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story : Forgotten Episode -44



Forgotten Episode -44

© Authoress Manny

                 Britney's POV

Monday finally came, am a bit excited cause I would finally get my ass out of the house, dad and mom made sure I was home prisoned telling me that I need to rest and mom made life a living hell with her always complaining that I dont have a boyfriend like it a must for me to date, sometimes I would lock myself inside my room to get away from the preaching whenever Emilia and Jason is out

I can't wait to move to my pent house and be free from them and their boyfriend preaching

Ana aren't you done Jason called from down stairs
Stop yelling already I replied walking down with my box of cloths

Jake(my personal and most trusted body guard) collected my box from me and put it in the car, the get together would be in one of our big family house here in New York, I know we would be nothing less than 80, the houses are built like hotels cause the family is really wild

Jason hope you invited Victoria, Mandy and Tristan I asked
Yea I did even if I didn't want to he replied and I smirked

We entered into the car and drove off, we arrived about hours later and mehn the estate was heavily gathered, even the building and am pretty sure it was my dad's idea, I came down from the car and met everyone waiting outside
The moment I saw Ian and is girl I smiled weirdly and started grinding from ear to ear

I immediately ran into his arms and hugged him tight while he twirl me around
I was just giggling like a kid, I finally released myself from his hands
How is my pumpkin doing he asked me making me glare at him playfully while he chucked
Am not really okay panda I replied
Why?? What happened?? He asked
Well mom keeps asking me to get a boyfriend like it an insurance policy I replied him making him and everyone around laugh while I frowned and walked ahead inside the house refusing to stop even though they were begging me to

I entered one of the rooms that had my name on it but there was a problem the room also had Nick's name meaning we were sharing the room which was so unsafe, I saw his things inside already but I couldn't stay in the same room with him even though they were two beds, one was sky blue which was Nick favorite color and the older was blood red my favourite colour

I walked down the stairs and met the crowded number of people

Jason I yelled grabbing everyone's attention
What?? he groaned cause I just disrupted him from his making out section
We need to talk now I said sternly
Just say it here
Okay I can't stay in a room with a guy
What?? why?? He asked feigning ignorance
Cause I can't I said glaring daggers at him
Well if you had a boyfriend their wouldn't be a problem Emilia chirped him making me roll my eyes
I don't mind staying in the same room with Nick Victoria said seductively making me roll my eyes again
Who are you paired with Victoria?? I asked
She pointed at a sassy girl from my dad side whose name was Cynthia
You have the perfect roommate, Jason you did a good job I said smiling cause I know Cynthia hates Victoria and Victoria is scared of her, Victoria was boiling in anger and I was enjoying it
Jason why didn't Juan ( the guy Victoria cheated on Nick with) come I asked
Well he is out of the country Jason replied and I nod and walked up stairs, i entered my room and saw my cloth and shoes arranged I smiles knowing Freya did it even though she shouldn't have done it cause right now she isn't my PA but family and a friend

I went into the bathroom and freshened up, immediately I stepped out I screamed cause Nick was lying on the bed shirtless and mehn he was tempting and hot and the worst was that I was standing with only a towel tied on my chest and hair and there was no dressing room

Why did you scream he asked calmly
Sorry am not really used to this I saud truthfully
Okay sorry I startled you I will go take my bath now he said and I nod
I watched him go and I quickly applied my body lotion and got dressed before drying my hair

He walked out of the bathroom dripping wet with only a towel tired around his waist and mehn he looked damn hot, I almost got lost staring at his perfect body but I managed to control myself and excuse myself from the room

                    Nick POV

I guess I irritate her cause she doesn't want me close to her I mean just because we were sharing a room she created a fuse and now cause am inside she walked out
Maybe I will just sleep on one of the couch in the sitting room at night

I quickly applied my body lotion and wore my cloth before drying my hair and styling it

I walked into the sitting room and saw nobody just as I was about heading out I saw Kai and Emma coming out of their room smiling and I suddenly felt jealous and sad

Hey bro Kai greeted
Hey I replied
What's wrong you seem weird he asked
Am fine, erm do you know were the others are? I asked
Yea they are in the garden
Oh okay thanks I said and started walking ahead
Yo, wait we are all going that way he said and I nod, we all walked to the garden and met everyone there chit chatting but Britney was alone staring into space and thinking about something I don't know and probably never know I sigh and sat a bit far from others and also her so as not to irritate her


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