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story : Forgotten Episode -52



Forgotten Episode -52

© Authoress Manny


What have I done, she explained to me she begged me to forgive Juan but I was still so stupid not to have listened to him and now she thinks I don't love her
She left again all because of my stupidity, she cried again cause of me, she ignored and snubbed everyone all because of me
I need my baby, I need Britney please I need her I kept crying
I cried all day till I feel asleep
I woke the next morning and felt like shit, my face was a mess and my voice was sour, seeing the empty space on my bed and hers almost killed me again but I had to be strong, we would all be leaving this evening thankfully but I know She won't want to see me

I finished bathing and dressing up, i still looked a mess but do i care hell no all i want is to have my Britney, I walked down to the dinning and met everyone seated about eating

What happened Nick, why do you look this way?? Emilia asked
It nothing, am fine I replied while picking on my food
Nick please whatever it is you shouldn't starve yourself this way Victoria said but I ignored her
Nick,I.... Mandy tried talking but I shut her up with a glare
Nick what happened please stop doing this Kai said but I still Ignored him
Let's go inside Byran said and stood up with Kai, Jason, Mason and they forced me up with them

Okay now tell us what really happened Byran asked strictly but I just continued staring into space
You know if you keep mute we won't be able to help you right?? Mason said but I still kept mute all I want right now Is my Britney, I want to hold her and tell her how much I love and care about her
I will tell you what happened I heard Juan saying, how he got here I dont know and I dont care, he explained everything to them and for a few minutes their was silence

Nick do you really love Britney or are you using her to forget Victoria?! Jason asked and I immediately turned to him with a glare but he didn't care he just kept on talking
You know it was because of your stupidity she left three years ago, and it still the same stupidity that made her leave. Although she shouldn't run from her fears and problems, she's not as strong as you think she puts on her facade in front of everyone but she's very weak. You keep hurting her for three years she cried her self to sleep and wake up with tears
When she finally thinks everything is over you and she finally has you, you make her feel like a tool Jason said and i looked at him before speaking up
Can you forgive Tyler?? I asked and he looked at me shocked but then he smiled
It is different, he knew I was dating Janet but he had her and besides we weren't friends and for your question I forgive him because I have the most perfect girl that he can't have even if he tries hard he stated and I nod then walked into my room

He is right I am just hurting Britney cause of something that doesn't matter
I need to talk to her no matter what, am just being childish

Thankfully the whole get together shit was fun and it taught me a lot of things that am both sad and happy about, actually right now am on my way to Britney's parent's home yep that's the first place I have to go cause I know it apologize and show her how much I love her, have learnt my lessons now and I won't make such mistakes again even though am still curious to know the person who keeps calling her

I arrived at her home after about 4hours ride which was kind of tiring by the way I pressed the bell a maid opened it and bowed then left the way for me to enter
You must he wondering were Emilia and Jason is well they went for a party and am supposed to be there but this is important also

Sir Damian and Mrs Damian isn't around only young miss the maid informed me and a party of me was happy but the other part was scared cause they could have helped me beg her
Alright inform her am here
Okay sir, she bowed and left

I waited for about one hour before I started hearing the sound of heels hitting the Mable floor, mehn she kept me waiting but I know I can't argue with her

Brit..... It Anna to you said cutting me short
Sorry Anna I corrected my self she nod and sat down, she was dressed in a short black pleated peplum skirt and a red turtle neck shirt with black flats

Can you stop staring and tell me what you need and why you are in my house??? she asked calmly but rudely
Anna am sorry I begged and got on my knee she didn't notice cause she was looking the other but that wasn't the problem, the problem was that she wasn't listening
Anna I know I hurt you but I hurt myself most, losing you is like losing myself I want you more than anything, yes I know I made you feel like an option but  I really ain't using you and I am cool with Juan I understood what you meant, Jason also helped me realize how much of a fool I was and I really don't wanna make such stupid mistakes so please forgive me I pleaded but she only stood up and left

Guys am sorry for not posting am busy but besides that this is my first story and am trying my best to give it a good ending and not do something stupid, please pardon me

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