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The Black Powers - Episode21


the black powers - Episode21

Theme: Me Na Me Na Who I be


Notice:Story owned and written by mikelrado. No part of this story should be shared used or reproduced without permission from the author!


We need to confirm it that she is dead! But boss the fire is still burning heavily we can’t go much closer to the car now. Then we wait!!!

Those are the words I was hearing behind me as I was walking through the empty and lonely road, should I even call it road sef? There was no sign of life at all, not even plants. The whole place is just without form. No water, no land, no life, nothing nothing. I cant even tell what am walking on, all I know is am walking. Where am I going? That I can’t tell, I don’t even know the way to follow, I am hearing distant voices behind me and up ahead.
From far ahead, at times I will be hearing melodious tunes, singing sweet songs and at times, I will be hearing deep shout of pain and groaning. And from far behind me I can hear different voices arguing about a burning car. I stood fixed on a spot because I really don’t know where to face anymore. Suddenly I hear a very deep voice speak. I was dead shocked!

Voice; son of man! What seek ye? You can’t go beyond this spot because you are still in your flesh. Go back! And finish up your time on earth.

Me; what? Wait! You mean am not on earth? Then where is this place and who the f--k are you? Why ain’t you showing your f-----g self to me?

Voice; hmmm….. I don’t think that should be the question you should be asking now, go back! Because you don’t belong here.

Me; the voices am hearing ahead and behind me, are they not of humans?

Voice; yes they are

Me; why are some in Pain and some singing in joy?

Voice; those are the voices of two different worlds. Be it good or bad, your deeds on earth will determine the world you will be when you finally exhaust your time on earth. So like I said, go back because you don’t belong here.

Suddenly, I started feeling a force pulling me back. I tried my best to resist the force but to no avail. Then I started hearing the voices behind me clearly.

We can’t just leave like that, we need to be 100% sure she’s dead too…… But the danger man himself is down and we have his body here with us. We are also sure his mother is in the car when our grenade hit their vehicle, and here is the car still burning and almost all I’m ashes. What other confirmation do we need than this? Another voice said…….. Even if we wait till this car finish burning, am very sure we can’t even find her bones because all would have turn into ashes, if strong metals can burn like this then how much more an ordinary human body. Said another voice. We just need to be sure because I don’t want any trouble with the number one.

A cool breeze swept across my face and I tried to open my eyes a bit. I could see venom and his boys all standing and facing a burning car. Then my brain started to replay the past event for me. Suddenly, I remembered everything. D--n it! My mum is in that car!! Does it mean my mum is dead? No!!! That can’t be! This great energy suddenly came up in me. I stand up from the floor and I was now standing venom And his boys without them knowing.

The entire team of the black powers will surely pay for this! I said out loud. Your wives, parents, children and relatives shall all die by my hand! They all turned and mouth agape on seeing it that am back to my feet. Shoot down this bastard! Venom shouted!! And instantly all the boys opened fire on me, but base on who i be, their bullet was harmless on me.

I looked to my right and I saw a log of wood that is a bit big and heavy, I picked it up and charged at them while they are still shooting at me. I hit 3 of the boys on the head and they fell to the ground. I no even check if they are dead or not. On seeing it that their bullet no get any effect on me, the rest dropped their guns and charged at me too.

One after the other I take out all venom boys but not without me taking 4 heavy hits from them too. I was hit with a wood on my head, two on my back and a heavy hit on my left knee. But at that moment, I didn’t feel any pain on my body because the fire of anger still burning in me has brought out this great energy that I can’t even explain.

When I was done with the boys, I gave venom who was now shaking visibly.

Me; venom! Now you know the kind of guy you are dealing with. You are Next!

I started walking towards him and he was moving back too. He deep his hand into is belt and brought out a knife. He still kept on moving back as am moving towards him, then suddenly a bullet hit my left shoulder, it entered!!! I was dead shocked! I opened my mouth wide in surprise as I checked out my wound. Then another bullet hit my stomach, blood started gushing out instantly.

I checked around but couldn’t see the shooter, a sniper it must be. My legs suddenly became heavy, I could hardly Cary them. I knew I need to japa (run for my life) if I don’t want to die there. I turned to my left and started running, as I was about to enter into the forest another bullet hit me for back. I tried to continue running but couldn’t, my strength and energy suddenly begin to fail me. I fell to the ground as I was about to enter into the forest. A guy came out and him and venom walk to where I was lying

Venom; I told you I love dealing with tough guys, he said as he collect a gun from the guy and pointed it to me and cocked it, bye mikelrado!


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