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story : Forgotten Episode -39



Forgotten Episode -39

© Authoress Manny

             Britney's POV

I woke the next morning, took my bath and dressed up
I went down the stairs in one of my pent house, I saw my PA and guards all waiting for me
Ma ur breakfast is ready Freya said
Let's go to the airport, I don't need breakfast
But it your jet, you can take off anytime
Am not hungry let's just go
Okay ma and we moved into the Car
My phone started ringing and it was a call from mom, I swiped to the receive icon and placed it on my ear
Hey mom
Britney, you need to come to Canada right now
Mum but why
Your great grandpa needs to see you before he gives up
Okay but you didn't tell me about him
I know but come quickly
Okay and she hang up

We are going to Canada I said
Why Freya asked
Great grandpa needs to see me and I need you to tell me about him
Well he is 110 years old, he his one of the founders of all the biggest companies and industries, and parks
He has many company's and industries and casinos, hotel, motels name it all in his name, the Casinos are his main source of wealth, he shared all his property but never gave anyone the casino saying that when he dies they would no who owns it
He had willed the hotels into ur name before your disappearance but removed it when the pressure was much and gave part of it to your distant cousins and a distant relative
But everyone still thinks the casino would be in ur mom's name but Mrs Cody wants it
It either the casino is in your moms name or Mrs Cody
Ur great grandpa has been having health issues but never gave up saying he was waiting for your arrival
She said and tears dropped out of my eyes
Thank you for telling me all these
Well you're welcome and your mom is his favourite cause she and you are the only ones who has the red eyes and he says you guys have a strong will around you
You won't believe he was around at your birth she said and I smiled widely

We arrived at the airport and walked to my jet
We arrived Canada in a few hours and I stepped down from the plane
I left the port and paparazzi and reporters  were everywhere taking pictures and asking irrelevant questions
I walked straight to one of the cars that were sent for me, my guard opened the door for me and I walked in with Freya and Jake my personal guard

In few minute we arrived at a magnificent, castle like building we stepped out and all the guards and maids stoop at each side of the door waiting for me,
Welcome young miss they all chorused at once and I was shocked but nod at them walking to the door with Freya trailing behind me
I met my mom at the door and she had a puffy eyes, hugged her for a while then hugged my dad

I was introduced to everyone and the all mrs Cody who was glaring at me non stop, I smiled without saying a word and I was walked to my great grandpa's room
He looked really pale and there I saw where the handsomeness came from and smiled

G Grandpa am here
Oh my Anastasia, how I missed you
G Grandpa am here now, you have a lot tell me you know I said at the verge of tears
Stop calling grandpa, it makes me feel old call me Alvin. okay?
Yes Alvin I said and he smiled
You are more beautiful than your mom and your eyes are much brighter than everyone's he said and winked, I smiled
You must have been a great flirt in your days
Oh yes I was, it made Barbara (my great grandma) scared a lot he said with pride and I smiled
I don't a lot of time in fact have run out of time, but promise me you would take care of your mum and everything that would be left for you
Alvin..... I tried calling
Anastasia Damian Gates you should always be strong cause you ate from very strong families the Gates and the Campbell's are not to be played with so you should make it count, am trusting my greatest wealth in your name make it worth, I trust you enough to put it in your name, I know you would come back and you need so dont feel me hr said
Yes Alvin I won't and he kissed my head with a wide grin as a gave up the ghost
I almost slump to the ground but a firm hand held me from falling, I turned and cried hard wetting his shirt and I heard him sniffing meaning he was crying as well

I walked down with Jason after we cried our eye's out and i saw the family seated
He gave up the ghost I said as a tear slid down my cheek, mom, dad, Emilia,grandpa and grandma and all the others cried their eyes out before mom finally stood up trying to be strong 
The burial would be taking place in two days and we aren't taking him to the mortuary she said with tears falling down her eyes
Brianna both grandpa and grandma called
That was grandpa last wish to me and I must fulfil it, he said Anna please make sure they don't mourn for long, my burial should be in less than three days she said as she slumped to the ground crying, I just sat down on With my head on Jason's chest crying my eyes out while he tried soothing me with his hands
I cried hard and so did the others, I turned and saw Mrs Cody smirking victoriously and i got pissed immediately the moment she caught me staring she faked tears and pain
I just sigh and stared into space


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