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story : Forgotten Episode -41



Forgotten Episode -41

© Authoress Manny

              Britney's POV

I got into the car and so did Freya, she didn't say anything but I knew she was hurt with the way I had spoken to her even though she just wanted to help
Freya am sorry I was just upset
It fine ma
Nope it not, I can tell you are still pissed, do am sorry
Am not angry Brit I understand you
Thank you but am still not walking with him, I have to find someone really to work with please
Already on that, I actually came by this guy but he stays at NY
Let me see his bio and she handed the tab over to me and I checked his bio
Leonard Lawson, 21 years, graduated but no job at hand
Send him my offer and let me know what he says and yes he will have to come over here, and his flight would be taken care of by us I said then hand over the tab back to her and she smiled
I already did all that and he agreed, he would be arriving in a three days
Okay, that's great, what would I do without you
Absolutely nothing she said playfully and I smiled, we arrived at Jason's mighty penthouse were I have been staying ever since I arrived Spain

I was so busy, writing my exams online and also studying only and being Emilia's model that I didn't have time for my music career but now am ready and yes I talk to Eva once in a while and news as it that Nick and Victoria might be dating cause they attend every event together and it hurts like a bitch but I don't let it get to me anymore
I walked into the porch and saw that Jason was in a hot argument with his Manager that he didn't even notice my present

Am not participating in the competition okay he yelled
But you have to, it been two years already get a grip Marcus (his manager) yelled
You dont understand Marcus, Tyler is better he always as been and always will be he said calmly
Look I get that you are hurt but you can't keep letting him mock you all because of the past incidents, it not right you need to fight for yourself and stop wallowing in self pity Marcus said and glance at me, Jason was already in tears
Marcus please go ahead I will take it from here I told him and he nod then pecked my both cheeks walked away

I immediately went to Jason and dragged him up to my room and we both sat down facing each other without uttering a word

Well I wasn't gonna ask cause it felt like you didn't want to talk about it but I have to cause it seems you are putting something important on the line
Fine am gonna tell you cause I trust you will understand he said and I nod

                Jason's POV

I walked into the hall with Janet my girlfriend, we were so in love or so I thought, I had submitted my art work and we went for the award, Tyler had won the year before but I still decided to try again
My art work was okay, it was a beautiful garden with all kinds of flowers the morning sunlight was there making it look adorable but Tyler still won and Janet publicly broke up with me
As if that wasn't enough, she went to Tyler and kissed him in front of everyone, I was made a laughing stock for months

Now Ana tell me how do you think I can win, I can't compete it hurts to think of it
Okay what if I compete and lose, I would be made a laughing stock again
And what if you win?? Huh?? I asked and he just looked at me

Jason Manchester get a grip of yourself and go win that award, don't hide in the shadows okay I said in a motherly tone and he chuckled, I hugged him for a while before disengaging
I already texted Marcus to sign you up okay
Anastasia!! He yelled and I laughed
You have a month dear bro go work your ass off
Okay fine love you he said about to stand up when I spoke up again

Bro can you imagine Miguel stood me up, I waited patiently for about three hours and the idiot still told me that it my loose

Well he is proud cause he knows he is among the best
Well he is wrong cause an upcoming will take the award of the best beat maker (BBM) of the year from him I said confidently
You will find out when he arrives here but for now all I know is that Miguel is off my plans

You are crazy but I love you
I can't let that proud idiot work with me, he is damn rude gosh
Go ahead and relax so you can take that award from Tyler bro
Alright see ya he said and left, I just fell flat on my bed cause I dont think I have the strength to study or do any other thing tonight, that idiot already wasted my time

        Two week later

Hey AB ( stage name actually)
Hi Leo ( my beat maker)
You ready??
Yes let's start
  He immediately starts playing the beat

  You call me and tell me
 you miss me

 you call and ask me
 how you doing??

 I don't know if it me
 or it you

 But I thought
 you felt the same for me

 How can I not love you
 when you show me care

 How can I not love you
 when  you protect me


 But now it gone, I dont love no more

 My feelings died with the pain I felt

 oh have forgotten you now

 I don't feel a thing anymore

 it gone, oh it gone, oh oh

 it gone, I dont love no more......

That was great AB, you did great
Thanks Leo,
When do you plan on working on the shoot
I think next week would be good
Okay great then, let's go one more time before you leave

Yeah, Leo agreed to work with me as my beat maker, for now he is working for only me in my studio, and that's my first song
And Jason's been busy preparing, and I think Nick and Victoria are dating cause there was a picture of him pecking her cheek, it still hurts cause it seems my love from him grow deeper each passing day it annoying and also it hurts but am gonna build myself to be very strong, capable and not an emotional idiot
Am a model for Emilia and have been studying hard and also studying everything about dad's, mom's and great grandpa's companies, hotels museums and even casino's. It tiring and exhausting but it still worth it
I didn't even celebrate my birthday which was last month, I was too busy preparing my life
But I don't regret leaving New York, it has helped me a lot and I am happy I left even though a part of me wants to be there

Ma, it time for your dance class Freya told me and I groan making her chuckle
It not funny, please cancel it
No you can't
Am not lacking
Even so get your butt up let's go she ordered in a funny way and I obliged


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