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story : Forgotten Episode -51



Forgotten Episode -51

© Authoress Manny

                 Britney's POV

And why do you think we would tell you?? PI asked
I don't expect you to I replied
Then why did you ask?? The prosecutor asked
Cause I don't wanna give you the evidence I replied
Why?? But you want them behind bars, he stated again
Henry Smith and Eran smith, isn't that your name and your brothers name I asked and he nod
Where is he prosecutor??
He's dead he replied through gritted teeth
No he is not, and you know it he stated and he remained quiet
We both know why you want to take the Michael's behind bars it very personal u said again
You won't seat here and interrogate me he yelled making me smile
They also took me away from my parent but I don't wanna jail them cause of that nope I don't
What exactly are you driving at, the private investigator asked and smiled
You are Eran Smith I said turning my attention to me and he looked shocked
What?? You are very funny he said nervously
Well I know I am but I hired you because I know you would the job perfectly cause it not just any job but it personal also I stated looking at the both of them
Avenge your parent and show the world that you are alive I said them dropped the files and clips on the table for them and walked straight into my car

I arrived home few minutes later and met everyone sitting and watching a movie apart from Nick, I head straight into my room
I started hearing voices u decided to listen
Nick I know you hate me but you have to listen to me, bro I need my friend back I need you back it been years don't you even miss me a little I heard Juan saying and I could hear the sincerity in his voice
Juan leave before I lose my patience, I don't want you here why don't you get it Nick stated
I love Victoria but I can't tell her if you don't forgive me, fine you believe I knew you both were dating when I had sex with her and I won't argue your assumptions but please let this hatred go please Juan pleaded
You took the first girl I love from me, you dis flower her and made love to her countless times when I only made love to her twice, you kissed her whenever you like but I couldn't and you say I should forgive just fuck that please leave before Britney arrive Nick stated and I walked in immediately he looked taken aback but I didn't say a word
Juan you should leave, I guess he still loves Victoria and isn't ready to let go but you can talk to Victoria if she would accept okay I said and he tried talking but I gave him that " I dont wanna hear anything look", he calmly left the room and I head into the bathroom, I locked the door and turned on the shower just to take away the sound of my sobs
I kept crying seriously till there was no more tears left to cry
Why can't he get over her, he says he loves me but he can't forgive Juan for being with her why I kept asking my self, I heard a loud bang on the door but I ignored it and let the shower fall on me
Britney please open up I beg you I heard Nick pleading but I don't need to hear anything of it
He kept banging the door and pleading for me to open up but I paid deaf ears, after about two hours of crying I walked out, with my towel tightly tied  around my chest and hair I met him sitting at the door with his eyes swollen and his hair a mess, I was tempted to hug and tell him to calm down but I couldn't not after realizing that am option to him
I walked away and picked my undies and outfit which was a black jean with black top and black hoodie, I walked back into the bathroom and dressed up then came out and started arranging my clothes and all other belongings

After about an hour I was done arranging and packing, and was about heading to the door when Nick held me
Please don't leave the room he pleaded
Am not only living the room, am leaving this place entirely, I say and snatch my hand from him
Please don't leave me broken like this I really need you, please Britney don't go he pleaded
It Anna to you, and whatever we shared this few days was only my dream and now have woken up to reality so just please stop I said and left the room before he could say a word

I walked down the stairs with my things and everyone looked at me shocked, firstly cause of the way I looked a mess even though I had bath, I didn't really dry my hair just used the towel to squeeze the water away

Were are you going Anna?? Emilia asked
I don't think I have to answer that and I would like all of you to ignore like you did earlier I said and walked out without allowing them to talk
My car was ready and my guards were already their waiting for me
Ma let's go Freya said
No am not planning on working, you are still on vacation for now I said and she wanted to argue
Freya I insist I said with a note of finality
Okay ma, please don't cry and you should stop running from your problems she said and immediately left
Anna please you promised to help me settle with Nick but you are gonna make him hate me more, he is softer than you think Anna he needs you Juan pleaded and I sighed
He should choose what he wants Juan, he doesn't love me, it mere infatuation and nothing more I said and left the house


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