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story : Forgotten Episode -40



Forgotten Episode -40

© Authoress Manny

                Britney's POV

It been a week since grandpa's death and the burial has been done, I always find my way to the burial ground staring into space and always staying in my room thinking about everything, like my life how it changed over night, wandering how my foster parent are doing, even though they were mean, they didn't kill me and also they gave me a place to rest my head, my own personal room so an grateful, after everything I will visit them and do something for them

Britney you have to come down, I heard Emilia say from outside the door
Why?? I dont want to I replied
Well the lawyer is here and you have to be present, you can't keep staying in your room
Fine I will be out in a few
Okay she said and I heard retreating steps and I sighed and entered my washroom ,rinse my face, looked at my   reflection on the mirror and sincerely I looked terrible my red iris looked kinda dull

I quietly walked down slowly, I saw the family all seated with the lawyer, I walked to Jason's side weirdly we have been kind of close and he has become my other best friend

Well since you are here miss, I would like to tell you all the reason am here he said and looked at me, I gave him a go ahead sign and he nod and proceed

Well am pretty sure everyone is a aware of DIAMOND'S HOTEL AND SUIT, which is located in almost all the countries and must  he wondering who owns it, he said
Everyone nod well except me, cause I wasn't really interested in all this wealth issue

Well it was owned by MR Alvin Manchester and everyone gasped he paused and continue, well he willed the one in Spain and Portugal to Jason he's jaw dropped cause he was shocked and he smiled widely and the one in Brazil is for Emilia he continued and Emilia was really happy, the rest was willed to Miss Anastasia and I furrowed my brows at him, what exactly do you mean.? I asked confused

Well your great grandpa happen to leave a lot of things in your care and I was still confused but I nod with no expression and he continued

His casinos, are all in your name and so his this house and I gasped, how and when did he will everything to me I asked confused

Well he has willed all this to you about 14years ago I think and I was shocked so was everyone including my mom

Mom did you know? I asked
I didn't even know he was the owner of the famous Diamond hotel and he didn't tell me about the plan of the casino cause we weren't communicating for a long while she said, I nod and stood

Well thank you lawyer I said and signed everything I had to, then walked to the stairs and stopped then sighed and said loudly for everyone to hear

Alvin Manchester thank you for adding more enemies to my list of enemies and my grandpa, Parent and Jason, Emilia and their grand parents and parent laughed at my remark but am right
Oh yes dear Emilia mom called
Well you just officially became the richest person in the world as in No1 it already on the air she said and I sighed
Britney get enough rest we would be leaving to Spain in two days I heard Jason say and I nod and rushed into my room and fell flat on the bed until I drifted off to dream land

          TWO DAY'S LATER

It been two days since I officially became the richest person and some family members as been giving evil stares but I had Emilia and Jason's family who were on my side helping me live normal, mom and dad left yesterday but i didn't feel much of their absence

U got dressed and my guards took my luggage down to the car, I met Emilia and Jason waiting for me, yep we were going to Spain, and I have started my studying online cause I dont have the time to go for classes at all am planning on working on some songs and I need some beat makers, and I have to learn everything about our family history, the companies, dance class and I promised to model some dresses for Emilia who kept acting like a baby, it was cute though and I accepted and now we are all going to Spain, I haven't contacted Eva or anyone back at New York but I would when am settle and I actually think it the best although they all sent their condolence through text message when Alvin died

About three months later

I was sitting at a coffee shop waiting for Miguel one of the best beat makers, for about 3 hours now and am so pissed
Freya cancel this meeting with him immediately
But ma, he is among the best we should be patient he would show up
Freya I will not work with me and that's final I said and immediately a call came in on my official phone
Ma it him, put the call on loud speaker and drop it and she did
Hello Freya said from our end
Hi, am so busy I can't make it maybe sometime next week or next month, am working with some important and big singers he said and I almost lost my temper
But Miguel you could have called us earlier, we waited patiently for three hours Freya said calmly
Well it your loss am not sorry he said and that let loose all the devil from hell
Who the fuck do you think you are talking to in that manner I said with venom in my voice
For your information, I won't be working with you anymore so you can get off my phone and was about hanging up when I heard him laugh and my anger tripled
Well miss Anastasia am the best and no one can beat me in what I do
We will find out soon enough I said and hung up

Find me a good beat maker, I don't want any popular person just someone coming up
But ma we can still make it work with Miguel
Don't piss me off okay just do what I say I said and left the coffee shop


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