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story : Forgotten -Final



Forgotten  -Final

© Authoress Manny


It been few weeks and everything as been going well and Eran revealed his identity after telling the story of how he escapes the death claw of the Michaels with evidence and all
Although the case kept being dragged on even though the Evidence are more than enough, I know it all about bribery and corruption but the president already announced that he doesn't want injustice and he changed the judge, the judge however turned out to be a relative of my dad's but not close and Henry said he doesn't accept injustice so it cool and today is the last day for the court hearing and we would finally know what faith as in store for them. All am worried about his Mandy and her little sister cause the public are already hating on her but I refused to make any comment some other celebrity said they would stand by her through the worst like Tristan but most of us kept quite while others criticized her and her family
The most annoying slash funny thing is that Eran and Freya are dating and she even as the mind to tell me that I should get a new PA cause marriage is calling her imagine but am happy though cause I know Eran really likes her even though it weird but he does
Well Emilia and Jason went back to Canada recently but would arrive today cause of the court hearing unfortunately and fortunately their are lots of family who is also sueing them for murder
And lots of other crimes and it got me wondering if they never did any good in their life

Excuse me, it time for breakfast Freya stated
Sure I will be down in five
Okay and about Nick
Not now please, we are just friends and yes we went for dates a couple of times after much persuasion from you and Emilia
Hmmm but don't you see the love he has for you
I do okay but I don't want any of those things until this case is over
Fine but please stop pushing him away
Have heard thanks
He's down anyway bye she said and left

Yea yea I friend zoned him but after a while he started asking me to go on dates with him but I refused at first but after the persuasion from Freya and Emilia I started accepting some and it was amazing at one time he told me how much he loved and apologized for everything making me giggle but still I am still pushing him away not because I don't love him but because I want to be free from stress so their won't be any reasons for us to breakup again and besides Juan and Victoria are together now
He even took me to is special place which was an island, it was so peaceful and full of life and it was a way to get away from actual life  but until this case is over I will continue pushing him away

I slowly walked down and met mom, dad and Nick waiting for me at the dinning

Sorry for Keeping you waiting, I apologized
It okay honey come join us, mom said with a small smile
Where is Freya?? I asked
Oh she's on her way, went to receive a call and was blushing badly

laughed a little cause I know who she was talking to on phone, just then she walked in looking like tomato paste

Sorry for keeping you waiting she stated with her hair down cause she was still blushing and smiling making me wonder what he said to her
Freya dear mom called and I sigh cause Freya gat to spill
Yes ma
Well who is the lucky guy?? Mom asked and Freya choked on her drink causing me, Nick and dad to laugh
Ma what do you mean she asked again now blushing even harder if that was possible and nervously fidgeting with her nails
Oh come on, I know when I see a girl in love so hurry and tell me who he is mom persuaded making me roll my eyes and giggle
Well ma it Eran smith she stated shyly and the next thing we heard was gasps from everywhere making us flinch
That hot handsome looking dude that was rumored to be dating my daughter?? Mom asked again making dad roll his eyes, we both nodded to mum's question and giggled to dad's reaction, Nick just sat down eating silently and slowly
Awwwn he is so dreamy not as Mich as Nick but still if I was young and single I would definitely seduce and steal him away from you mom said again making all of us choke but she rolled her eyes and turned to me with curiosity
Oh not now I muttered under my breath
Am done I stated trying to escape but she caught me
Oh sit down young lady she said calmly but firmly and obliged immediately
Are you a lesbian?? She asked making me choke including everyone
Excuse me??
Answer me
Do I look like a gay to you?? I asked getting pissed already
Nope but you have never had a boyfriend or any guy you liked mom said lowly and I guess my outburst made her sad
Am sorry mom, I do have someone am in love with but I can't date for now
I just can't, excuse me I stated and walked into my room

You know she's only worried about you right?? Freya asked entering into my room
I know and I really want Nick, I miss his kiss, his touch I miss cuddling with him but all that's got to wait
No Britney, It doesn't
Freya if he loves me he would wait but now I just want this case to end
Okay fine, get ready the court hearing is in an hour from now, by the way Nick just left to prepare for it also
Okay thanks and she left

I instantly took my bath, washed and dried my hair and got dressed in a blue sarong gown with black flats and black bag to go

In about thirty minutes we arrived (when I mean we, I mean my mom, dad and Freya) the press where all over taking pictures and asking questions, thanks to the guards who helped us create a passage to enter into the court, even though the press was still in the court they wouldn't harass us

The court proceedings took place and it was time to know the faith of the Michaels and it was damn scary


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