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story : Forgotten Episode -49



Forgotten Episode -49

© Authoress Manny

                 Nick's POV

The swim suit Britney wore was so revealing, she wasn't the Britney I knew almost four years ago, she's more exposed even though I know she's still isn't spoilt

I saw the way she hugged Juan and I felt my anger and jealousy showcasing but I had to calm myself cause I know she would get mad at me for letting my anger get the best of me and using violence and she seems more cold especially with Victoria and Mandy but Victoria is sincere and am sure she sees it she just doesn't want let her kindness make be used against her and it isn't her fault

I need to confront her about all these so I don't jump into conclusion
I slowly stood up and went into our room and their I met my beautiful girl lying on the bed facing upwards but as soon as she felt my presence she sat up right immediately and starred at me with the both of us not saying anything

Am sorry, she said breaking the awkward silence
Why?? I asked confused
I know she didn't like the fact I hugged Juan and the fact that I was cold to Victoria, she said calmly and her voice breaking a little
Can I get mad at you like this?? I asked lowly the moment I sat close to her
I don't want you to ever get mad at me she said in a babyish way that I laughed
Well am still angry a little, nope I am scared of losing you to Juan and am scared of you becoming like Mandy or Victoria, i said and I saw the hurt in her eyes
I am just scared and possessive I said with my voice cracking a little
I know I was cold but I can't just believe her that's why and about Juan you must know that we did lots of commercial and worked together in lots if shoots she said and I nod
We became a little close during those period at first I was cold to him but he didn't react badly instead he told me he understood my reasons even then I refused being close to him until he begged and forced me to go to dinner with him and he explained everything to me, she explained making more curious than ever
What did he tell you?? I asked
Well he didn't know that you were dating Victoria and he was already in love with her even before they had sex but nobody knew cause he was scared of everyone knowing and her knowing and rejection was his worst nightmare, when they had sex he still wasn't aware but he later saw the news that you guys were together, he confronted Victoria but she denied it so they continued their unofficial affair, the day you let them having sex she had forced him and yes he was the one who broke her virginity, he tried apologizing and talking to you but you didn't listen which was understandable and the time you met them kissing was accidental or something like that, she rounded up making me lost and different thought going through my mind
Could he not have been aware??
Did she really deny it??
Did she ever love me or was I just a fool for her??
But anyway it in the past and I have my girl right here with me
I hugged her tight while kissing her neck and smiling
You won't hurt me right?? She asked and I nod
Am scared, what if you stop loving me, what if you get tired of me, what if..... She trailed off when I kissed her, I broke the kiss slowly
I can't stop loving, I waited for almost four years just to be with you and you think I will ever let you go?? Nope ain't happening and just FYI you are stuck with me I said and she blushed and hid  her face on my chest
Just then a knock came on the door
Who is it Britney asked
Hmmm he is on the line Freya replied making me curious on who is on the line
One minute, Briney said and kissed me then rushed out leaving me curious and it felt like she didn't want me to know who the "he" is

             Britney's POV

Shit I must have forgotten I left my phone with Freya, thankfully it was her the phone was with but I know Nick would be curious and I don't know if I should tell him about this now or not
I collected the phone from Freya with a glare and she knows what I mean although I can't blame her she isn't allowed to pick that call and I never call only him call
Yes??? I said at my own end of the call
I have enough evidence, he replied
What is the deal?? I asked again
Drug trafficking, human tracking and many more illegal activities he said and I smiled
When?? I asked
I will let you know he said and hung up

You know what you did right?? I asked Freya and she nod
It really isn't my fault she replied and I nod
I anxiously walked back into the room, I met Nick lying on the bed calmly and I went to lying on his chest locking the door behind me

Who was that?? he asked calmly
Just a friend, I replied
That doesn't have a name?? He asjrd again
It not important for now this is more important I said and kissed him at first he didn't reciprocate but when I bit him he did
I know he isn't convinced but I have to try to distract him for now


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