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story : Forgotten Episode -42



Forgotten Episode -42

© Authoress Manny

        3 years Later

                   Britney's POV

It been three years since I left New York but I attended some shows but I never visited home or anybody, after the concert I always fly back immediately.... I actually saw Nick looking at my picture and smiling at a concert I had performed at, I miss him so much even though he goes to some events with Victoria, I still I love him deeply even more deeply as each day pass

Most importantly my song Dreams was Nominated for the best song  of the year, Nick, Kai and Byran, Tristan songs were also nominated,
Leo and Miguel was also Nominated for the best maker of the year and I have no doubt that Leo is gonna win, we both have been winning awards ever since I dropped my first song and it made Leo really happy and I like the fact that he wasn't even behaving arrogant and yes Jason won against Tyler three years in a role including this year, he even won the first one with my picture lol he draw the my side view and it was amazing and everyone complemented, adored and envied it, he was so happy, Janet his ex girl tried approaching him but he made it clear to her to stay away and she dared not defy an angry Jason, the annoying thing about Jason is that he is protective and he would always say
You belong to Nick and nobody else, which always end up annoying me but he only smiles it off and it really annoying

Right now am at a show in Chicago, I will be performing Dreams and immediately after the show we will all head to New York and by all I mean Leo, Jason,Freya, I,Emilia and everybody that is supposed to follow us

My name was called on the stage and I quickly adjust my dress which was a short fitted plain red dress that stop above my knee and I wore a red sandals heel with red lip stick and red diamond jewelry(Necklace,Ear ring,Ring,Wristwatch etc) I look like a devil and I love it
I walked to the stage and the shouts were deafening but am used to it

WHAT'S GOOD CHICAGO I yelled making the screams louder
ARE WE READY FOR AB, IF WE ARE THEN MAKE SOME NOISE I yelled again making the screams increase
THANK YOU FOR HOSTING ME AND PLEASE ENJOY I yelled again and the hall was filled with claps and cheers until it died down and I started singing

Never let it go
 Never let it leave
 Living in a dream that's hard to reach
 You gat to fly higher, higher
 Never let it go
 If this was a dream
  please dont wake me
 Cause I wanna fly
 Higher higher
 Never let it go

 Never let go
 Never let it leave
 Living in a dream that's hard to reach
 Gat to fly higher higher
 Never let it go

 If I could wish for one thing
i will stay in my dreamland for real
 Cause am gonna higher, higher
 Never let it go

The crowd went went wild as I left the stage, I spoke to a few personnel's and left the show immediately cause everyone was waiting for me at the port

I arrived in about 30min later and quickly made my way to the jet as soon as I entered I fell on the seat and gulp the bottle of water in front of me not minding who owns it cause I was tired and exhausted

What's up mini devil Jason greeted sarcastically
Fuck off dick head, am going to change I said and walked to my dressing room, yes it my jet so I have all I need
After about fifteen minute I was done changing, I was putting on a red crop top, black bum short and a cow boy booth, my red lip stick were intact giving me the bad girl look

I came back I slump down on the chair weakly
You look exhausted girly Emilia said with a small smile
Well I have been busy since morning, first it was a shoot with coco, then I hard to go sign some document for dad and now the show, I should be sleeping but am flying back I said with air quotations and she smiled making me roll my eyes

We arrived New York few minute later and I came out, fuck I missed NY and my missed my parent only saw them a few times and didn't even stay with them for a night
I walked out of the port and met my parent and friends waiting for me outside the car, mehn I was so happy that I ran into my parent arms
They hugged me tight muttering I miss you into my ear before letting me go, I hugged everyone until it got to Nick, I slowly hugged him but he hugged me right
I miss you b he whispered into my ears, and I was happy
He already made it clear to the media that he wasn't dating Victoria and had nobody as of yet and I was happy even though am sure he doesn't love me back even though Jason keep saying he does
Miss you too I replied and pulled away
I smiled at everyone and walked into one of the cars with Emilia, Jason, Leo and Freya


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