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story : Forgotten -Epilogue



Forgotten  -Epilogue

© Authoress Manny


Your honor these criminals has been denied the right to a lawyer and a lot of evidence has been collected to prosecute her duely, Henry stated without blinking his eyes
Mr and Mrs are you guilty or not he asked again
Guilty they both said simultaneously
I hereby sentence the both of you to life in prisonment with hard labor, and fifty percent of your wealth would be seized by the government and according to your will your daughters would own the remaining fifth percent that as been proven to be legal

The next thing that followed was noise from friends and foes, it was a sorrowful thing to watch and seeing Mandy and her little sister crying made me feel damn guilty that I didn't even know when I ran out of the court room straight into my car and drove to the beach to cry my eyes out, I felt so damn guilty but at the same time they deserved it cause they ruined and destroyed lots of family all because of materialist things

Few months later

Britney was seen getting ready for a show or rather NICK CONCERTS were she had to perform one of her songs, she was putting on a red armless turtle neck asymmetrical gown with matching silver heels and silver purse, her make up included of black eye liner to bring out her eyes, mascara to make her brows thick and deep red lipstick to bring out her face
She looked extremely beautiful and any guy would fall for her
In case you are wondering she and Nick still remained friends cause he never asked her out again, and never approached her about love or anything relating to it, she cried but got used to it and still neither of them dated anyone
Emilia's wedding is just around the corner and Jason proposed to Fiona in the most romantic way ever, Freya and Eran's relationship is blooming and good, Kai and Emma well they good also, My bestie Eva and Byran still won't get enough of each other always kissing and hugging each other every time  Juan and Victoria are together and it going well at least I think so, and now to Mandy's case well life hasn't been easy since what happened happened although we all tried supporting her and she and Tristan are actually together it surprised all of us but we are all happy for her
I got another PA would be assisting Freya in case she had to go on dates etc like the Concert she's not going with me but with Eran

I arrived at the concert a little late though but still made an entrance the press and paparazzi was there to ask their usual annoying questions but I made sure to avoid them with the help of my guards

I walked to the red carpet and gave a few pose for the camera before heading inside and going straight to the vvip seat watching others perform before it got to my turn, I walked slowly to the stage when it got to my turn and did the regular thing like greeting my fans and dedicating it to Mandy before starting my performance
 I remember tears streaming down you face
 when I said I will never let you go
When all those shadows almost killed you light
 I remember you said don't leave me here alone
 But all that's dead and gone and passed tonight

Just close your eyes
 the sun is going down
you'll be alright
 No one can hurt you now
 come morning light
  you and I'll be safe and sound

 Dont you dare look out your window Darling, everything's on fire
The war outside our door keeps raging on
 Hold on to this lullaby
 Even when the music's gone, gone

Just close your eyes
The sun is going down
You'll be alright
 No one can hurt you now
Come morning light
 You and I'll be safe and sound

Evey body cheered loudly as soon as I finished performing and I walked down the podium thankfully mine was the last performance , Nick came out dressed in another outfit that made him more handsome and made MW drool

Hello everyone he hailed and cheers was deafening
Ice please he pleaded and the cheers died down
You see guys I decided to do this concert a long time ago but I realized it wasn't the right time and I don't even know If now is the right time so what ever happens today be it positive or negative I will embrace it fully. He said calmly
There's this girl I love mehn I have loved her for almost five years now, I tell the story now

So few years back I left  home New York specifically and decided to go somewhere calm
I ended going to saint Augustine and there I met and angel in person, when it comes to beauty she's the one, attitude she's the one and killer curves don't even compare her at all cause she's got it all, I kind of rescued her from some guys who were harassing her and was trying to rape her normally I would have left and acted invisible but I couldn't the urge to help her was there and I did even though I still remained rude to her and arrogant she didn't even see my face, and she forgot at least that was what I thought but I was wrong I actually became an undercover body guard without her knowledge and protected her from the distance before I left for New York, just to cut the story a little she came to New York under a scholarship and ended up being coming to my school and class I never ever interfered in her business or anybody's business at all and I guess it irritated her and made her think I was a rude and arrogant spoilt brat although she was the the same
I kept my feelings to myself until I found out she was someone I always wanted to meet, mehn my family offended hers but she forgave them And made me forgive them also and I hurt her badly but still she let it go all this times we weren't together though and when we finally got together I ruined it all and being the no nonsense girl she ended things with me leaving both of us heartbroken and shattered he said

I was already crying profusely when he finished his little speech, he continued though
You see am not worthy of having you like I don't deserve you but I wanna be greedy this time around, PLEASE ANASTASIA BRITNEY GATES DO ME THE HONOUR OF BEING MY GIRLFRIEND EVEN THOUGH I DON'T DESERVE YOU AND I WON'T BE ABLE TO DESERVE YOU CAUSE YOU ARE MORE THAN WHAT A COMMON PERSON LIKE ME DESERVE he said and the cheers were already defending with the spotlight now on me and Nick on his knees with a diamond necklace with him I slowly walked up to the podium and stood right in front of him and everyone chanting yes
YES I screamed and immediately hugged me and kissed me deeply
Am sorry he whispered to my ears making me smile and nod

I got my happily ever after although life isn't a bed of roses and I know we would go through crazy challenges what I am very sure of is the fact that we would pull through like we always did, waiting for five years just to be with your dream guy isn't something easy but it only showed how strong our love is for each other and how strong it would always be

 The end

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