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story : Forgotten Episode -37



Forgotten Episode -37

© Authoress Manny

               Nick's POV

I woke up this next morning with my head pounding as if a war broke out in it, I tried recalling what happened, as soon as I remembered I sighed deeply

I had called her a thousand times but she refused to pick up and I went to all her houses but she wasn't there, I even checked all the hotels available but she hasn't lodged there, I got frustrated and went home, I continued thinking till I fell asleep until I woke up now

I walked into my bathroom and unclad myself then turned on the shower and stood under it, enjoying and relaxing my brain with the cold water from the shower
After about 40min I came out and wore a sweat shirt and joggers with a my diamond stoned slippers, I took my phone and checked the time, I cursed under my breath cause it was really late 10:30 am, I don't wake up late I guess the stress of everything made me really weak and tired
I went down the stairs, I saw my mom and dad but didn't say a word to them and ate my breakfast like I have been doing ever since I found out about my mom being involved in Britney's disappperence
I suddenly remembered how Britney got mad at me because of how I was treating my mom and I walked to the sitting room, I met my mom on my dad's shoulder's, she was sobbing silently and my dad was trying to stop her from crying I felt really bad and hurt
I walked up to them and called;
Mom? I called she blinked rapidly
continued staring at me without uttering any word and it hurt me
Am sorry mom, I really am I was just being foolish and childish, I should have been here to console you but I was just being a jerk I said with tears clouding my eyes
My baby she said and hugged me
It fine, I can't hate you and I understand your feelings, it not your fault, I deserved everything she said and I just let my tears fall she hugged then let me go, she cleaned my tears and I let out a small smile

               Britney's POV

I woke up quite late checking the time it was past 12 pm and I sighed, I guess Freya decided to let me rest cause of all the stress of yesterday
I waked to my room in the pent house and sighed looking at how messy I looked
I entered the bathroom, I missed my bath and undressed then entered into the bath tub relaxing and clearing all my stress
After about an hour I walked out and got dressed packing my hair into a messy bun and walked to the dinning
I met coffee and toast, typical  Freya to always keep light meal as breakfast
I sat, took my coffee but couldn't eat my toast
I went to the sitting room immediately I was done with the coffee
Freya I called
Yes ma she replied
Hmm have you gotten everything set and did you contact dad? I asked at once
Yes ma, all the preparation as been made and your dad asked you to call once you are awake she replied
Okay I said and put a call across my dad, he picked on the second ring
Dad I called from my end
My angel how are you?
Dad am cool, you wanted to talk to me
Yes dear, why the sudden rush to leave and why two years instead of one?? He asked
Well I need to finish up everything over there and I need to be alone, I just need to get far away from here I replied almost breaking down
Fine, I called Jason to pick you from the airport
Who is he I asked
He distant nephew of your mom
Like aunt Emilia I asked
Actually he is Emilia's Lil bro and I trust him a lot
Okay dad please send aunt Emilia and Jason's detail to me
Okay dear I and mom love you always
I love you both too and he hung up I sighed
Their profile arrived almost immediately I checked aunt Emilia's own
20 years Blonde, designer, Engaged, strict and hot and sexy but she doesn't have the red eyes
Checking her pictures she's really gorgeous, I checked Jason's
19 years blonde also, he own a lots of art gallery and he is among the top five best in the country, single and according to his profile not searching, he also has the red eyes and he is drop dead gorgeous but not as Nick but he is something to fie for I smiled seeing that he is also strict
I finished checking everything and relaxed
Freya I called
Yes ma she replied
Send someone to take all my stuff you prepared to another of my pent house
I already did ma
I smiled thanks
I walked to my room and slept off

I woke up and realized I slept for a long time seeing it past 7pm and the party was 8 I quickly went to bath
I spent another 40 min and came out
I took my time drying my hair and applied my hair cream then brushed it back do it would fall freely
I applied my body lotion and wore my blue pant and bra then wore the blue dress my aunt had sent to me
I took my silver heels and put it on then took my silver purse and picked the little box I had rapped with the gift I had for Mandy even though we aren't friends

I checked myself in the room with our I looked after applying eyeliner and a slip gloss and walked out into my car as it drove off I checked my time and it was 9:20 grand entrance like I planned
We arrived and I stepped out the paparazzi and reports were everywhere and my shoe and dress was the talk, I think I stole the party for the birthday girl like I planned to I smirked and came down fully
Smiled to the camera and posed a few times and head inside......
I spotted Nick in a silver suit but alone

Sorry it coming late, I had a very busy day today

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