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story : Forgotten Episode -38



Forgotten Episode -38

© Authoress Manny

                 Nick's POV

I stepped out of my car, the paparazzi and reporters were everywhere taking pictures and asking questions but I just ignored them and walked into the party, I spot the rest and walk to them but Britney wasn't anywhere
I guess she hasn't arrived yet few minute later we heard noise signifying that Mandy was already in and Britney wasn't in yet, I guess she won't be attending the party began, we all wished her and gave her gift even tho we (I, Byran, Kai, Eva and Emma) were reluctant to wish and present a gift to her

After about an hour or so Britney arrived looking more expensive and stunning than everyone in the party, I guess she wanted to steal the party and she really did, she spot me and looked away even though I didn't come with Victoria, her dress and shoes were the talk of the party and I could see Mandy burning with anger

              Mandy's POV

This bitch is trying me, she came late and she stole my party with that dress, she thinks she's cool but I will deal with her, I just have to do something

I walked to the Mc and whispered something to him and he nod, I smiled mischievously

                Britney's POV
I spot Nick and the others but removed my gaze from them, I saw how red Mandy's face was due to anger and jealousy and I smirked
She went to the MC and whispered something to him and he nod, she smiled mischievously and I smirked
walked up to her with a small smile and pulled her into a hug, she was shocked but she played along,
This Is my small gift, please appreciate it, I said with a smirk

Miss Britney the MC called
Yes ?? I answered
Well we heard you are walking on a song, so we would love to listen to it, I smiled and walked to the stage then collect the mick from him with a smirk

Well am sorry but I can't sing that song, this isn't a event that I would be honored to sing a song I haven't released anyway I will just sing someone's song to entertain you I said then turn to Mandy who was boiling and smirked at her
I will be singing Fight song by Rachel Platten

Like a small boat
On the ocean
Sending big waves
Into motion
Like how a single word
Can make a heart open
I might only have one match
But I can make an explosion
And all of those things I didn't say
Wreaking balls inside my brain
I will scream them loud to night
Can you hear my voice this time
This is my fight song
Take back my life song
Prove I'm alright song
My power's turned on
Starting right now I'll be strong
I'll play my fight song
And I dont really care of nobody else believes
Cause I still got a lots of fight left in me

I smiled am stopping here the next part will be sang after a long time I said and their was a loud applaud u stepped down and walked to Nick and the rest

Hi I greeted
Hey,bes,hi,hi they all greeted except Nick but I didn't mind
Am sorry for leaving, and am still leaving
What do you mean you are leaving Eva asked
I am leaving New York, I need to do something's I said
And you didn't bother informing us all this while
I just made the decision the other day and it been settled, anyway I have to leave now and yes you won't be able to contact me often I said
What's wrong with you Brit Eva asked
Everything, I need to put myself in order okay, just please stop questioning bye I said and was about walking away when Nick held me back
I need to tell you something before you leave, he said
Sorry am not interested to know I said and removed his grip from my hands and walked away
I rushed into my car and let my tears fall

                 Eva's POV

I dont understand what's wrong with Britney's thinking, even if she's emotionally broken, she shouldn't just leave that way, it not right but nobody can change her mind, I really feel sorry for Nick cause I can see the hurt in his eyes

Guys I need to leave now he said almost breaking down
Noway, you aren't going home this way, you are staying with me Kai said without finality in his tone and he didn't argue, we all left the party and head straight to Kai's pent house for the night

                      Emma's POV

I dont really know much but I can see how much Britney and Nick love each other but this decision Britney made isn't the best but I already know nobody can change her mind

Nick has been crying since he entered the car, I feel pity for him but I can't do anything
If only he didn't call Victoria's name, and told her how he felt on time

                 Kai's POV

The girls think it only about calling Victoria names but Britney had seen them kissing or should I say Victoria was kissing Nick and the fool didn't push her away, Victoria had done it cause She saw Britney around, Britney pretended not to know but when she heard he would go with Victoria it opened fresh injuries

Even though am not in support of her leaving I can't stop her neither can I blame her, I just hope everything falls into place soon enough

                 Bryan's POV

If only Nick has a strong resistance against Victoria all these won't be happening, I really feel hurt for Nick but I can't do anything to change Britney's mind and I know she's also hurt but she's hiding it
She's really good at hiding pain, I really wish she changes her mind


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