black powers at our headquarters will for sure have known my location and might come attacking the girls there after when we might have left

Benny; hmm….. You are actually making sense love! So what do we do?

Me; changing the venue for the battle a bit far away from your base at okuku will be perfect
Benny put a call through to the girls again, “change of plans” she said, once the person on the other side of the call picked up. You girls should go and Wait for me at ijabe junction (that’s the outskirts of osun state), make una enter the junction small, like 200 meters, make una block the road for front then block am for back once the two jeeps following me entered, no f--k up ooo, it must be 100% clean. OK good ” Benny said as she ended the call.

We continued moving at a very high speed and the Two jeeps followed suit, Benny was very good at executing our plan, she didn’t let them have a feel of what we have for them, am sure they will be thinking that we are trying to lose them with the kind of speed we are moving with.

After about 45mins of driving, we reach ijabe junction, Benny just branch enter ijabe road with heavy speed without even going around the junction. Everybody at the garage at ijabe junction were just watching us as Benny continued doing the 007 driving. We don enter the ijabe road wella before sighting the road block far ahead. Benny stopped in a way that makes it look like our car is faulty and at the same time blocking the view of our chasers so they won’t see nor spot the road block ahead, it’s still a bit far though. The jeeps behind us stopped too! What do we do now? I ask benny. “that’s a stupid question” I said in my mind.

Benny no even answer, she just bring out her phone, I guess she’s trying to call her girls.

Benny; d--n! There is no Airtel network here she said
It was then i remembered my phone, I wanted to ask about my phone but I decided not to, that will be another stupid question To ask at the moment, so I just keep shut.

Me; we never enter town na him make network no dey

Benny; I need to give my girls signal, am sure they are in position already.

Me; make we just keep am cool first and wait for them to make a move first.

Just then, the driver of the first jeep opened his door and all of them open up at once too, they all came out with their gun in hand. They are all out, I need to give my girls a signal right now Benny said.

Me; you can just signal to them with your hand, they should see and understand if they are truly in position.

Benny Wine down her door glass and she raised up her left hand pointing up the middle finger. All the girls opened fire at once! Chai!!! Come see as bullets they fly come from all angles, E just be like all this commando movies.

The shooting lasted for about 3 to 4 minutes, then everywhere went dead silent. I checked my side mirror and I saw all the boys on the left side lying lifelessly On the floor. I opened my side door and Benny did same, we both step out with me limping as I tried walking.

Me; wow! The girls did a clean job! Both jeeps weren’t even hit at all.
Benny; trust me, my girls are pro.

Benny whistled and the girls started coming out of their hiding spot one after the other, chai! Come see fresh chicks carrying heavy guns. By mere looking, one will never suspect it that such beautiful girls with innocent looking faces could be pulling stunts like this.

Benny; we need to locate and remove. The tracker that’s left on your body before we leave here
Me; that’s a nice idea.



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