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story : Forgotten Episode -35



Forgotten Episode -35

© Authoress Manny

                  Nick's POV

Hearing my mom say that made my heart break, and I could feel Britney shaking a little

That's not what she meant to say aunt Brianna quickly said making me sigh in relieve
No it the truth, I separated Britney from her mom. mom said with tears falling from her eyes
TRACY WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, I NEED YOU TO SHUT YOUR MOUTH WHILE I TALK TO THE KIDS uncle Damien yelled making us flinched a little but more wasn't hearing any of it
DAMIEN WE BOTH NO THAT NO MATTER WHAT THEY WOULD STILL HATE ME SO PLEASE STOP mom yelled with pains clearly visible in her eyes
Am tired of all these beating around the bush, it my life we are talking about, so please go straight to the point and I want aunt Tracy only to talk no more interruption Britney stated with a tone of finality

I took you away cause I was stupid and naive, I had to protect my own child from her mom said making a tear slid from my eyes
Give us the detail, truthfully Britney said with a shaky voice

Mom went on and explained how it all started, from when Millicent complained about uncle Damien not accepting the arranged marriage till date, how she and Antonio wants both I and Britney's life

Britney slumped down to the ground, with tears and I hate seeing it

MOM, HOW COULD YOU, YOU TAKE AWAY SOMEONE'S CHILD AND SOMEONE'S HAPPINESS I yelled at her making her flinch, have never raised my voice at her or anybody
I never get angry or furious but this time am way behind angry,sad,furious,pained,hurt am fucking heartbroken

The girl I always loved even without seeing her, and even after meeting, my mom is responsible for her disappearance at a young age, it fucking hurts it feels like my heat is shattering

Britney ran up the stairs and I couldn't even bring myself to chase her cause I hate myself, I feel shattered as I break down in tears and slump down on the ground

The guys quickly came to me but I just couldn't bring myself to be a man right now, it hurts and worst I can't help it, what I don't understand is how uncle and aunt are cool about all this
The girls gave me reassuring smile but it not working and no matter how hard they hide it I can still see the shock and pain in their eyes and it killing me silently
Am so worried about Britney but I can't bring myself to check on her

Don't ever I mean ever hate your mom, cause she only did what she could and even if she took Britney away, she still protected her life in a little way and it was still the scholarship she gave out that brought my baby back to me aunt Brianna said and kissed my hair like she always does when I am sad
But aunt Britney would hate me, even though I understand her it still hurts I said and more tears dropped from my eyes
No don't say that, she won't she only needs time to understand all this and I know you guys would be okay she said reassuring I felt better but still shattered

                     Eva's POV

All this is just crazy, Britney is in love with Nick and now this, I dont know what's going through her head cause you can't ever understand what's in that head of hers, I just hope she doesn't resent Nick or his family cause Aunt Tracy only did what she could at the moment

I hope Britney is able to let the past go and move on with their lives and be happy, Nick is really shattered and only Britney can fix this

We have been knocking but she's not even saying a word and everywhere is completely silent , am scared that she might do something to stupid

                Britney's POV

I can't believe all this, well not that I can't
Have thought of all this possibilities a lots of times but now it still hurts not that I hate aunt Tracy or her family no not that am just sad cause that's the only emotion I can put together right now

I love Nick too much to even hate him or anyone around him

I walked into my bathroom and bath then changed into a short dress and walked down the stairs causing every eye to turn to me and I saw how broken Nick is

I dont know how my legs got to wear he is, but I knelt down and wiped his tears
Cute guys aren't supposed to cry you know, I said and chuckled he just stared at me confused
We dont have any right to get mad at your mom, and besides am here aren't I, am fine, am better and I got all of you that's enough
But.... I didn't let him complete his statement
Shhh everything is fine, we are together  and that's all, my parent aren't even mad
So just shh and help me pick a dress for Mandy's party

Mandy???!! They all yelled
Yes I replied calmly
You can't be serious Eva said with an eye roll
Oh I am, I replied
Your aunt said she's sending two dress mom said
What aunt I asked
Emilia my distant niece who loves you and a pronounced designer
Oh gosh I will just pick one then
So you all gat to get ready for the party okay I said then hugged Nick and pulled him to sit
They were all staring at me like a ghost but I didn't bother myself

Aunt Stop your tears okay, it all fine now, I still love you and it wasn't your fault okay
She smiled a little and I cleaned her tears and hugged her


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