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story : Forgotten Episode -50



Forgotten Episode -50

© Authoress Manny


We were having breakfast in the morning when a message popped into my phone I checked it, it was from him saying we should meet
30min T land, that was what the message read
I quickly excused myself from the dinning and quickly got dressed in a tommy jean trousers and short top with a black ankle boots, I rushed down immediately I was done dressing and everyone's attention was on me
Jake my car keys u requested from my personal body guard
Ma it not safe for you to go out alone he cautioned
I know but this is important, now give me the keys I said sternly and he obliged
Thanks I said and rushed out of the house but stopped when I heard a scary and authoritative voice yell
WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU ARE GOING WITHOUT INFORMING ANYONE, Mason yelled making me flinched a little
Please not now it really important I said and ran into the car and drove off
I arrived two minute early and I was thankful
I walked in and sat at a secluded tree at the far end of the place after about five minute he came and sat beside me
You are late, I complained
I hard to make sure it was safe and I must commend you for choosing a place like this, he said and chuckled making me roll my eyes
Where is it?? I asked
You are not fun, he said back
You are the strict one who always disguise himself, and talk only business, I retorted
Anyway here it is he said handing a lots of files and flash drives to me
How did you get all these?? I asked
It verified, he replied standing up
And yes, the prosecutor you wanna use is a bitch he said again making me raise my brows in confusion
Use Henry Smith, he is one of the best prosecutor and trustworthy he said and left in a blink of an eye making me smile

I also stood up and got into my car and drove home, i got in with the files and audio clips with me

Everyone just minded their business like I didn't exist, although I understand their reasons it still got me upset especially with the ones am close with, they should know by now that I don't keep secrets except it important but they didn't bother cause if their nonsense pride

I gentle walked into our room and fixed the document and clips into my bag, thankfully Nick doesn't touch my things and I hope his curiosity won't push him to touch them

I walked into the dinning room and everyone ignored me even after greeting them, I left the dinning without touching my food and went into my favorite place which was the Garden, I let my tears pour without making a sound after I was done I stood up went inside my room after passing almost everyone in the sitting room, I entered without knocking and met Nick shirtless and water dripping down his hair, normally I would drool but right now am too sad to think about doing that, I calmly walked pass him picked my pyjamas and walked into the bathroom, I laid in the cold bath and calmed my tense muscles for a while before stepping out
I dried my body with my towel in the wash room before putting on my pajamas, I didn't even wash my hair cause of how tired I am

I walked out of the bathroom and met Nick shirtless on his bed I was tempted to go lay on his chest but I cautioned myself and laid on my bed that I haven't laid on for a long time
I was slowly drifting off to dreamland when I felt a pair of hands on my hair removing it out of my face, I mentally smiled but didn't show it and pretended to sleep, he gentle laid me on his chest, I fell asleep on his chest happily

I woke up the next morning to an empty bed, I felt sad but I just did my morning regular before heading to the dinning
I was about sitting down when my phone buzzed and it was from an unknown number I excused my self and swiped to the receive button and waited for the caller to speak up
 Hello, am I speaking to miss Anastasia Gates??
 Yes, and who am speaking to??
Oh, am prosecutor Henry smith, I was asked to call you by the private investigator you hire
Am sorry but I never told anyone I hired a PI
He told me you did and I would like us to meet up
 sure, when?
 Today in about 30min at T-Land
 okay I would be there, don't make me wait please
sure ma, he said from his end and I hung up

I hurriedly went back to my room, picked my bag and the evidence

Jake the keys I requested and he gave me immediately
Anna were are you going Jason asked but ignore him and went ahead, they were snubbing me and now they care mtcheew
I pullover and thankfully I arrived exactly the time he said, he waved at me the moment he saw me and the PI was there also so I guess it was safe

I walk over to them and sat down without uttering a word

It a pleasure meeting you miss the prosecutor said
Same here
Now, I have been trying to find any hint of illegal things from the Michaels and you just made it more easy he said
Well what gave you the ideal that they are into illegal business I asked calmly
The wealth that was shared to the both of them isn't half as much as their current net worth, and only drugs or illegal business can give them this much more he explained and I smiled
What do you have on them??
Well I have a few pictures and recorded conversation of them making deals with so many drug lords but I know it not only that, there is more and he already helped you in acquiring them he stated
What if I don't plan of releasing the evidence??
Well that would bring the law to your table he said calmly
I will on one condition I stated
What is it?? They both asked
What is your relationship with each other and who are you really private investigator?? I asked calmly rendering them speechless


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