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story : Forgotten Episode -43



 Forgotten Episode -43

© Authoress Manny

                 Nick's POV

Am so happy she's back, after almost three years she came back she looks a little different but that doesn't matter cause i will do everything in my power to make her mine, Jason knows about my feelings for cause we are kinda close and he understands me very well

Anyway, am planning on telling her how I feel during the get together Jason organized next week, well it for just few people parent aren't inclusive just relations and friends and it for a week, I know she might not feel the same way but I just wanna tell her so I can be okay

              Britney's POV

We arrived home and I was more than happy, we all stepped down for the car and I quickly head to my room and fell flat on the soft bed, I lazily dragged myself from the bed and prepared my bath cause I was too tired to send for a maid, I unclad myself and got into my bath tub, I relaxed and let it do wonders to my body

After about thirty minute I finally got out and washed my body and hair
I tired a neat black towel around my chest and a small black towel on my head, I sluggishly walked into my dressing room, applied my body lotion on my body, and dried my hair then applied my hair oil in it and styled it into chic ponytail
I picked a blue jean bum short and a back T-shirt with a black slippers and walked down to the dinning cause they already called me for dinner
I met everyone seated Nick inclusive
We were having dinner silently even though I wasn't really eaten cause I was not hungry, then mom spoke up
Britney?? Mom called
Mom please stop calling me Britney
Why I gave you that name
It just reminds me of something's
But it your name, but fine I won't call you that anymore
thank you
Anyway, you were away for three years so you should definitely have a boyfriend, immediately she said that I and everyone snapped our head u and looked at her
What?? It not like she's a kid, she's nineteen for goodness sake
Mum, please let's not go there
No we are on the topic, I haven't heard of any scandal about you and any guy apart from Ian even though you both keep denying the fact
Mom, Ian is a big bro nothing more and please stop talking about this
Good night family I said while standing up and heading to my room
Guys sleep over today I said refereeing to Nick and the rest and they all nod while I journeyed to my room and I entered my room and fell flat on my bed thinking about what mom said, well she's right cause some people keeping saying am a lesbian cause there is never been a record of me dating any guy and I find that really stupid
I finally drifted off to dreamland after a while

        Next Morning

I woke up quite late cause the time was already 10:30 am, I was about heading to the bathroom to do the regular when I heard a knock
Who is it??
Ma it Freya
Come in and immediately she twisted the door knob and walked in
Good morning ma
Morning Freya
I came to ask if you wanted breakfast here or at the dinning??
Am skipping breakfast, what's in my schedule??
Well your schedule is free for the next two and half weeks
What?? why??
Your dad asked me to clear your schedule cause you need to rest and By Monday you will have to go to the get together Jason is organizing
I dont need to rest and it Friday please fix my schedule
Am sorry I can't your dad's gonna kill me
Fine ah, you can leave I wanna bath
Okay ma
I walked to my bathroom and unclad myself then went straight into my bathroom, I stayed under the shower with the water pouring on my body, I washed my body and hair then rinse myself and tied my hair and chest with my towel and walked to my dressing room and got ready in a simple a short dress

I walked down the stairs and saw everybody in the sitting room chit chatting, I walked to the kitchen and made a cup of hot chocolate and head to the sitting room

Hey you are finally here Kai said and I smiled
How are you Jason asked
Am good I replied
Come seat Emilia called and I walked and sat beside her
Chocolate addict Leo Mocked making me frown playfully

We played and gist around until it was late and the everyone left to their houses leaving just me, Emilia, And Jason I even sent Freya home for the weekend
She tried resisting but I forced her, and she ended up complying

Hey Jason, is Ian gonna come for the get together
He sure will and he is bringing his girl
Really I really miss Fiona (Ian's girl)
I know that
Anyway is Amelia (Jason's girl) coming??
Yea, and I think everyone is coming with their partner
Emilia is Mason coming
Yes he is
Oh okay cool
Ana you need a boy Emilia said and chuckled
Well I don't have and I only want one person but I can't have him
Tell him, he might feel the same Emilia said and my eyes almost popped out of it socket
Are you nuts Emi, do I look desperate to you?? I asked
No but you need a guy in your life
I don't and end of discussion
Fine she said and shrugged


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